New Podcasts + Is JLB A Secret Agent?

An update video mainly intended for the YouTube subscribers (now up to 100, yay) but might also be of interest to the Members of the site.


JLB19009 – New Podcasts + Is JLB a Secret Agent? (27-May-2019)

Nomad Skeptic Podcast #02:
Tim Osman and JLB Discuss ‘truth Movement’:
The Conspiracy Ego Trip (Total Recall):

9 thoughts on “New Podcasts + Is JLB A Secret Agent?

  • 31-May-2019 at 1:30 pm

    Hi John,

    Are the member podcasts for this ‘season’ going to get official releases? Or do you feel they’re not up to the standards you’d like?

    I really enjoy all the podcast releases and not having them released at regular times has been a real bummer.

    • 01-June-2019 at 4:47 pm

      There are only two episodes which have been recorded without being released:

      S3E1 (Knightly News and TNG) — I hope to release this next week.

      S2E4 (Mezzie, ShadowTiger) — I can’t release this one because I stuffed up with the source file; I didn’t download it from craig bot in time, so it is effectively ‘gone forever’.

      I’m hoping to re-record the S2E4 with Mezzie and ST because the topic (Georgia Guidestones) is a fascinating one and the original conversation was insightful to say the least. Both Mezzie and ST have been cool about it, which I am appreciate of. I wouldn’t have blamed either of them for being ticked off when they heard the news but instead they have both been very understanding.

      Other than that, there are no MDCs to release, because none have been recorded. The turnouts have been way down on what they were for Season 1, and this is my mostly my own fault, for changing the schedule too often, failing to turn up to a few calls when I was in Thailand, and also not doing enough to promote them.

      I’ve still been turning up at the usual times on Discord (both the morning and evening sessions) for the past few weeks, there’s often one or two people there, but we’ve just been chatting ‘off the record’.

      During S1 I had several people tell me that they prefer to have topics set ahead of time, rather than ‘Open House’ calls where any topic might be raised. If we persevere with the MDC format going forward, I think I will revert back to Open House.

      I suspect that very few people have any desire or intention to ‘lead a call’, which is fair enough, I completely understand, but if people won’t lead the topics they suggest, then the ‘Open House’ makes a lot more sense to me.

      Once I have finished and released JLBA 33 (the video/podcast to complement the recent piece about Total Recall) I will then work on a comprehensive update video, and go into more details about the Member Calls and my plans going forward.

  • 02-June-2019 at 6:20 am

    I’m glad that someone other than myself feels inclined to pester JLB regarding the “lost” Huxley call. ūüėŹ

    I’m sure everyone has their favorite calls, and favorite “eras” of calls (for lack of a better term), but I consider the period of time in and around the Huxley call to be one of the most stimulating and engaging since I’ve been a member here.

    Huxley himself, as well as the ideas in Brave New World seem, (to me, at least) to have been particularly influential as to the direction of the site, and it spurred on much conversation.

    Releasing that call now would almost be like discovering an unreleased album by a favorite band, or unpublished book from a favorite author.

    And, at the risk of irritating JLB, I will dare to ask for an update on the DinoSkeptic project. After some promising updates several months ago, I’m beginning to fear that it has been shelved once more.

    • 02-June-2019 at 5:45 pm

      The ‘lost’ Huxley call. It sits on my computer desktop, staring at me, just like all of the files for the Dinoskeptic film.

      You know what? I will try to expedite the Huxley call.

      I leave Kuching on Wednesday the 12th. I’ve got a lot to do / finish before then.

      But if I put my mind to it I’m sure I can release the Huxley call before I jump on my plane back to Kuala Lumpur.

      As for the Dino film, as soon as I find a nice place long-term, it is next can off the rank. So much of it is done already, a solid week of work should be enough to wrap things up. There’s a colive/cowork space in Ho Chi Minh which I’m hoping will be comfortable to get some serious work done. We’ll see.

  • 02-June-2019 at 7:42 am

    i’d say pestering is a bit too strong…perhaps a reminding ‘nudge’ ūüôā

    partly due to the recent Lesta post where i had a synchy experience back when he and JLB were going back and forth. jlb refused to use the word ‘diabolical’ (for good reason. i wouldnt have based on how someone else was trying to hoodwink / bait) but in a 48 hour period, i’d been listening to some Huxley interviews on YT … and Huxley used the term. and this was when BNW was a consistent theme here.

    party because i’m also short on things to listen to and since i’m limited on cel data, i have to dl things prior to leaving, because YT downloads sucks and not much there to begin with.

    i guess main ‘concern’ is the possibility that ‘perfection is the enemy of progress’ on unreleased things in the vault. like if post production includes are what’s holding it up, we’d voted back in that ‘era’ to care less about the high fidelity production values that protract release – and more on speed of publishing.

    but everything at its own pace. i’d rather listen to the MU 33 vid and the ‘be the hero of your own movie’ monologue (as well DS ūüôā than that, mostly due to some normie friends who had chided me at a recent wedding for not having been shown the doc. not like i was going to show most of them anyways until they showed me a legitimate propensity to investigate the topic on their own.

    but i had told a few i was helping to bootstrap an indie project on the hoax.

    *BM – how far are you from Chimacum?

    • 02-June-2019 at 7:55 am

      Well, I’ve asked JLB myself about the Huxley call, three or four times, so I suppose I feel like I’m pestering.
      I would agree that you are still, comfortably, within the “nudge” catagory. ūüėČ

      I’m a couple of hours from Chimacum. Is this a town you are at, or plan to visit?

      “Dante from Chimacum” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.ūüėĀ

  • 02-June-2019 at 9:10 am

    i am not from chimacum, no ūüėõ have a relative there (or nearby). last i spoke with her she was living in an airstream in the woods while their hideout is being built. heard they made out fairly well on the rise of Fremont. like an og hipster, she got into that hood ‘before it was cool’.

    been meaning to fill an open invitation for some time. just never made sense and i wasn’t compelled to head out there given the weather and forfeiture of things going on where i was. took years to uproot me from nyc, but now this kerouacian is on the road – it’s more sensible.

    heading further south soon to oaxaca. and then up the other coast. eventually should hit pacific northwest. though i am not a long term planner and everything remains fluid beyond a couple of days.

    that said would probably be checking out seattle for a night (or two) while in transit to the boonies.

    would definitely buy some drinks and / or din for a fellow ‘cult member’ ūüėõ

    *amazing how many people i’ve heard in YT comments, Fakeologist and even former members make this accusation.

    peevish little piss ants

  • 02-June-2019 at 10:31 am

    she got into that hood ‚Äėbefore it was cool‚Äô.

    Anyone ‘getting in’ anywhere in the greater Seattle area before the real estate boom, is likely now sitting pretty. Though if you want to sell, and buy again, you may need to move to the greater Chimacum metro area.

    i wasn’t compelled to head out there given the weather

    Please tell me this wasn’t a shot at Seattle weather! Reports of our gray, rainy conditons are highly exaggerated.
    That said, if you plan to visit, I recommend sometime between August 1st and August 24th.

    but now this kerouacian is on the road

    I’d wager you’ve done more actual “bumming” around than Kerouac ever did.
    Just try not to end up an alcoholic and living with your Mother.

    would definitely buy some drinks and / or din for a fellow ‚Äėcult member‚Äô ūüėõ

    I would definitely meet up with you if you made it to this area.

    *amazing how many people i’ve heard in YT comments, Fakeologist and even former members make this accusation.

    I’ve often thought that a fun drinking game would be to start commenting at Fakeologist, and every time someone accuses you of being a shill (or some variation of), take a drink.

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