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Let’s Discuss Total Recall

What you’re experiencing is a free-form delusion based on our memory tapes.

But you’re inventing it yourself as you go along.

For the memory of a lifetime, Rekall, Rekall, Rekall.

Post #63
Let’s Discuss Total Recall
Published 23-Oct-2019


1 – The Schedule

2 – The Member Discord Calls

3 – The Framework

4 – The Times

1 – The Schedule

Important background information is given in the Schedule post.

Post #62 | Member Call Topic Schedule (18-Oct-2019)


The topic schedule for the next four Member Calls is now set.

We will be focusing on films, because they open up lots of avenues for discussion.

This will hopefully encourage some of the new Full Members to make their Member Call debuts.

I’m available all day Sunday for each Call but you (anybody) need to
nominate and commit to a time within the nominal window.

I’m happy to be there for two Calls per Sunday, so long as they are planned in advance.

2 – The Member Discord Calls

Important background info is given in the Twelve Monkeys pre-call post.

Post #61 | Let’s Discuss Twelve Monkeys (11-Oct-2019)


i) We will be discussing whatever you want to discuss about the film

The plot, the themes, the production values, the syncs, the philosophical questions about time, identity, purpose, or more topical questions about ‘delusion’, mental health, media fakery… we could take this anywhere.

What I will do before the Call officially begins is write down a list of topics / ideas, and then during the Call we will run through them, one by one.

As in,

‘Person A wanted to discuss the idea that the only truly crazy characters was character B’,

‘Person E wanted to discuss the notion that what this film is really about is F’,

‘Person L wanted to discuss the scene where character M and N and how it syncs with [etc]’

I’ll ask participants for the main things they want to discuss during the pre-call.

Then I will throw to you when we get to your topic.

Kind of like a loose structure.

It is this structure that allows the MDCs to flow the way they do.

All you need to do is come prepared with some ideas or questions about the film you want to discuss with myself and the other panelists.

ii) You are welcome to listen live during the recording on Discord,
even if you don’t feel like participating

Last week, dbuser was listening live, and one or two other people popped by as well iirc.

A year or so ago, we used to regularly have half a dozen people just listening.

Listening live is a different experience to listening to the finished product because of how much editing goes into the official release.

Most people are happy to wait for the official release but if you want to listen live, by all means, feel free to come along.

3 – The Framework

While visiting the island of Borneo earlier this year, I put together the most comprehensive article and video/audio series I have produced thus far in 2019.

Article #52 | The Conspiracy Ego Trip Framework (24-May-2019)

Basically I tried my best to convey to the Members of this site what I think is really going on in this thing we call ‘reality’.

I then used that article as the basis for a three-part audio/video series.

I will be more than happy to discuss the Framework during the call, however, this Call is not about the Framework.

That is, please don’t feel as though you have to agree with (or have even read / watched) the Framework pieces in order to participate in the Call.

There are so many different interpretations and perspectives one could draw from Total Recall, and the Framework merely covers one such interpretation.

Beyond the broader philosophical questions and ideas which might be taken from the film, there are also plenty of key scenes which could be analysed and discussed on their own.

In other words, if the participants of the Call want to discuss the Framework, we can do so, no problem, but if they (you) come along with your own interpretations and ideas and questions for discussion, that is cool, too.

In fact, I would personally prefer the latter, because I think it will make for a more interesting Call.

After all, if people merely want to hear what I have to say about the Framework, there’s already over three hours of audio/video waiting for them.

JLBA #33 | The Conspiracy Ego Trip Framework [Part 1] (7-Jun-2019)

The beauty of the Member Call series is that they feature the unique thoughts and reflections of fakery-aware and sync-aware people from all over the world.

So come along with your own ideas and interpretations and questions for discussion and help make this Call the best one yet.

The Call times

TNG nominated the following start time, and WatermanChris (from Florida) and FlyFisher have both indicated that they will be joining in as well.

This still leaves a second block free, so if you can’t make it to the time above, but want to discuss Total Recall this weekend, just nominate a time between 9am and 7pm Hanoi time Sunday (as per the explanation in the Schedule post) and I will set it aside (and update this post accordingly).

Hope to see you on the Discord server this weekend 🙂

Post #63 production notes. Published 23-Oct-2019. Available publicly. 1,000 words.


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