Let’s Discuss Twelve Monkeys

You need to focus, focus, focus.

Remember the plan, I did my part.

Not what, when. Yes, when. Now, Jim, now.


The call went ahead as planned.

MDC S2 E11 | Twelve Monkeys (13-Oct-2019)

Post #61
Let’s Discuss Twelve Monkeys
Published: 11-Oct-2019

I mentioned in the latest update post that I’d like to schedule a Member Discord Call for each weekend of my four-week stay in this apartment in Hanoi.

Post #60 – One Month in Bangkok (8-Oct-2019)

I’m happy to report that the internet speeds in this place are pretty sweet. I’m all set to go.

Here’s a video I made earlier today which includes a speedtest of the apartment wifi.

Youtube: Hanoi apartment tour (11-Oct-2019)

A few people have mentioned that they would like to partake in a Call about Twelve Monkeys this weekend, but nobody has specified a time which suits them.

So this is the post for you to do just that.

I’m nominally free from 10am – 10pm Vietnam time on Sunday, which is 11pm – 11am New York.

My 10am is New York 11pm the night before, and 4am London time.

The days of me sitting near my computer for an entire Sunday are long, long gone.

But I’m more than happy to set aside two blocks of time to accommodate Members of the site in different time zones.

On this occasion I want to try an experiment: first in, best dressed.

You make the call

The first two time suggestions, posted in the comments below, for between 10am and 10pm on Sunday, Vietnam time, I will set aside and be at my computer ready to go.

Just nominate a two-hour block, between 10am-10pm, this Sunday, Vietnam time.

As soon as two suggestions have come through I will make an announcement so that anybody else who wants to join us can do so. The more the merrier.

The reason I want to trial the ‘you make the suggestion, first in best dressed’ concept is because, if I set the blocks arbitrarily, it may not suit anybody.

By putting the ball in your court, it ensures that whoever puts forward a time suggestion will at least be present for the Call, and anybody else who joins us will be a bonus.

We may end up with two separate two-hour Calls, which will give me plenty to work on for the rest of the week.

We may end up with one, two-hour Call, which I’ll try and release by Tuesday.

We may have Call(s) with seven or eight people on the panel, or it may be just myself and one other person having a chat.

Or maybe nobody will want to put forward any time suggestions and I will enjoy my first Sunday in Hanoi at a market or something.


Why Twelve Monkeys?

See Twelve Monkey, Sync, Sanity.

Post #59 | Twelve Monkeys, Sync, Sanity (26-Sep-2019)

What if I am busy this weekend?

No problems.

I plan to run an MDC (or two) every weekend while I have an apartment with good internet.

In the recent update post I put forward this tentative schedule:

Weekend of -> Topic

October 12/13 -> Twelve Monkeys

October 19/20 -> Clown World / Pill Metaphor [Joker?]

October 26/27 -> Total Recall

November 2/3 -> The Matrix

November 9/10 -> Waking Life

We can always come back and revisit Twelve Monkeys thereafter, if there is demand for it.

What do you expect to discuss?

Whatever the other Members on the Call want to discuss, so long as it is related to the topic i.e. Twelve Monkeys.

The plot, the themes, the production values, the syncs, the philosophical questions about time, identity, purpose, ‘work’, or more topical questions about ‘psychiatry’, mental health, media fakery… we could take this anywhere.

What I will do before the Call officially begins is write down a list of topics / ideas, and then during the Call we will run through them, one by one.

As in,

‘Person A wanted to discuss the idea that the only truly crazy characters was character B’,

‘Person E wanted to discuss the notion that what this film is really about is F’,

‘Person L wanted to discuss the scene where character M and N and how it syncs with [etc]’

I’ll ask participants for the main things they want to discuss during the pre-call.

Then I will throw to you when we get to your topic.

Kind of like a loose structure.

It is this structure that allows the MDCs to flow the way they do.

All you need to do is come prepared with some ideas or questions about the film you want to discuss with myself and the other panelists.

I’m new, how do I join the calls?

Download Discord. All explained here.

Post #27 | It’s Discord Time (25-Aug-2018)

Can I join and simply listen to the Call live, without participating?


Back in the day, we used to get half a dozen people just listening to each Call.

Usually they would then un-mute and take part in the after-Call chat.

Those were the days.

I want to take part but I haven’t been on a podcast before, I’m nervous etc

Then come along, listen to one live, take part in the after-call, it will settle your nerves, then join next week for reals.

That’s all

Hope to see you this weekend.

Post #61. Production notes. 800 words. Published 11-Oct-2019. Available to the public.


13 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss Twelve Monkeys

  • 11-October-2019 at 10:13 pm

    I’ll nominate a call time of 11 pm (New York Time), this Sunday 10/13. Looking forward to the call should be an enjoyable chat. I really did enjoy the movie, discussing it should spawn an interesting conversation. Thanks.

    • 11-October-2019 at 10:21 pm

      Let me adjust that nomination, 8 -10 pm Vietnam time, 9-11 pm New York time. That should do it. My apologies for the inaccurate statement.

      • 11-October-2019 at 10:52 pm

        8 – 10 pm in Vietnam is 9 – 11 AM in New York.

        When it is morning here in Vietnam (and Australia for that matter), it is evening in the US.

        So were you wanting to set aside 9AM – 11AM New York time?

        If so, that is 8pm to 10pm for me which is perfect.

  • 11-October-2019 at 11:18 pm

    Sorry long day I should have calculated the time better before I posted. That’s what I get for skipping on the input…

    After looking at this more thoroughly I nominate 8 to 10 AM Hanoi, which if I am correct is 9-11 pm New York, and 6 to 8 West coast time…..closer this time I think

    Tricky indeed

    • 11-October-2019 at 11:27 pm
      • I nominate 8 to 10 AM Hanoi*

      I’m making myself available from 10am my time to 10pm my time. That is 12 hours.

      I’m not going to commit to anything before 10am my time.

      Otherwise it means I either have to come home early on Saturday night or risk accidentally sleeping in and missing the call.

      Neither of those options are ideal, so instead, I’m making myself available from 10am onward.

      If it is necessary I can make it for 9am my time i.e. 10pm New York (9am-11am Vietnam Sunday, 10pm-midnight New York Saturday evening).

  • 12-October-2019 at 11:22 am

    How about 1 pm to 3 pm Hanoi ( 2 to 4 am New York)

    Or maybe 11 am to 1 pm Hanoi ( 12 am to 2 am New York).

    I believe these time slots are between 10 am to 10 pm Hanoi; please let me know if either time period works. Thanks.

    It appears that your living in the future out there JLB

    • 12-October-2019 at 6:37 pm

      Or maybe 11 am to 1 pm Hanoi ( 12 am to 2 am New York).

      Let’s go with this.

      It might just be the two of us so I hope you have plenty of thoughts about the film.

      Anybody else who can make it, feel welcome to join.

      In saying that, a lot of the two-person Calls have worked out well, so no matter what happens, it should be good.

      And of course, I’m happy to set aside another two hour block on my Sunday, so anybody else who wants to put forward a time, please do so.

      • 12-October-2019 at 10:09 pm

        i will plan to join the call, too – if there’s anything anyone thinks should be specially noted upon a re-view of 12 Monkeys, then please do share. i’d like to revise before class, although i’ve no hope of acing any JLB quiz this time…

        • 13-October-2019 at 1:21 am

          i won’t be able to make the call, but looks like an all star lineup is taking shape.

          which offers a high probability of hitting it out of the park, so look forward to listening from the bleachers next week!

          *i’ve got my money on you fuhng for the trivia win. unless there’s a completely new set of categories and questions.

          then it’s wide open …and i’ll have spread my bets across the field ūüėõ

          • 13-October-2019 at 3:09 am

            I don’t know if the subject of the trivia section is up for conversation or not, but I’ll risk upsetting the trivia fans by requesting skipping trivia all together, or at least drastically abbreviating it.
            Often times it ends up taking up a large portion of the call, and I (selfishly) would prefer as much of the allotted time be spent on the topic at hand.

            • 17-October-2019 at 7:32 pm

              I can only hope that the abridged — and topic-centric — quiz in S2 E11 was more to your liking.

              Fwiw, I happen to agree with you: the quizzes can distract from the rest of the Call, which poses a problem when the central topic is already too much for two hours.

              The benefit of the quizzes is that it gets the conversation going, and makes for a light-hearted way to begin a podcast/discusson which is likely to veer into pretty heavy (sometimes even dark) material.

              There’s a balance to be struck, I suppose.

  • 13-October-2019 at 10:09 am

    If I don’t make it tonight I would want to at least bring one thing to the panels attention, if they already hadn’t noticed it. I think Jake Kotze shows the connection in one of his Moonkey videos. Brad Pitt’s character directly resonates with his role as Tyler Durden in Fight Club (1999). Type casting is easy to see here, with the psychotic themes in both films. But, the “van scene” in 12 Monkeys is eerily similar to the “bathroom scene” in Fight Club. Both scenes have the gang leader (Brad Pitt) interrogating an old man who is of high social standing, both men have been kidnapped and talked to in a very similar fashion.

    Cool Runnings

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