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Hello friends,

Seasons greetings and a Merry Christmas to you all.

For most folks, this is a busy time of year, running around, seeing people, buying presents and what have you.

Hopefully you have been too busy ‘in real life’ to check in with johnlebon dot com and if that’s the case, this post is for you.

I thought it might be worth providing an overview of some of the content I have published so far in December.

At the end of this pot, I also share some thoughts about this site and the future plans.

For me personally, I feel like this may have been the most productive month of the year.

So far this month we’ve seen:

* two Member Calls,

* one Bonversation,

* one mega Member Video,

* one third-party interview, and

* one Late night Truth Lounge livestream.

That’s 17 hours of video / audio material, most of it polished up in editing to bring you a standard of content which I think is sadly rare in this corner of the internet.

In particular, I hope you enjoy(ed) the first hour of the most recent Member Discord Call, which featured a JLB Trivia Royal Rumble.

Below I will give an outline and some thoughts on each of the pieces published so far this month.

As always, your thoughts are appreciated in the comments section, even just a sentence or two can bring a smile to my face ūüėä

Gobekli Pepe

Three-part, four-hour video / audio

Gobekli Pepe

JLBA #112 – Gobekli Pepe (12-Dec-2023)

This piece is centred on my review of a recent episode of THC, which featured an expert on Gobekli Tepe.

More than five years ago, I covered the Gobekli Tepe ‘discoveries’ in a Member Video, around the same time I myself appeared on THC.

Apparently the Gobekli Tepe story continues to grow, more ‘discoveries’ are made, and more gullible sleeple want to visit Turkey and drop their cash on tours and so forth.

I reflected on where the History Hoax has taken me in the time since I first began researching and publishing content on the topic.

And where has it taken everybody else?

How much does the average person in this corner of the internet really care about this stuff?

Is it possible that people are not supposed to discover or realise that the ‘history’ books go nowhere?

Has my attempt to share what I found on those trips to Tucson been something of a fool’s errand?

Chat with Polish Luke

Two-hour interview

Odysee upload – JLB on Reality Sceptic Podcast (13-Dec-2023)

A young fella from Poland has made a splash in this corner of the internet.

He speaks and listens well, and understands the key elements of media / Science / establishment fakery.

My hope is that he will go on to become a well-known figure in the little pond that is the fakery-aware segment of the ACT realm.

Topics during this chat included the History Hoax, ‘simulation theory’, life in eastern Europe, modern parenthood, and much more.

MDC ‘Unknown Origins’

Two-part, three hours

John le Bon discusses unknown origins.

MDC S3 E34 – Unknown Origins (16-Dec-2023)

Two n00bies made their debuts on this call and both seemed like they were more than comfortable on the mic.

For those of us who have been here for years, it can be easy to forget just how ‘out there’ this website and community is, even in comparison to other alternative / conspiracy / truths outlets and platforms.

It is always enjoyable for me to learn about the different paths which people have taken to arrive at a place like this.

Conversation included some questions about how much our own grandparents ‘remember’ about the past, the relatively-near future of humanity, and what might be motivating the people who run the show to do what they appear to be doing.

Simulation Theory Deboonked

Two-hour presentation

JLB's Late Night Truth Lounge debunks the simulation theory.

LNTL Ep #05 – Simulation Theory Deboonked (19-Dec)

A typical Late Night Truth Lounge where I read out the comments, play some voicemails, and generally just ramble about whatever topic comes to mind.

The stream itself had some dead air due to a technical problem but for the mp3 version I edited that out, it’s all good now.

One topic that I spoke about in this one is a little but on the controversial side: how we spend our time.

More specifically, how parents spend their time. Is there any real hope for the kids today?

Bonversation with Lez Luthor

Two-part, three hours

John le Bon chats with Lez Luthor, the Illusion Warfare Correspondent.

Bonversation #35 – Lez Luthor (20-Dec-2023)

Lez is one of those fellows in this scene whose importance, to me, is orders of magntiude greater than the audience he has so far managed to attract.

A man who has been to the ‘war zones’ and documented for himself, and for those of us at home, what is happening on the ground.

Lez deserves to be a household name in the ACT realm, but instead, outside of the media fakery segment (Fakeologist, IPS, Real Eyes Radio), he remains relatively unknown.

We have on our hands here a dude who is willing to do drop his plans and fly to ‘war zones’, to debunk war fakery in real time.

If that doesn’t deserve serious attention (and, hopefully, some praise and support), then I don’t know what does.

In the second hour (which is more like two hours) we also waxed lyrical about what this place really is, and whether or not it is worth pursuing the ‘truth’.

MDC ‘White Christmas’

Three-part, three hours

John le Bon and friends celebrate christmas.

MDC S3 E35 – White Christmas (23-Dec-2023)

Another Member Call, another debutant makes an appearance.

You may think you were paying attention in 2023, you may think you have a good memory: time to test it out!

The JLB trivia took up the entire first hour and for good reason, there was a lot to look back on after what has been another eventful year on the world stage and here at johnlebon dot com.

The second and third hour feature conversation on ‘geobiology’, and the idea that all megaliths and ancient structures are simply the work of European tricksters.

Finally, a question is posed: if you could somehow ‘wake somebody up’, to just one truth about our reality, what would it be, and why?

Would they be better off with this new understanding? Or would you want to change them for your own ‘selfish’ reasons?

That’s All For Now

I’ve got some other material and ideas I would like to share over the course of the next week or two.

At the top of my list as a review of the three War Hoax videos I published a few months ago, and some of the comments which were left in response.

The next Member Video in the series is supposed to be #113, so I plan to put something special together for that one.

There’s an outside chance that we will organise a Member Call for Saturday the 30th of December, but so far it is not official.

If one or two of the website OGs indicated that they would be there for the Call, I would certainly be happy to set the time aside.

Paging Mezzie, Chad, Dante, Truth34, fuhng, WatermanChris…

As for next year, I’ve got some ideas for new ways to produce content which is informative and entertaining enough to be worth your while.

If you have listened to much of my material over the past few months, you probably know that I have been in a reflective mood of late.

The trip to Tallinn and all it entailed was something of a revelation for me, I now see some things differently to how I did in the past.

For one thing, I’m more grateful than ever for what I have been able to do and see and the people I’ve met over the past few years.

I’m also more aware now of how little I have achieved in some areas, and how much I may have over-achieved in other areas.

I now think I may have been deluding myself for a long time about what I am doing with this site and by extension with my life.

Which isn’t to say that I think I have been doing the wrong thing, or that I have been wasting my time. Far from it.

I do however want to make sure that what I do, going forwards, is based on a more accurate assessment of what I can — and cannot — achieve with my material.

Some of your emails and other messages to me make it seem like my work has helped some of you in some way and this obviously means a lot to me.

I now question more than ever just how useful any of this information really is, at the end of the day.

And as I explained in Gobekli Pepe, I now see that for a lot of the Members here, what they find most interesting is not my research, not my conclusions or my skepticism or my overall framework, but my journey, my personality, my shtick.

This is why a lot of the Members here, even after listening to my jabbering on about a ‘lack of primary sources’ and ‘translations based on nothing’ and so forth, still believe in ancient civilisations and ancient wisdom and so forth.

They are happy for me to take my trips to Tucson and report back my findings, but it is all ultimately just a form of entertainment or amusement or what have you, no different to the next youtube video about ancient pyramid builders or ancient healing practices or ancient whatever.

There is no ‘ancient’ in my reality. There is no ‘long long ago’. There is no ‘lost history’. Or even ‘stolen history’.

I have come to realise that my worldview is much further removed from some of the Members here than I had previously understood.

And that’s okay. We probably still have a lot in common and perhaps that’s where I need to focus more of my energies.

This turned into a much larger post than I had planned so I’ll leave it there for now.

Massive thanks to those of you who leave your comments after checking out my latest material, and also to the small number of you who have taken the time to leave a tip for JLB.

If you think you have gotten more than your money’s worth from this place in 2023, consider sending a tip to say thanks.

Inflation has hit, including here in Bulgaria, general costs seem to have risen around 20% in the past 12 – 18 months alone.

However, I haven’t once — in the seven years since I launched this site — increased Membership fees for existing Members.

Whatever you originally signed up for is what you’re still paying to be a Member of this site.

This is why, factoring in inflation, I am living on less now than I was four years ago.

This isn’t a complaint.

After all, this is the life I chose, and I could choose to do something different starting tomorrow if I wanted to, I’m not locked into anything.

I’m not broke, either. I have enough money to cover my rent, my bills, my food, my drinks.

But that’s about it.

Whereas in the past I was reticent to promote my tip option, these days I will do so more often.

Especially now that I know there are clowns out there charging ‚ā¨200 for a 40-minute ‘induction’ into a bullshit ‘mystery school’ based on ‘ancient wisdom’.

I ask around the same for an entire year on this site and everything which comes with it.

I’m doing something wrong here, folks ūü§£

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