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11/3 Predictions (and Consequences)

Who is going to win the 2020 US Presidential Election?

If these events are as scripted as some people claim to believe,
then why can’t they / we predict the outcomes?

And what other significant event is taking place on 11/3?

Post #97

11/3 Predictions (and Consequences)

Published 2-Nov-2020


If Trump loses the election on November 3, I’ll be taking an extended break from posting new videos on YouTube.

I’ll also be significantly lighter in the wallet department, because I’ve put my money where my mouth is:

That’s right, I’m betting on Trump. Bigly.

There’s another major event taking place on November 3 for which I have made predictions…

…and indeed placed corresponding bets.

In this post we are going to look at these two major (seemingly-unrelated) 11/3 events:

The US Presidential Election, and the Melbourne Cup horse race.

We’re also going to look at the phenomenon of content creators in our scene claiming to have predicted things after the fact.

I’ve seen it all before, especially in the aftermath of the 2016 elections.

This time around I want to see peoples predictions before the fact.

I’m asking the fans of various content creators to tell me: have these guys made predictions?

And if so, have they put any skin in the game?

Or are they possibly maybe not really all that confident in their own forecasts?

Time is of the essence so I will try to make this as concise as possible.


1 – 3/11

2 – Sync & Melbourne

3 – The Victoria Derby

4 – The Melbourne Cup

5 – Trump

6 – Who Are the Content Creators Predicting?


1 – 3/11

The ‘coronavirus pandemic’ is the greatest hoax put upon the masses in recorded human history.

It has already eclipsed 9/11 and the World Wars in terms of scale and impact. [1]

The ‘conronavirus’ was officially declared a ‘pandemic’ on March 11 i.e. 3/11.

It turns out that 311 -> corona references are littered throughout pre-2020 pop culture, news items, and even the bible. [2]

For example, consider Revelations 3:11 (KJV)

Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

According to dictionary definitions, ‘corona’ means ‘crown’.

Therefore we can consider the coronavirus to be the crown-virus.

And in the final book of the bible, Revelations, passage 3:11 makes a direct references to ‘crown’, and what may be interpreted as a reference to the Second Coming.

Bear in mind, too, that according to some christian interpretations, when the son of god returns, he will take his throne as the king of this earth.

A crown of thorns.

On its own, this 311-> corona (crown) connection may seem trivial.

It is however only one of a litany of such ‘coincidences’.

See this thread on the JLB Member forum for more examples.

Section summary:

The Crown-virus officially became a ‘pandemic’ on 3/11, and 3/11 is the new 9/11, with pre-2020 corona/crown/311 references (‘coincidences’) to be found in pop culture, news stories, and even the bible.

2 – Sync & Melbourne

Most of the people reading this post will already be familiar with the broader concepts surrounding the field known as ‘sync‘.

For those who are still getting up to speed, I recommend my 2017 piece The Sync Books – What a Trip.

The basic gist is this: ‘coincidences’ might not be so coincidental after all.

We are trained from a young age to ignore the signs and patterns which suggest there is something profound about this realm and our existence.

We’re instructed to write these signs off as mere ‘coincidences’, and to ridicule those who find meaning in the signs and patterns.

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is a large city with millions of inhabitants.

It has recently come out of the longest and most oppressive lockdown in the ‘free’ world.

The second lockdown, which ran for three months, entailed strict nighttime curfews, travel limits, a ban on house visitors, and more.

Single people living alone were effectively left entirely socially isolated. Small business owners were ruined. It was extreme.

There are a number of reasons to believe that it was no ‘accident’ or ‘coincidence’ that Melbourne should have been the coronavirus lockdown capital of the world for several months in 2020.

This is all explained in my video / audio presentation The Missing Sync [Part 5] published in September.

Among the reasons why I suggest that Melbourne may have been ‘fated’ to be the corona capital of the world are the following:

*As noted earlier, corona means crown, thus coronavirus means crown-virus.

*Victoria is named after Queen Victoria (queen -> crown).

*Melbourne’s famous casino is named Crown Casino.

*This means that there is a crown symbol adorning the top of the large buildings which house the Crown hotel and entertainment venue.

*In addition to their existing buildings, Crown Casino lodged plans to build what would be the country’s tallest building.

*That building is / was to be located at 1 Queensbridge St.

*Crown moved to its current location after first opening at what was formerly the Melbourne World Trade Centre.

*Melbourne was founded by a guy named John Batman (think ‘some guy ate a bat in China’).

There’s more to it, this is merely the overview.

For those who understand Sync, those dot points should give you some idea of what The Missing Sync [Part 5] is all about.

Section summary:

Sync is concerned with the idea that the major ‘coincidences’ we see are far more than mere random occurrences or chance events.

Melbourne appears to be intrinsically — synchromystically — linked with the 3/11 -> crown event.

3 – The Victoria Derby

Every year a ‘Spring Carnival’ of horse racing is held in Melbourne.

One of the most popular and prized events is the Victoria Derby.

This year, on October 31, the Victoria Derby was won by an outsider, listed before the race at odds of 21-1.

That horse’s name is Johnny Get Angry, and it was ridden by a young jockey named Lachlan James King.

Trainer Denis PAGAN and jockey Lachlan KING

I am not much into horse racing, and didn’t even realise the event was going ahead until after the fact.

As soon as I saw the name of the winning horse and the rider, I knew I had missed a golden opportunity to put my sync ideas to the test.

In Melbourne, Victoria, the home of the Crown-virus, a horse ridden by a King won the (Queen) Victoria Derby.

It is fair to say that when I realised what had happened, Johnny le Bon did indeed get a little bit Angry.

But there is a silver lining here:

The greatest horse race of the carnival is yet to come, and we might use our sync notions to try to predict the outcome.

The Melbourne Cup is of such cultural significance in Victoria that the day is set aside as a public holiday every year to celebrate it.

A public holiday, you might have already deduced, means that the race takes place on a weekday.

You bet it does: per tradition, the race is held on the first Tuesday of November every year.

Which means that this year, 2020, the Melbourne cup falls on… 11/3.

Section summary:

The Victoria Derby yielded a result in line with what sync-aware folk might have predicted.

There’s another horse race coming soon where we / I can put this to the test.

4 – The Melbourne Cup

Take a look through the starting field of the 2020 Melbourne Cup.

See if you notice what I notice.

If you’re interested in my predictions / wagers, check out my latest post, 3/11 Decoded:

Corona Decoded

5 – Trump

Four years ago, Trump was listed by bookies as a 5-1 outsider. The polls supposedly gave him very little chance of winning.

As we all now know, the punters and polls alike were proven wrong. Trump won handsomely.

Before we go further, let’s be clear: these Presidential elections could be rigged from start to finish.

In fact, a lot of the people reading this post right now are 100% certain that the Presidential elections are all compltely scripted.

I used to hold similar sentiments but, these days, I’m not quite so sure.

My theories as to ‘how’ these things happen are every bit as esoteric as my views on things like ‘coincidence’ (i.e. sync). [3]

However, if indeed the elections are pre-determined, then let me ask you this:

Why are those with eyes to see, not able to predict which puppet will be announced as the winner?

And by predict, I mean predict ahead of time, not after the fact.

If a person can predict these things, they can also profit from their insights, via the age-old practice of wagering.

Bear in mind that you can, and many people do, gamble on WWE events.

Trump made an appearance in the WWE in between his time on ‘reality TV’ (The Apprentice) and reality TV (American politics).

Does the audience at home really get to have a say in who is voted off of a celebrity dance show, or a singing show, or so on?

The audience vote results may be a hoax, or there may indeed be a commercial incentive for the promoters to go with what the audience at home wants.

At the end of the day, promoters want eyeballs. This is true of sports just as it is true of reality TV.

And US presidential politics is the greatest reality TV show on earth. [4]

Do The People Who Run The Show benefit more from a Trump win or a Biden (Kamala) victory?

Which character is more likely to suit the storylines in store for 2020-2024?

All we need to do is figure out which puppet will make the next four years of the metascript more entertaining / engaging for the masses.

I can see strong arguments either way:

Trump wins and we get four more years of a perfect heel, Trump’s haters pay more attention to him than his supporters do.

-> He has already been foreshadowing a mass rollout of the crown-virus vaccine via military delivery, which fits the script perfectly.

On the other hand, Biden triumphs, they shoehorn Kamala in at some point, and bang, you’ve got a black female president.

-> Imagine the absolute chaos they could cause with Kamala as the frontwoman for any agenda.

-> Reparations. Super-affirmative action. Extra taxes on white people / businesses. Police stand-downs as looters run amok.

-> It would be four years of popcorn season. Goodness gracious.

‘I’m taking this washing machine in honour of George Floyd’

However, for a bunch of reasons I go into more detail about here, I am predicting Trump.

And I’ve put my money where my mouth is: several hundred smackeroonies on the Don to beat the Biden.

I am also hereby committing to taking a two-month break from creating new Youtube videos if Trump loses.

Instead I will only upload podcast videos, maybe one per week, until January, similar to this one.

That’s all. Just old podcasts mixed with cinematic background video. Not a single new video until 2021.

My penance for getting my Trump win prediction wrong.

If Biden is announced the winner of the 3/11 elections, I’ll be hundreds of dollars lighter, and two months removed from regular youtubing.

That’s my skin in the game.

Section summary:

Whether the US elections are 100% rigged or only a little bit rigged, why can’t we make predictions on the outcome?

The WWE — which crosses over with US Presidential politics — is scripted, and yet you can wager on it.

I can see benefits for the metascriptors in either Trump or Biden (Kamala) winning.

However I see more reason to believe Trump suits the upcoming storylines, and I’m betting on the Don.

6 – Who Are the Content Creators Predicting?

There’s lots of talented content creators out there whose work I enjoy.

There’s also a lot of content creators out there whose work I don’t yet know much about.

What I do know is that thousands of people take these guys very seriously:

-> They see them as wise, insightful, enlightened even.

And this may well be for good reason.

There’s one or two content creators out there who I myself consider to be exceptionally insightful.

What I want to know is this: who are these guys predicting to win the 11/3 US Presidential Election?

And are they putting any skin in the game?

I plan to make contact with some of the following people to get their predictions:

*Tim Ozman aka IPS [5]

*Quantum of Conscience aka Matt [6]

*Zachary K Hubbard

*Jeffrey C of FreeRadioRevolution



*Ab Irato of Fakeologist

If you’re a fan of any of these fellows, perhaps you can tell me if they have already made their predictions, and where.

I’ll be sure to check it out for myself.

And if there are any other content creators in our corner of the internet who you think might be worth adding to the list, please let me know.

Let’s find out what they predict before the event takes place.

Section summary:

There’s a number of prominent content creators in our scenes whose predictions I’d like to hear before the election.


[1] Yes, the so-called World Wars were (are) indeed hoaxes. See this video for a primer explaining the War Hoax concept.

[2] The bible is also itself a hoax. See this video for an explanation of the Bible Hoax concept.

[3] I’m not suggesting the elections are ‘real’, either. I don’t know. I think they could hoax them, I think they don’t need to hoax them. I’ll go into more detail about all of this in a future piece.

[4] At least in terms of audience participation (i.e. the audience can vote). You could argue that the Royal Family remains greater reality TV however there is no ostensible audience participation involved in the Royal Family reality TV show. Also, the Royals are still more of a print-based production, outside of weddings which are of course massive TV events.

[5] You can listen to an excellent discussion about sync and corona, between myself and IPS, here. The only reason why I don’t listen to more of IPS’ work is because I find it difficult to keep track of where it is all hosted, he doesn’t seem to have a central outlet / archive.

[6] I haven’t listened to much of Matt’s work, but what I have listened to has been impressive. As a new listener, I don’t know what his stance is on sync, or if he is the kind of person to make predictions.

Post #97. 2,000 words. Published 2-Nov-2020. Available publicly.


4 thoughts on “11/3 Predictions (and Consequences)

  • Sempayyy

    I could see Biden winning and then having Trump lead the resistance. He’s the perfect heel for the job. It’d also be a good closing storyline for America.

    And yeah, I view the entire election season as a big A/B test, especially the primary debates, rallies, and social media aspect of it, for who makes it to The Show. Probably not dissimilar to how the WWE decides on storylines and the talent they want to promote.

    Also, no one bats an eye if a politician doesn’t do what they said they would do (The Wall…) and it even adds extra drama to the story, which means the plot points can still get hit no matter who is in office!

    I haven’t followed Hubbard in a while, but it looks like he did a very soft prediction on Trump in this post in February – if Trump wins, then he’ll no doubt use that as proof because that’s his schtick.

  • My thoughts; as a content creator.

    I am not sure, sync, can be used to predict the future.

    The future of the cosmos maybe written like a script from The Simpsons. In the blockbuster episode, Who Shot Mr Burns, there were two scripts written. The scripts were exactly the same, only the conclusions were different. In one case; it was Maggie Simpson who shot Mr Burns. The clue was M. S. In the second case; it was Waylon Smithers. The clue was W. S. In the first clue, the M was an upside-down W!

    The Simpsons writers, producers etc; did this so that even if the script was leaked, an alternative script could be used.

    Is the cosmos/reality, really, less intelligent that the producers of The Simpsons?

    Just as the Mandela effect changes the past; there maybe an effect that changes the future! I do not have a name for this, so any suggestions, are welcome.

    With that said, I would point out what I think is significant, in the recent past.

    And that is; Sean Connery’s death. The greatest actor/spy/ secret agent from the James Bond series; ever. He supposedly died on 31/October/2020. Halloween.

    (My wife is a big Connery fan. We played all the theme songs, from the entire James Bond series, during our wedding reception. The morning we heard the news of his death; a bird pooed on her head, while we were sitting outside a cafe. But that’s another story.)

    In my previous post – I think it was in the Tim Ferris video – I commented on the 31 lined art-work in John le Bon’s apartment. I think I suggested that the 31 lines were related to Halloween, and possibly to an apocalypse.

    While I was at work, today – stacking shelves – the 1986 movie: Highlander, came to mind. It co-starred Sean Connery. And it was about a group of immortals, who had to battle each other, with swords. The catch-line was something like: “there can be only one”. Similar to the Chosen One.

    Spoiler alert.

    Sean Connery trains Connor MacLeod. MacLeod, would get Connery’s samurai sword, when Connery’s character is beheaded. MacLeod, would eventually behead the much stronger bad guy; Kurgan, with Connery’s samurai sword.

    Donald Trump’s mother was Scottish; Mary, from the Clan, MacLeod!! As in the movie Highlander.

    In the past Donald Trump has jokingly referred to himself saying “I am the chosen one.”

    And it the only other video, where I posted (The Missing Sync, Part 3); I wrote that the name McDonald – like in the restaurant – meant ‘world ruler’.

    This is what I missed. “Donald” also “comes from the Proto-Celtic Dumno-ualos (“world-ruler” or “world-wielder”)” wiki.

    The pet name, in general – according to wiki – for Donald is Donnie. Think of the movie “Donnie Darko”.

    McLeod’s love interest, when he finally defeats his opponent asks him: “Can you tell me about the prize?”

    McLeod replies:

    It's like a whirlwind in my head.

    But if I concentrate...

    I know what people are thinking...

    all over the world.




    The final scene, Connery’s ghost speaks to McLeod :

    You are at one with all living things.

    Each man's thoughts and dreams are yours to know.

    You have power beyond imagination.

    Use it well, my friend.

    Don't lose your head.

    One dream

    One source

    One prize

    One goal

    R.I.P. Sean Connery.

    P.S. Highlander II : The Quickening; is set in 2024!! It also stars Sean Connery.

    • “Just as the Mandela effect changes the past; there maybe an effect that changes the future! I do not have a name for this, so any suggestions, are welcome.”

      It’s called retroactive causality. I don’t think it’s real, but that’s the name used.

      An example is that those who are wearing masks now, are those who take the vaccine in the future. They made their future decisions and that decision has flowed back…

  • Further Highlander/election analysis.

    Joe Biden. It’s hard to find what the name “Biden” means. Joe means “God Will Increase”.

    (I once met a guy, in 2013, who registered in a major Chinese chess tournament under the name: “Joe Blow”. The Chinese didn’t get this was a joke! Blow – an American – spoke fluent Mandarin & Cantonese! I think he came second, in the section for the non-Chinese players.)

    Joe is usually short for Joseph. Joseph was a character in the Old Testament. Joseph was able to interpret dreams. As a result; he rose to become second in command of Egypt.

    Similar to Joe Biden, becoming Vice President under Obama.

    Joseph had a “silver cup” he used for divination.

    The second last fight scene, between Connor McLeod (Trump) and Victor Kurgan is interesting. It takes part, in front of a huge ‘SILVER CUP” sign. The sign is somewhat destroyed in the scene. This is in New York.

    The final fight scene, between these two, is held in the Silver Cup Studios. Spoiler: Connor McLeod beheads Victor Kurgan.

    If I recall Highlander correctly, McLeod’s wife from 200 or 300 years ago, asks him to light a candle on her birthday, every year he is alive. Her birthday seem to be on Halloween. Kurgan puts out the candles in the church, where McLeod lit the candle. One or more days after Halloween, is when their final duel takes place.

    Similar to this election.

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