Using This Site

There are several options available to you in order to increase your enjoyment of the site.

Avatar manager

User avatars make the comments section more aesthetic and make it easier for readers to recognise fellow commenters.

You can use Gravatar or simply upload your own avatar directly to this site.

To upload your own image, go to your Dashboard, then Profile, then scroll down to Avatar.

Then click on Browse, choose the image you want to upload, then click Upload. Voila!

There is no set avatar size but 100 x 100 pixels is probably a good start.

Editing comments

Once you have posted a comment, you are given five minutes to edit (or delete) it before it becomes ‘locked in’.

You are encouraged to proof-read your comments before posting them.

If you later decide you would like a post of yours deleted, simply contact JLB via email and explain the situation.

Change Comment Colour

If you want to reply with green/blue/organe writing in your comment, use this handy text file.

Subscribe to comments threads

You can subscribe to the comments of any post or page, so that you will be sent an email to notify you when a new comment has been posted to that particular post/page.

At the bottom of the post/page you will see a checkbox (which is unchecked by default) which you can check before submitting a comment, and this will subscribe you to that post/page’s comments.

There is also an option to subscribe without leaving a comment; again, this can be found at the bottom of the post/page.

Once you are subscribed to a page/post, the bottom of the post/page will show a ‘manage subscriptions’ hyperlink. If you click this it will take you to another page asking for your email, and then if you follow this, it will take you to another page allowing you to manage your subscriptions. Here you can view your subscribed posts/pages, edit/cancel your subscriptions, and even change the subscription between all comments and only direct replies to your comment.

Note that the notification emails are likely to end up in your spam folder. Also note that some threads can generate dozens of replies, so when you subscribe to a post/page, be willing to receive multiple emails as a result (unless you manage your subscription and change the setting to only replies to your comment).

Mailchimp mailing list

The mailing list is handled separately to the membership of the website.

In other words, signing up for one does not result in automatically signing up for the other.

You can sign up for the mailing list here.

The primary purpose of the mailing list emails will be to alert members about important new material available on the site.