If you value my work and the content I produce, there are a number of ways you can support it.

Here are five methods I personally recommend.

1) Improve your own life with the information you have found

What good is information if those who receive it do not benefit from it?

And what evidence is there that new information is beneficial if you are not improving your own life with it? And who would want to listen to your information if they cannot see that it has helped you improve yourself?

I release my content in the hope and expectation that those who consume it will benefit from it. Some of my motivation to put in the hours I do comes from the anecdotal reports I receive via correspondence from listeners/viewers indicating that their lives have improved in one way or another as a result of viewing/listening to my content.

If you take the time and put in the effort to improve your own mind, body and spirit, this will help you and those around you – and if my own work assists in your efforts to improve yourself, then it will help me, too. Perhaps you ought to walk more, perhaps you ought to watch less television, perhaps you ought to spend less money on frivolous things.

You know what you ought to do, so start doing it today.

2) Share the content with friends*, family*, and teh interwebz

There are many ways to share links to mt articles / videos / podcasts.

Leave a comment on an online newspaper article. Send an email to an old friend with a link to a video on a topic you know they might be interested in. Post a thread on an internet forum like reddit and ask people what they think about video x/y/z.

Be creative: it can be as simple as pasting in the link and writing, ‘Have you guys seen this? I don’t know what to make of it!’. Your link might get clicked once, it might get clicked one hundred times, who knows? Every little bit helps, and one share at the right time and right place can be all it takes to get a video going semi-viral.

If even a small percentage of my regular viewers/listeners spent a few minutes each week promoting my work, it would significantly increase the audience base I reach. Best of all, this method is 100% free.

3) Share the ideas with friends*, family*, and teh interwebz

This can be a little more difficult than option #2, as it generally involves properly engaging with whichever audience is in front of you.

The content I release is simply the medium for the underlying message I am trying to convey, and if you like the message, there is nothing stopping you from conveying it to others in your own way. In the near future I will release a series of videos with tips on how to gently broach the more ‘controversial’ topics with friends and family, in order to first gauge their potential interest and, where pertinent, discuss matters further. With the right theory and some practice, this can be a lot more effective than many seem to believe.

Anybody who wants to do so can build their own online audience, via a YouTube channel, a personal blog, or even a tumblr/twitter account. If you get in touch with me I will be more than happy to assist you in getting started, both from the technical perspective (i.e. starting a YouTube channel, creating a website etc) and then in establishing your initial audience. Join me on an Impromptu Chat and we can promote your work right from the start. One idea or piece of information can be presented in many different ways, and your content might get through to people who, for whatever reason, do not resonate with the presentation(s) of myself and/or others.

If you want to merely dip your toe in the waters of alternative research and content production, you can even write a guest blog post for – simply contact me and we can discuss further. There is nothing stopping you other than yourself. Again, many methods for sharing ideas are 100% free.

*Warning: Think carefully before sharing controversial ideas with friends, family, and other close associates. Most people are not ready to have their core beliefs challenged. Most people will never be ready. Ever. This is human nature. Is it worth risking the jeopardy of a real-life relationship by sharing any of the content/ideas to be found on this site? JLB’s honest answer is: ‘Generally, no’. Think through the potential ramifications before sharing anything you find on this site with anybody who is important to you. For your own sake and theirs.

4) Regularly participate in the discussion at

Humans generally seem to accomplish more when they collaborate with one another.

I intend for my site to serve as a hub of discussion on the topics and information I cover with my content. This can only be accomplished if viewers/listeners take the time to share their own thoughts and engage with the thoughts of others. If even a small percentage of regular visitors to this site took the time join the discussion on most/all posts, it would soon become a staple in the daily browsing habits of countless researchers and and thinkers around the world. Best of all, this method of support is 100% free.

5) Sign up as a Member

When I first started out, I never expected the site to reach fifty members.

Relative to initial  forecasts, the membership concept has been a resounding (and humbling) success.

Now I wonder if it might be possible to reach 100 Members, at which point the operation would be generating enough revenue for me to live a modest but adequate lifestyle while working on research and content production full-time.

Imagine that…

6) Send through a one-off tip

A number of people have offered to contribute to my work financially and for that I am very grateful.

It takes a lot of time to research, script, record, edit, render and upload each article/video/podcast.

Then there is the maintenance of this website and my YouTube/Podbean/Vimeo accounts, which require time and money.

For several years I was happy to make the time/money investment into content production and publication at my own expense, with no financial reward.

Now this site has grown beyond expectation; the membership of this site is more than sufficient to cover money costs.

My time investment is still underpaid compared to working a regular normie job, but this is a labour of love, so I am more than happy to keep putting the time in.

If you are already a member of this site, your monthly contribution is enough. Thank you.

But for those of you who want to send through intermittent ‘tips’, I have FINALLY come up with an idea.

Introducing the monthly ‘JLB Tipper Special’

Once per month I will record a Member-Only video/audio to be dedicated to whatever topic(s) that month’s Tippers nominate.

The show’s focus will be dictated by the proportion of that month’s Tippers who nominate the topic(s).

For example, if Tipper A tips in $30 and nominates ‘War Hoax’, and Tipper B tips in $50 and nominates ‘Why do you suggest TPWRTS may be the good guys?’, and these are the only two tips for the month, then I will spend about 5/8 of the show speaking about TPWRTS and why I think they might be the ‘good guys’, and about 3/8 of the show speaking about the War Hoax.

Naturally, each show will be dedicated to that month’s Tippers.

I will probably only release these shows to the Members, because I am tired of giving away the best material in this scene to the conspiratards of YouTube and elsewhere. They don’t deserve it.

Then again, if the majority of the Tippers for that month’s episode indicate that their preference is for public release, then so it shall be.

I say let the Tippers decide!

Note that for the first episode, September 2018, I will be addressing HP Lovecraft and similar topics. I still owe TheProphet49 from a similar Patreon pledge in 2016, if I recall correctly.

There are two ways to send through tips: paypal and bitcoin.

Paypal email:

Bitcoin Address: 1NcoSDaXQXmRNsWQ41tJqUv3fx33tREAeE (updated 5-Apr-2019).

Bitcoin QR code.

Please note

Be sure to send an email to johnlebon123[at]gmail[dot]com to indicate:

*What the tip is for (i.e. what topic you want to see covered in this month’s Tipper Special)

*Whether or not you want to remain anonymous

*Whether you want this month’s Tipper Special to be Member-only or Public Release

Page last updated: 20-Aug-2018.