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John le Bon* (or ‘JLB’) is a 29yo Australian currently living out of a suitcase while he attempts to further unravel the lie system into which we were all born. He is primarily known for his work on YouTube, where his eponymous channel boasts a modest but noteworthy 3,300+ subscribers. Since coming to prominence in the so-called ‘truth movement’ circa late 2014, JLB has developed (and attempted to share) a method of research he describes as ‘deep skepticism’, whereby even the most fundamental ‘truths’ people generally take for granted are evaluated on an empirical and logical basis, and no field of inquiry is considered ‘taboo’.

Topics of interest

Topics regularly covered by JLB include the theories of Scientism (such as human evolution, heliocentrism, dinosaurs, etc); cultural marxism (including ‘feminism’, ‘transgenderism’, systemic child abuse via ‘white guilt’, and so forth); esoteric symbolism and meaning in Hollywood film; and human psychology – especially the group psychology of ‘truthers’ and other/related fringe online ‘communities’.

Live shows and podcasts

JLB is known throughout the so-called ‘truth movement’ (and related circles) on the internet for his work on a number of podcast series, including the Australian Roundtable Podcast (October, 2014 – September, 2015) and the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable (June – August, 2015). All up, JLB has hosted over 100+ live shows via ‘google hangout’, many of which have official view-counts well into the tens of thousands. Moreover, JLB has released over 200 videos on his two primary YouTube channels, which now have a combined 500,000+ views.

Important contributions

Among his most important contributions to genuine alternative research, JLB lists his:

  • Work on the ‘Sydney Siege’ hoax of December 2014;
  • Exposes and mockery of the ‘Cavendish Experiment’ (‘heavy balls hanging from a shed roof’) related to the Scientism doctrine of heliocentrism; and
  • Analysis of the mythology surrounding the historical character known as Nikola Tesla.

Please see the Key Topics page for more information. JLB also cites as notable achievements the memes he has successfully seeded, including the term ‘Baby Hoax’ (from the Hoax Hierarchy). Moreover, JLB is proud of the many jimmies he has rustled with his honest inquiry and consistent skepticism, having successfully exposed and ridiculed several prominent YouTube ‘truthers’ for their blatant contradictions and ridiculously-poor ‘research’.

Attacks on JLB

Owing largely to his interest in challenging popular narratives of both the mainstream and ‘alternative’ media/authorities, his relatively professional production values and manner of speaking, and willingness to work entirely independently from the various groups and cliques which dominate the online ‘alternative research’ landscape, JLB has earned a reputation from some quarters as a ‘paid shill’, allegedly sent by an intelligence agency to ‘discredit’ the ‘truth movement’. Whereas he once attempted to calmly dispel these baseless, ad hominem attacks with reason and evidence, JLB now wears such accusations with pride, because his time in this scene has shown him that the majority of people involved in the so-called ‘truth movement’ are retarded. As in, literally retarded – or as JLB describes them, conspiritarded.

Those to have accused JLB of being a ‘paid shill’ include Simon Shack of September Clues (and ‘Cluesforum’) fame, Jeffrey C of FreeRadioRevolution (now NewWorldAgenda), Bob Knodel of GlobeBusters, Max Ratt of the Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone, and countless others (most of whom are, in their own right, complete nobodies). Not one of these individuals has provided a shred of evidence to support their outlandish claims against JLB, which goes to show just how paranoid and delusional ‘conspiracy theorists’ can be, and how little ‘research’ is actually valued by the majority of those who take the scene seriously. It is a matter of public record that a number of prominent YouTube-based conspiracy theorists formed a secret and private online forum dedicated to spying on JLB’s activities and attempting to ‘dox’ him; the members of this group were convinced that JLB was an intelligence asset whose mission was to infiltrate their ‘truth community’.


After two years of producing and sharing entirely free content (in the naive hope that it would encourage others to engage in deep skepticism and content production), in late 2016 JLB decided to add a paywall section to his website whereby exclusive material would be made available to paid members. This decision upset a tiny but vocal minority of JLB’s audience, who felt it was their god-given right to access the research they were ‘too busy’ to do themselves. Fortunately, a number of long-time followers of JLB’s work saw value in the content he offered, and signed up before he had even promoted or officially launched the membership section. To this day, JLB is thankful for the support he has received from those who value the work he has done and continues to do.

Present circumstances

Since mid-2016, JLB has been living an itinerant lifestyle, moving from one friend or family member’s house to the next, surviving entirely off the money he saved earlier in the year while working in a call centre, and the small amount he receives from memberships of this site. JLB is primarily focused on the pre-production of an independent documentary he will be filming, editing and releasing over the summer of 2016/17. With a working title of ‘Dinoskeptics’, the feature-length documentary will be filmed on location in the Australian outback, both ‘on the road’ to/from and at the town of Winton, Queensland, home of the ‘Australian Age of Dinosaurs’ museum. More information about the film can be found here.

*JLB’s legal identity

‘John le Bon’ is not the legal name he was given at birth, but if you are desperate to learn what that legal name is, you should be able to find it by trawling the dark depths of the ‘truth movement’ online. Alternatively, you can simply contact JLB and arrange to meet him in person, whereby he will be happy to share this information with you himself. JLB has met many people ‘in real life’ who first heard of him via his online work, and so far has enjoyed meeting each of these individuals.

In the meantime, a separation between legal identity and online persona serves to mitigate some of the potential blowback one opens oneself up to by engaging in this line of research and content production. This scene is home to some rather sick and immoral individuals. Moreover, some of the topics covered by JLB can attract the attention of undesirable elements. The use of a nom de plume or ‘stage name’ is no safeguard against such characters, but has proved to be a useful firewall for the past two years.

A more detailed account of JLB’s earlier life is made available below to Full Members of this site. For any and all inquiries about JLB and this site, please see the Contact page.

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