JLB’s 311 Hoaxiversary Roundtable 2024

How much do you remember about that fateful day when Dr Tedros ‘characterised’ the pandemic?

What predictions about the post-corona world did we get right, and what did we get wrong?

Why were there so many 3/11 allusions in pop culture in the years leading up to 2020?

Editorial and overview

There are two parts to this special presentation.

i) Tim Ozman and I livestreamed a warmup call while we waited for the proper show to begin.

ii) Then for the official roundtable call, we were joined by Ab the Fakeologist and Fakenukes Phil.

I have taken the time to clean up (i.e. balance) the audio for both parts, and also add some relevant clips to spice it up a bit.

My honest opinion is that you will not find a collection of hoax-aware content creators talking about 311 like this anywhere else.

It has been documented that I was the first person in the English-speaking world to call the coronavirus a hoax.

Ab also autohoaxed the pandemic, and his site became a hub for hoax-aware folks to discuss the madness during the initial lockdowns and throughout 2020.

Tim Ozman is the world’s leading autohoaxer, naturally he autohoaxed the pandemic, and he did some amazing work in 2020, including (but certainly not limited to) his propagation of the ‘FilmYourHospitals’ meme.

Fakenukes Phil wasn’t in the scene at the time but anybody who has heard seen his channel or listened to his appearance on Bonversations will know why he was asked to join us for this special roundtable discussion.

Here are the five questions I included in my email during the planning for this call:

1) It has been four years, what are your current thoughts or sentiments about what we call 3/11?

2) How often do you think about the ‘pandemic’, does it still affect your life directly, how often do you talk about it on your shows, how much do your listeners still care?

3) Was there anything you got wrong in 2020 or later, what have you learned from all of this?

4) Do you think the ‘truth’ scene will still be talking about 3/11 as much in the late 2030s, as we were talking about 9/11 in the late 2010s?

5) The 3/11 syncs (Colony S3 E11 -> Seattle, Tom Hanks ‘Three o’clock in the morning or eleven at night’, etc etc etc), what’s your best explanation for these, at this point in time?

We managed to cover all of these questions and much more, while also reading out some live comments and even taking a call (or two) from a lovable (but most likely substance-affected) truther troll.

I’m proud of this presentation, and grateful to my fellow panelists for setting aside their Sundays to come along and share their honest thoughts on the questions which I put to them.

Both parts (the preshow and the official roundtable) are available publicly via my podbean account.

If 3/11 is still being talked about in ten years, I think shows like this will be looked back upon as excellent reference material for future researchers and media skeptics.

I want to say a massive thanks to those of you who support independent research and content creation.

The reality is that not many people do.

Big Gov and Big Media have practically unlimited budgets to fund their operations and disseminate propaganda far and wide.

Outlets like johnlebon dot com (and fakeologist dot com and the Infinite Plane Society) instead rely on support from the small number of people out there who realise that the official narratives ought to be questioned and challenged.

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feat Tim Ozman

(Unedited video available at JLB youtube here)

Official 311 Hoaxiverary 2024 Roundtable

feat Ab, Tim Ozman and Fakenukes Phil

(Unedited video available at fakeotube here)

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Production notes. Streamed / recorded 10-Mar-2024. mp3 files produced and published 11-Mar-2024. Minor editing to balance audio and insert clips.

6 thoughts on “JLB’s 311 Hoaxiversary Roundtable 2024

  • NativeNewYorker

    I loved the commercials. The “Big Media” advertisement with the background office sounds was particularly outstanding. More commercials please.

  • Negentropic

    Hilarious. Not one of these guys fully understood JLB’s question about the absurdity of pre-planning all those myriad of predictive programming cues decades apart and all them dodged the question with some simplistic, standard “trutherville” explanation (Ozman even simultaneously claiming to be against “trutherville” style ready-made explanations, lol).

    Notice that Timmy Ozman never admitted he was wrong about anything with regards to the covid hoax. He was “right” about everything all along. lol A guy who can never admit to being wrong, isn’t that the ultimate sign of a narcissist? Yes it is (echoes of Maxim “Hoi Polloi” Konrardy of Clues Forum who has almost completely disappeared from the scene). Plus Ozman, the ex death-care professional who knows all about “clots” (what exactly does the self-proclaimed expert know anyway? We never found out) admitted to banning all “vehement” anti-vaxxers from his little cult, which means he would have banned the staunch anti-vaxxer Tim / Abirato the Fakeologist himself had he not been a source of promotion for his little cult of infinite plane skater “yes” men. He would have also insta-banned FakeNukes Phil for constantly talking about Hitler’s Germany. No surprise then that he is suddenly re-instated on you tube. His kind of sites are being monitored 24 hours a day “Scanner Darkly” style and by censoring those two topics, he has passed the test.

    Tim Fakeologist is an odd guy. He himself seems to allow full free-speech as long as it doesn’t get too crude and even sometimes when it is crude and vulgar. But he also has this snot-nosed WildTimes character banning people for him, most especially for any discussion of the topic of race, so that he doesn’t have to take the blame for being anti-free-speech. Very odd tactic and very transparent and noticeable.

    FakeNukes Phil, who jabbed himself and his daughter because he thought “they” were going to release a biological weapon to whack all the truthers and right-wingers who never got jabbed (and is apparently completely ignorant of the concept of slow-kill & the fact that no drug has ever cured anything but immediate pain & all drugs are harmful) goes through an almost 360 degree flip-flop in just this one episode.

    First he says that he had “good reasons” for getting jabbed (when it was just hysteria and fear just like the normies) and since he himself did not experience any immediate side-effects that it was probably “placebo.” Then he says if a similar situation came up he would probably get jabbed again (if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em; be on the ‘winning team’; the commies always win, blah blah blah)! lol Then towards the end of the show he flip-flops and starts saying “If I had to do it again, I probably wouldn’t get jabbed.” I guess he didn’t like being the odd-man out. Still, such clear signs of being an impulsive, consensus-influenced and fear-driven character are very odd in someone like him. He also still rides a motorcycle, sometimes all the way to Mexico to go to his dentist (just so he can cut through lanes & avoid traffic jams), even after having had an accident and regardless of the fact that it is 30 times more likely to kill you than driving a car, not exactly the sign of a cautious and fully rational person.

    • bmseattle

      Great comment, Neg.
      I was going to make similar points to yours, but you summed it up very well.

      So many contradictions and so much avoidance.
      Phil’s back and forth on the jabs was fascinating to listen to.

      Also, despite not believing in Nukes, he apparently believes in bio-weapons that can wipe out humanity…unless you take an “antidote” in the form of a vaccine.😐

      Ozman always presents himself as all-knowing. Is that juat his shtick, or is he truly that…I’ll use the word “confident”…in himself?
      Ab is very chameleon-like.
      His perspective seems to change depending upon who he’s speaking with.

      • Negentropic

        Actually, an “anti-dote” is supposed to be small amounts of the “pathogenic” itself (to get your “immune” system used to it so it can do better battle for you) mixed with a whole bunch of other chemicals and toxic junk. They never even revealed what was in the “anti-dote” and they never accepted any liability for it. So he was better off shooting pharmaceutical heroin. At least he would know what he was shooting. lol Instead he thinks he was being smart for taking what the Israelis were supposedly given, which is what he heard on the controlled media and took for truth.

        Also if bankers own all the world’s real estate, the only “wars” would be the ones they would wage against themselves, in other words fake ones for purposes of scaring and strategically relocating the cattle workforce. The only “real wars” are against the plantation owners or slave revolts. The National Socialists did reveal the truth about usury, the bankers, Judaics, freemasons, Jesuits and all the rest which someone like Trump never even remotely has. The official “established facts” about them are illegal to question in 21 countries, their books are banned on Amazon and Ebay, etc. and they are by far the most demonized political system ever.


        So it comes as no big surprise that FakeNukes Phil can’t find any even remotely realistic looking pictures of dead bodies from Pearl Harbor and the London Blitz, but plenty of close up pictures of burned and mutilated dead people on the German side. But then the question is why would there simultaneously be fakery on the German side such as the V1 rockets and the Hindenberg disaster? FakeNukes Phil does at least ask these questions, whatever other establishment narratives he is still bamboozled by.

  • WinstonSmith

    This is such an important podcast. The three of you are important thinkers. People who are augmented will beat the non-augmented people. Love the2024 content, and please keep this style going.

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