One thought on “9/11: How Many REALLY Died or Got Hurt?

  • cgi/media fakery aside…there’s no way buildings can turn into powder from fire or ‘collapse’. and one needn’t have an engineering, physics, architecture or firefighting degree to say this.

    many a normie throughout my rabbit hole journey have admitted as such, (many others have said ‘well it happened’ ‘sure it can with all that fuel and pancaking’…smh), but cannot seem to understand an obvious inference…it takes weeks / months to wire a building of that size for demo. so how is it a surprise attack? clearly it was contrived in some way.

    i’ll even grant – for the sake of entertaining all possibilities – that al qaeda had access to the buildings and wired them…silly as this may be. but i can think of no other option if one accepts demolition and still endorses the general mainstream narrative regarding the ‘attacks’.

    yet the vast majority of normies can’t even get there with this reasoning, specifically those who agree it looked like ‘detonators’ ‘controlled demo’ on wtc7, etc.

    nope. back to fretting about ISIS and whatever else is the news du jour. today it was the latest SpaceX launch. look…”PROOF!” “passes my eye test”

    it’s astonishing. i really do feel like i’m in an asylum. or a Walking Dead set with living zombies crossing paths on the sidewalks and subways.

    *love negentropic’s voice. calm, collected. hope he gets on another call soon.

    in terms of the alleged actors ‘ in on it’ i met manny badillo (alleged nephew of victim Thomas Joseph Sgroi) in person on a few occasions when getting involved with a We Are Change supported newspaper. was years ago, but at the time, i was of the mindset that it was a false flag type operation with a lot of deaths. he allegedly had been in the military in some capacity.

    after one meeting for the newspaper, i had a few Guinness’s with him at a bar he suggested. i found out he tried pawning off a 1st drink is 2 for 1 as though he had paid for them both. so when he hinted it was time for me to get the next round, it wasn’t really equivalent.

    not a major matter, and im very generous with drinks. i also thought i owed ‘the movement’ whatever support i could, given i wasn’t confronting politicians and newscasters etc. on the street or at public events. but on principle, i found it off putting. and small character traits often reveal larger character traits, good or bad. not saying this alone implicates him in the ruse, but…

    another time, there was a get together at an apartment after a Richard Gage presentation. Manny was apparently renting one of the rooms in brooklyn with his girlfriend. other humans lived there not in the We are Change crew.

    i provide this perhaps boring level of detail to provide some context. from what I recall, it was a normal shared flat. nothing fancy at all. perhaps he has a lifetime roll, paid in perpetuity? i know he’d shared the podium with Bob Mcilvaine on a few occasions. i also saw in person some of the alleged first responders. and Manny wasn’t the only relative that attended some of these gatherings.

    i understand why it is hard for an average bloke to believe / accept thousands of people were either manufactured whole cloth or hired to not only fake their deaths, but live out this life as family members of said victims without ever saying anything to anyone they interact with.

    “no way all the firefighting divisions, cops, medics, news media, extended families can be paid off / complicit”

    i’m sure you all know and have heard most of these rebuttals.

    could – in his example – the uncle have ‘gone away’ without his family knowing about it? and the family then genuinely believing he was killed, lash out at the government and join myriad little groups to protest the war on terror? idk. there are two people who allegedly died on that day i know existed in ‘real’ life. i don’t know if they are dead, but if this was a nobody died / nobody got hurt (which i agree makes sense if TPWRTS are benevolent and are just putting on made for tv movies) i’m just a bit befuddled as to where these people went and how much they got paid to do so, and where all these job postings and auditions are for these roles..cus this was planned decades in advance, and if they only needed to hire a few years prior to build the back stories, well…i doubt this is a typical hollywood casting call. and again, it’s not like they’re all J’s or one ‘type.’

    if ultimately this is where the inferences land – if we are intellectually honest – we simply have to accept it (or something like it). i do think the event skeptics and fakeologists of the world who may still be trying to convince normies to their way of thinking, have to get better in answering or at least addressing this question – the sheer number of people knowingly involved in the deception(s).

    in closing, a lot of the voluntary members / slacktivists did seem genuine despite much immaturity and naivety. i don’t think everyone in ‘the movement’ – at least insofar as We are Change is concerned – were ‘paid shills’ or crisis actor types. most were young, living at home, scrapping away, smoking weed, not really giving signals of any sophistication or deception. in fairness, i wasn’t really looking for those indicators, but to the best of my memory, i’d be surprised if any large percentage were paid agents of some kind.

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