JLB Chats #15 ‘No More Fakeology?’ (28-Apr-2020)

Has the recent influx of n00bs into the Fakeologist Discord server
diluted the quality of conversation taking place?

Are the golden years of fakeology over,
have the forces of realology finally wrested control of Ab’s once-brilliant site?

Did Chris Kendall from Hoaxbusters Call really pass away,
or is somebody bearing false witness to death?

If JLB is going to be taking a sabbatical from places like fakeologist.com,
where will he be focusing his time and energy from this point forward?

On Monday, 27-Apr-2020, I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audiochat Discord server,
to share my thoughts on all of these questions and much, much more.

This podcast features that discussion, mirrored from the Fakeologist audiochat.

Some minor editing has been performed to improve audio,
and remove the parts of the original call where JLB was not present.

Original FAC 685 call – here.

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Production notes JLB Chats #15. Streamed/recorded Monday 27-Apr-2020 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Released as Chats 15 on 28-Apr-2020. Minor editing performed to improve audio and remove parts of call before I arrived and after I left. Exported at 64 kbps.

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