JLB Chats #12 ‘Outer Space Hoax’ (22-Jul-2019)

Are the well-known Moon Landing ‘conspiracy theories’ a giant red herring? What evidence do we have that ‘outer space’ even exists in the first place? When did the science fiction of outer space become science ‘fact’, and why do so few ‘awake’ people ever question things like this?

Late Monday evening, 22-Jul-2019 (Vietnam time), I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audiochat Discord server, to share my thoughts on all of these questions and much, much more.

This podcast features that discussion, mirrored from the Fakeologist audiochat.

Original Fakeologist call: here.

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14 thoughts on “JLB Chats #12 ‘Outer Space Hoax’ (22-Jul-2019)

  • 26-July-2019 at 8:41 pm

    I was at a bbq the other day. Someone was proving their science credentials by telling us about some discovery about distant galaxies.

    I’d had a beer. Only one. But I was inhibited enough to have some fun. Under the table, I set my phone to a ten-second countdown. I then announced that I had read that the sun was actually 10,000 miles away and the speed of light was 1,000 miles away.

    What are you talking about? the normies cried.

    I explained that the same scientists had developed an app which sends out photon pulses and then times how long they take to get back to the phone. I pointed my phone at the sun. Tapped the screen to send out the photon pulse, counted to ten. Ten seconds later the phone alarm went off.

    There you go, 10,000 miles away. That’s my proof, what’s yours.

    At that point I laughed my head off, made a funny face like I was being silly and carried on talking about how good the weather has been recently.

    That’s how I deal with it when normie conversation turns to something that’s a hoax. Most of the time I say nothing. But when I do, I go for the absurd and leave the folks uncertain about my seriousness.

    • 26-July-2019 at 9:46 pm


      You are a funny guy and that MDC with you and Johnno was hilarious. I will have to try that app trick.

      I get very frustrated when normies talk nonsense. I will typically try to change the subject.

      My aunt yesterday was talking about measles outbreaks and how her grandson didn’t have all his vaccines so he was at risk. I know there is no hope of convincing my cousin (the baby’s mother) that the risk of vaccines might outweigh the benefits. I’ve been stressing over the poor little guy ever since. I guess I just need to say oh, well another Epsilon for the agenda but it’s difficult when you see this little baby and he’s so pure and innocent.

      Sorry to be a buzzkill but normies do waaayyyy more damage than TPWRTS.

    • 27-July-2019 at 3:40 pm

      funny. i’m gonna steal that.

      a towering shame none of them understood – then or ever – the cunning manner in which you dismantled their cosmolicism. (yes i just invented that word. maybe it’ll catch and ill have contributed to the canon of actl lingo :P)

      “you don’t believe in science?”
      “why don’t you believe in science?”
      “you’re not a scientist, why should we believe you?”
      “in your otherwise informed astronomical opinion, what is your academic pedigree where you feel empowered enough to challenge the entire scientific consensus” (wouldn’t you want to smack this smug normie? )
      “it’s all math. please don’t tell me you don’t believe in math now?”
      “you believe in the science that produced that phone, but not the science that explains the sun?”
      “yeah i’m supposed to believe someone like you over Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. I suppose they’re all in on it too right? you live in fantasy land”

      each of these retorts uttered by different normies in different settings / mediums over the years…most all convos initiated by them.

      like most religious folks i’ve known, they don’t even know their own faith.

      a practical joke like the one you pulled off is a perfect way to smack ’em down – unbeknownst to them – and get a few laughs to boot.

    • 28-July-2019 at 2:12 pm

      Absurdism may be the sanest response to the discovery that one lives in an absurd world.

      • 10-August-2019 at 7:01 am

        One of my mottos whenever I leave the house is “Always expect absurdity and you’ll never be disappointed.” Frustration comes when you expect rationality and leave the field open for people to trip you up every step of the way. The other is: “Hustling is for schizophrenic cattle. Never do anything you have to hurry for and can’t do without taking your sweet time and enjoying the process. If you’re late to do something, unless it’s really important (and most errands are not), do it the next day when you can be fully relaxed and pleasant while doing it.” Competition in relaxation, balance and centeredness is where’s it’s at because that’s where the real ‘finish line’ is, not where most people have been programmed to think it is.

        Effortless effort should be the final goal of each task that you want to do well enough that you ritualize it to the ‘rite’ way and break it down to its rudiments to make sure the form is correct and maximum energy efficiency is achieved.

        That’s where the real ‘wealth’ is also, the leveraged spiritual gold of the balanced psyche in control of its inner energy exertions. Inner equilibrium comes first and physical equilibrium or foundational balance achieved through specific exercise is good because through its added benefits of leveraged and efficient movement, it becomes a strong metaphor for the psychological balance, foundation and equilibrium that should precede it.

        If everyone who had achieved great physical balance possessed the intuition to apply the metaphor to inner psychic balance, then gymnasts, dancers and martial artists would be the most enlightened people in the world. It’s a lot more involved and subtle than that, so that only the most elect spirits of each age, to borrow a term from Oscar Wilde, will be able to achieve the immense power it provides. It seems that only those who are not likely to be dangerous to themselves and others through these higher energy efficiencies are given the power to achieve them.


  • 26-July-2019 at 9:51 pm

    With regards to the space hoax – Space is a hoax. Nobody has ever been there or will ever go there. I wonder how long it’ll take for people to realize? I mean, there has to be a point where normies say, shouldn’t they be sending civilians to space? Alas, they will never ask those questions if they’re programmable bots.

    This was an excellent audio. I just want to hear you chat with a space realologist.

    • 28-July-2019 at 2:10 pm

      Isn’t it amazing how long it has taken the ACT realm to catch on the Space Hoax?

      Fifty years since the ‘moon landings’ and to this day, many so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ still believe man walked on the moon, and even among those who know the moon landings were a hoax, the vast majority still believe in ‘outer space’ — apparently without ever even questioning it.

      How obvious does this one have to be? None of us, the regular people, can or will ever go to this place called ‘space’. The authorities claim to have been there, and they provide computer generated images to support their story. So if we are even a little bit skeptical of the authorities, then how could we not question the existence of this place called ‘space’?

      Truly it sometimes seems like there are only a few dozens thinking people out there in the wider ACT realm. If there were any significant number of people out there asking basic questions, then ‘outer space’ would have been questioned and rejected by plenty of people by now. But this is evidently not the case.

      • 10-August-2019 at 7:29 am

        Even more annoying than that is the fact that many who DO realize it are also Jesus Freaks who believe everything in the Bible. They reject one gigantic fairy tale only because another fairy tale told them to! Caught in the dilemma of two competing fairy tales, they pick the Jewish Santa Claus. This guy is the perfect example:


        P.S. I found this video on Simon Shack’s replacement channel for his longstanding previous one with 8000 subs that got axed


        which is confusing.

        Does he or does he not agree with this video and if yes, then how does a whole book on binary theory fit into it? Can there be a binary theory of outer space or at least ‘the universe including outer space’ when the latter cannot even be proven to exist as anything solid or as anything more than lights in the sky?

  • 27-July-2019 at 3:11 pm

    Priceless daibpdaibp I love your style, you do know that some of the witnesses will pass on your evidence and it will become a “truth” soon maybe even a movie with Jody Foster making out with Bill Murray in it… Now I must listen to the podcast..

  • 28-July-2019 at 5:06 am

    This has to be one of my favourite JLB solo audio’s of all time.
    Absolute genius and hysterical all in one go, this is what separates the content coming from the other clowns in the ACT realm from what goes on here on this site.

    Thinking back to the times I used to tune in to Crrow777, I could not now face the boring monotony, the research that leads nowhere and the constant repeating of ACT realm fear mongering.

    Keep it up JLB I introduced you on Project MONOLITH as a living legend and performances like this damn well prove it.

  • 28-July-2019 at 9:02 pm

    WTF are so called meteorites? Bio-luminescent creatures like fungi or fire flies, sky-rocks from a vast infinity, or perhaps something else.

    • 28-July-2019 at 9:59 pm

      Do you mean the streaks of light we see in the night sky or the “space rocks” people claim to find?

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