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Magik Blow | Ep #01 – Little Boys and Watchmakers

An analysis of Alan Moore’s Watchmen by fuhng and Hilly.

MC #46

Magik Blow

Ep #01 – Little Boys and Watchmakers

by fuhng and Hilly

Recorded 10-May-2021
Published: 17-May-2021


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Dropbox files: Part 1 here, Part 2 here.

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Part 1


Part 2


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Part 1 – here | Part 2 – here.

JLB Editorial

I can’t thank fuhng ad Hilly enough for the time and effort they have put into producing this podcast.

The discussion is well-organised and upbeat; the post-production is top notch.

If you have never read the graphic novel, or seen the 2009 film, or watched the 2019 TV series, then it goes without saying that you probably won’t get as much out of this episode (or series) as those of us who happen to be Watchmen fans.

On the other hand, if you are familiar with the Watchmen story, I think you’ll love this discussion.

Here’s to hoping fuhng and Hilly will continue to produce these shows.

Cheers, guys ūüôŹ

Pilot Episode

MC #38 – Watchmen Moore (Pilot) (16-Mar-2021)

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Production notes MC #46. Recorded 10-May-2021. Published 17-May-2021. Originally available to Full-access Members, then publicly on 17-Jun-2021. This embedded player uploads rendered at 96kbps, the original dropbox files are 256 kbps.


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