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Memory Hole Humans

Remember the stories of hospitals being overrun?

Of course you do. We all do, right?




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Wireframe Mesh Revisited

Do we live in a so-called ‘simulation’?

Why do the people around us behave no different to bots?

What do you know, deep down, about this place?



The NPCs Will Never Get the Joke

The Conspiracy Ego Trip Framework

What is the point of all of this? I mean all of it.

If you could choose ANY reality for yourself, what would you choose?

And would you want to know that it was all your own choosing?

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John le Bon YouTube Review

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JLB 21021. Recorded and uploaded 13-May-2021.

10 thoughts on “Memory Hole Humans

  • I was working food delivery during the goofy 2020 propaganda fest and had the er, privilege to work delivery before 2020 as well. Hospitals were much much busier before 2020 than during and it wasn’t even a comparison. I spent so much time delivering to nurses in hospitals that I know the floor plans of each one downtown. Hospitals were emptied out in 2020 of people by a made up figure of 75% in my mind. Completely empty hallways and it’s no coincidence that they stopped letting normal people in to walk around most halls. I used to strut around the ER on my own and it would be normal to see beds with patients in the hallways as this ER is the only trauma center in the downtown area and was constantly busy. I got a peek in the ER last year and they hadn’t even filled all the rooms. Logic says that if we were actually in a crazy pandemic, the only trauma center in an urban area should be chock full, right?

    As to we ain’t goin nowhere I liked your diddy. You can always hit me up for music collabs (I mean that, it could be fun). Australia seems to be the worst off, Canada is similar (although I’ve seen videos of people refusing questions at RMCP health stops and getting through scott free), but I have to mention things aren’t looking nearly as grim here in America. I’ve stopped wearing a mask, more of the people out I see have as well, and the vax is rolled out for anyone who wants it. Could it be we are further along the psy op timeline? Many rural, conservative areas in America did not wear masks the entire time. I could see vax passes in airports but I think the idea of them being forced on us to enter a gas station or store is just silly, which leads to my next point.

    I will ask this regarding the restrictions predictions – is there a point where this just becomes doom porn? It almost feels like some people have started to enjoy these restrictions in a “I told you so” kind of way. Restrictions are instilled? Intense anger at normies. Restrictions are lifted? Intense anger at normies. When does it stop?

  • I definitely agree that the NPCs aren’t the same. It’s fascinating to me how they can’t remember much of anything. Even some of the “truthers”. I’m a lot like you JLB in that I can remember specific things vividly (what year, place, and people I was with.)

    I’m gonna put the question in the video to the test. See if any of the normies I interact with today remember the hospitals not being overrun. I’ll get back to you this evening with my results.

    • I polled 10 people face to face. 9 believe the hospitals were overrun (not surprising) and the other is actually a RN that has known it was nonsense from the beginning

      • Thank you for doing the fieldwork and reporting back with your results.

        I’m curious to know, how did you phrase your inquiries?

        There was a theory we were throwing around in our off-the-record calls last year (and maybe some of the Sometimes Records as well) that a lot of people are basically mirrors, mimics, parrots.

        If such a person were to hear you raise the issue of ‘overrun hospitals’, they would ‘remember’ those stories, because you have caused their mind (for want of a better term) to find that memory in their head.

        However, were you not there to raise the issue, then it may be the case that the person may never have revisited that ‘memory’ ever again.

        Which leads one to wonder: do they really remember it?

        This is obviously a complicated question, with multiple levels of unknowns and speculations entailed.

        Hopefully I have done a decent job trying to convey the key point:

        Just because a person seems to ‘remember’, upon prompting, a certain thing, does this mean they really remember it, the way you or I might remember it?

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          I started off asking “What were you doing a year ago when all the crazy stuff was happening?” “Did you ever actually have to stay home or were you an ‘essential worker’ ?”

          No one I asked participated in the “lockdown”.

          Then i asked “Do you remember what the hospitals were like?” I didn’t directly ask “were they overrun or not” but they told me in their own words how the hospitals were crazy busy and whatnot.

          I do see your point though. Just bringing it up manifested the idea in their heads, most of them going back to the default news stories. It is interesting how most people are on autopilot (NPC). Had I not brought it up, they would have never thought about it.

          I think a huge part of memory itself goes back to self reflection, which we know most people don’t do.

        • Negentropic

          It’s never about the masses or the non-playing characters, since they can’t think on their own and if they can’t do that they certainly can’t create in any original and significant way and creativity is essential for real progress.

          According to Eustace Mullins, Jacques Ellul and others, only 5% of the “masses” need to be converted from asses for revolutions (re-volition, bringing back volition or free choice) to happen. which is already a very difficult number of “woke” to reach, around 15 million people in just the USA. Alex Jones, who, as we all know, is a big-time shill and gatekeeper had about 2.4 million worldwide (not just U.S., but I suspect over 90% of his subs were from English-speaking countries) subs trapped in his gate before he got axed from Jew tube. Sure these 2.4 million people are confused and fearmongered into many turds in the punchbowl which poison their thinking, but even Jones is not misleading them about Central Banking, the Federal Reserve and the harmfulness of vaccines, “smart” cities and the economic crash that is coming. So these 2.4 million, although not nearly enough to cause a revolution, cannot be called NPC’s. All other truther channels have far less subs than AJ, so you’re looking at 2.4 million maximum “woke enough to matter” people in the world.

          Now a certain low percentage of these, probably around one to two percent or around 24,000 to 48,000 people, if you want to be totally conservative in estimates, move on to the Jew Question and channels such as Adam Green’s Know More News and others of that ilk, who are only accurate as to the “who,” but not necessarily as to the “how,” which is almost as important if you want to stop the effectiveness of the PsyOps on the alt-media. I don’t know how many subs Green had before he got kicked off Jew tube but if you check Green’s subs on Bitchute he has about 30K, so around 1 to 2 percent of Jonestown subs is an accurate number.

          After that about 1 to 2% of people past the Alex Jones Gate and the Adam Green type gates might come into the Media Fakery realms, certainly not through completely marginalized people like Simon Shack, but through events like Sandy Hook that even a smart 8 year old child could see through. This would be around 3000 to 6000 people worldwide. So out of those 6000 woke to completely obvious fake events like Sandy Hook, maybe 600 would start websites and podcasts, which then crosses over to the much larger number of flat-earthers who are that large in number because Christians believe in flat earth. So, whether you agree with flat-earthery or not, it’s undeniable that “truther”/Christian flat-earth channels like Richie from Boston, for example, have a pull for Christians which non-religious media-fakery-wise channels do not have.

          My point is that it is wrong to judge the NPC community by media-fakery standards and then despair of any change happening because the 2.4 million Alex Jones subs can’t get past that gate.

          It is correct to say that unless we get at least 7 times the 2.4 million in the Alex Jones gate, nothing will change and that’s assuming that 5% worldwide would be enough and not 5% in each country.

          All of this does not mean that change is not constantly occurring for better or for worse; it just means that unless 5 out of 100 people are at least “woke” to the Fed and Central banking being legalized counterfeiting institutions and vaccines being BS, no major or “revolutionary” change that gives back a part of our volition/freedom will happen.

          This is why being “black-pilled” does not mean giving up hope but not having any unrealistic hopes of convincing a “huge” number of people. Not having “revolutionary” change does not mean that change isn’t occurring enough to have many tens of thousands of people on our side to form communities and enclaves of relative freedom with.

          “Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing, the rest is mere sheep-herding.” – Ezra Pound

          So the real question should be: why do people like us insist on knowing? And why do people who sub to Alex Jones also insist on knowing but, unlike us, get trapped in the deliberate disinformation and confusion that shill channels like his create to gate them in and keep them from going further?

          Harry Vox lays it all out

          The Perfect Triangle May 21 – Guest Harry Vox

          Now this guy is not totally hip to media fakery, that’s for sure. But he’s a hundred times more valuable than someone like Fakeologist or Markus Allen, who bring you 90% of the way to only lead you off into the la-la land of holohoax memes and the supposed “off chessboard entities” no one can name, while the actual, real life, fully nameable and even bragging holohoaxing / media-owning / bankster / usurer Jews they shill for, are busy propagandizing, brainwashing, screwing and robbing everybody blind for the ten-thousandth time this decade.

          Nobody died, nobody got hurt? lol That’s a laugh. How hard is it to convince a lobotomized robot to shoot or bomb another one of his kind who just happens to be born in a different area of the world? Ever heard of the Milgram experiments? (((Milgram))) proved in “Obedience to Authority” that most “regular” folks, will administer torture and even kill-level doses of shock to others, as long as they feel they have proper clearance with the right authorities.

          I guess that half-baked NDNH conception does not include knife-less lobotomies administered on a daily basis and the results of what that will accomplish. The psychological damage that soldiers suffer even going through boot-camp and being convinced that they have to go overseas to “defend” their usurocracy-owned “cunt-tree” against another usurocracy-owned country (that maybe did not toe the line as fully as ordered by their masters) is already soul-killing and lobotomizing enough. Actual physical death and maiming and self-destruction follows from that as day follows night. Whether you want to call it “war” in the official sense, is totally irrelevant to the lives and souls damaged and lost forever, such as the soldiers (soul-jewers, how appropriate: their souls were literally jewed out of them) who will surely be triggered to physically attack and inflict violence and pain on your body if you so much as bring up such conceptions as “the war hoax/nobody died, nobody got hurt” to them.

  • The Verbal Gambit

    I was surprised to hear that someone can already forget that part of the narrative. What makes it so much more bizarre is that here in Canada they kept pushing this story until March this year, saying how they have parking lots filled with patients in beds. I personally went to the biggest hospital in Montreal half a year ago during the “peak” to accompany my grandpa, and i went around the place, it was dead, there were more security personnel than patients. They had empty beds just sittting in hallways, nurses just walking around like they are patients themselves… So yea.

    Regarding the NPC theory. I watched your Wireframe mesh video, and first i’d like to say I really appreciate you putting it out there knowing most people will think you are crazy. Also thanks for showing parts of that Npc movie, I haven’t heard of it before, but a funny thing is that is exactly how i was thinking our world is for over a year now. Not just regarding The history hoax being a mesh, but literally how they showed it in the movie, and maybe that is what is being covered up with a flat earth hoax.

    One thing though that i still can’t make up my mind on regarding NPCs. I agree with you and your thinking process regarding the whole NPC thing, but why do you think that they are NPCs and not same as us who also believed those illusions until something triggered the awakening. You mentioned emotional attachments and that’s exactly how i’ve been thinking regarding to why most people can’t see what’s in front of them. There are factors like ego, external influences, social circle, fear, etc that keep them from stepping over that fence. Of course, lots of people are also less intelligent, or can’t think, but that’s another thing. Even in that movie, you showed the NPC who read the letter woke up and saw the mesh, same as the other guy who was an NPC in his own world, went and saw it, so they were able to realize it while being NPCs unless I missed something about that movie. So maybe it’s the same here. What if we are all in some kinda trance/hypnosis( plus the whole programming thing through education). And in order to wake up from the hypnosis, you need a trigger. Everyone might have different triggers, and what woke me up, and what woke you up might not be the correct trigger to other people. That could kinda explain the Illuminati one eye symbol, like how a snake hypnotizes its prey.
    I am not denying your theory and that is one of the few most possible scenarios. but if you already thought about what i said above could you explain to me what im missing or didn’t take into account., I dont have any attachments, just can’t find whats wrong with my thinking.
    That’s why I told you on the podcast that I’m back and forth on this, even though I 100% believe we are in a simulated world ( I’ve actually seen it, when i took 5g of magic mushrooms in a dark room around 8-9 months ago, it’s a crazy story, but I actually saw the simulation and what it is like)

  • The memory issue continues to shock me whenever my best judgement lapses and I attempt to engage people out in the world in a real conversation about current events. It shocks me how little my own mother or indeed any random person remembers about the early days of these events and the media circus surrounding them.

    If I am particularly caffeinated I may be baited into summarizing the development of events and current events in a way that goes back years. But as soon as I begin this sort of conversation I break their brains and they don’t seem to even have the foggiest recollection of what I speak. To me these are simple things, that I take for granted as recent history but most people don’t seem to have a memory beyond the current media circus and no internal model of how we got to this particular media circus.

    When I begin to pick apart the chain of events it invariably leads back to 9/11, this and 3/11 I do think were so important to hypnotizing people. But maybe they were never there to begin with and this is only the bias of my age, because I really began to pay attention to the world in that critical way around 9/11.

    The memory issue is something that continues to shock me and is the main thing I have noticed that makes the NPC model compelling to me.

  • Mostly I swim around my own memories lately with confidence. After emerging from retrospective dreams I wake for the millionth time with my sole belief: I am immortal, eternal. I independently decided to enter this realm this time for some sort of edification. My memories are sacrosanct, detailed, remembered, cherished, eternal. I keep my expectations low when it comes to others. Why would I expect from them. Of course, I have my emotional attachments. I can love and cherish them for who/what they are without expectation. I love the puffy clouds on a beautiful day without expectation. The blue sky simply is. The white, puffy clouds simply are. I choose to be optimistic about my experience of life going forward. Why not? Despair and suffering have done their soul work. No pain, no gain, my grandma used to say. When travel opens it’ll be nice to have a few beers with JLB or any of you. Won’t that be nice? Yes, it will be nice.

    • Negentropic

      The problem with memory is that it creates too much ego and usually a false, fragile and arrogant ego or its flipside: undeserved low-self-esteem based on “winning” or “losing” according to certain time-illusion dependent dramatic-and-traumatic narrative based “standards” spun around us since birth by the all-encompassing media presence that IS our modern environment.

      To escape the false conceptions of ego caused by the dramas and traumas that wouldn’t exist in the absence of our media conditioning we simply have to realize: our memory is not us. We are consciousness, memory is content.

      Just for those two quotes this guy deserves a fleet of at least a hundred Rolls-Royces. And I have no doubt he was poisoned to die long before his time. Why can a useless ass-clown like Jay Leno have 200 cars and not this bearded prophet of chicken tikka masala? As in almost every case of searching for valuable insights, take heed: no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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