Full Moon Special Liveshow (26-Aug-2018)

Why will most humans never see what is right in front of them? How do well-meaning people get sucked into online ‘truth’ cults? Whatever happened to Lesta Nediam? Who in the ACT realm is actually worth listening to?

After a relatively long absence from Google Hangout live-streaming, JLB returned to tackle these questions and more. Towards the end of the show he was joined by Dave J, the man who caused a sensation when his ‘Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey’ claim was reported in mainstream media outlets around the world.

Available in both video and audio-only format.




Links and stuff

A previous chat with Dave J – here.

Production notes: Originally streamed Sunday 26-Aug-2018 (into Monday 27-Aug-2018). Mp3 file uploaded 28-Aug-2018. Minor editing to somewhat balance audio.


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