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Full Moon Special Liveshow (26-Aug-2018)

Why will most humans never see what is right in front of them? How do well-meaning people get sucked into online ‘truth’ cults? Whatever happened to Lesta Nediam? Who in the ACT realm is actually worth listening to?

After a relatively long absence from Google Hangout live-streaming, JLB returned to tackle these questions and more. Towards the end of the show he was joined by Dave J, the man who caused a sensation when his ‘Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey’ claim was reported in mainstream media outlets around the world.

Available in both video and audio-only format.




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A previous chat with Dave J – here.

Production notes: Originally streamed Sunday 26-Aug-2018 (into Monday 27-Aug-2018). Mp3 file uploaded 28-Aug-2018. Minor editing to somewhat balance audio.


3 thoughts on “Full Moon Special Liveshow (26-Aug-2018)

  • You did this show at just the right time, it was like magic. I packed up my campsite, had a smoke, and right when I pulled up to the road (Highway 666, seriously!) my phone service came back and it said JLB was doing a live show. It was so weird to be so alone in the middle of the woods so far from home, and then suddenly JLB is there talking in my ear live. That was sunday morning, right? There were hardly any other vehicles on the road, I was alone yet JLB was live in my ear, it was weird and sort of magical I thought.

    • I’m sure that if you documented some of your trip, I would not be the only one who would enjoy watching/listening to whatever you record.

  • Negentropic

    Jason Christoff – How The Elite Use Sports To Rule The Masses

    This just might be the DEFINITIVE analysis of the subject, and all that information packed into just 20 minutes! Excellent.

    Now, why can’t this guy and all the other “truthers” like him get hip to media fakery? Because the gurus they follow, Michael Tsarion and David Icke and most of the rest of these guys, are not into media fakery, the central tool of mass-deception in our time and the times before our time too it seems if the forays into “history hoaxes” and such become more frequent and turn up convincing pieces of evidence.

    Is it possible — subconsciously speaking — that they are all agents and/or useful idiots/egos caught in much larger nets than they can see or comprehend while they’re busy disentangling themselves from the smaller ones?

    Yes, the whole system is monetized to favor fear-induced “dramatic and traumatic” interpretations of reality reinforced constantly in the media and the consequent often one-track and silly “narratives” through which and by the conceptual-standards-of-measures-of-which people come to judge the “success” or “failure” of their so-called “life” in strictly limited time spans.

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