3 thoughts on “You’ve Been SHADOW-BANNED on the Flat Earth #KyrieIrving

  • miss ali

    Yes very suspicious, as I myself am ‘shadow-banned’ from Nathan’s channel.. ME ?

    I have no videos, and only comment on certain videos, and as much I am not into Nathan for obvious reasons, I never add to a comment thread anywhere, where he is being his usual vulgar and abusive self, and neither do I comment about him. The only thing I ‘do’ do, is question this FE Cult, and their motives and ‘what’ they are actually saying.. which evidently is enough to not only ban someone from your channel, but to ‘shadow’ ban them.. so the chances are, all those banned in this way, may never know. Now I do not participate in chats really and never on Nathan’s channel, I may have done twice in the past twelve months. But this cult, do know that I echo the thoughts of JLB.. and support him and his work, and both Bob and Steere have made comments demonstrating their knowledge and ‘opinion’ of this.

    This is not the work of the moderators that Nathan is oblivious to.. Nathan is doing this on his own channel. I left a few comments below this particular video with Robbie D. that you have used in this video, and I can see my own comments, when logged in to YT as me.. and like you, when I check this video’s comment section, not logged in.. my comments are NOT there.. same thing on Steer’s channel.. and the thing is, the channel owner can see the comments, as Steere responded to mine twice, whilst they do not appear.. I think they have been doing this for quite some time now.

    This is more than just preventing certain people from asking questions, or censoring per se.. this is the strategy, and Robbie alludes to it in this very video, which is also going alongside the promotion of the FEIC17 – and that is;

    “..we have to have a good IMAGE.. because we’re asking people to ‘come in to this’..” ? he then goes on to say how without this ‘good image’ newbies will be put off, and say “..I was going to seriously look in to this.. but now pfff..”

    So it appears that this all about the marketing of FE.. and picking up potential new-comers, and those who may not even have a channel, and are not familiar with the ‘community’ here on YouTube and their names etc..

    Robbie goes on to say in this same video, that he believes the FEIC is going to be so life changing, that attendees are going to come away from it, so impressed.. they will be ready for action and will what ?

    Go back home and create a YouTube channel.. yes that’s right.. so, looks like this is the start of a campaign to reinvigorate FE and promote to the masses.. both on YouTube and eventually out in to the world.. they can’t afford to have thinking minds infiltrating the plan.. and least of all people like JLB, who may provoke people’s thoughts.. and then worse, attract to them to HIS work, his channel and website. Any wonder Sargent will leave his mark on your videos JLB..it’s all designed for effect !

    • If we thought the explosion of Flat Earth in 2015 seemed too quick to be organic, how will the history books see 2017? Sports stars like Kyrie Irving have made sure that millions of Americans (and people around the world) have at least heard of Flat Earth, from a figure they consider respectable and/or authoritative. How many will then go on to watch some YouTube videos as a result? I suppose time will give us a better indication.

  • miss ali

    And, it seems.. I am ‘shadow-banned’ on Robbie’s own ‘Celebrate Truth’ channel too! After never leaving one comment, on any of his videos, at all..

    So I guess it depends on one’s perspective, how you regard this situation.. ‘shadow-banned’ ? or, the ‘image cultivation’ for the next phase of FE.. brought to you from the Celebrate Truth Ministry.. ?

    oh the irony..

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