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  • 30-October-2019 at 9:51 am

    There’s often more ‘troot’ in the movies than in ‘real life’ because cinema is an art form or at least capable of achieving the functions of an art form through attempted experimentation. All art is experimental de-sign science, a re-assigning of signposts in your consciousness for better filtering of reality or it isn’t art but just a game of manipulation between audience and so-called ‘artist.’ Read some of the early chapters of “Expanded Cinema” by Gene Youngblood for the best exposition of this.




    Someone aspiring to be a ‘real explorer of consciousness’ or a ‘real artist’ working in commercial cinema (like Verhoeven, whose Dutch films are even better than some of his great Hollywood-financed satires such as “Showgirls,” “Starship Troopers,” and “Total Recall”) uses manipulation as a means to a higher end that transcends the game of manipulation between audience and artist which is the real subject of most commercial entertainment. There is very little value over and above your conditioned needs being met.

    If you go see “American Pie II,” (which I did when it came out decades ago and pissed myself laughing at all the juvenile jokes the entire time after resolving not to laugh which I do with all comedies to test their ability to manipulate) you expect to be manipulated in your funny bone in a vulgarly juvenile (and hence somewhat excusable and ‘funny’) way or you’ll be disappointed. Not just “American Pie I” but hundreds of lewd comedies over the years have prepared you for this button pushing.

    You might ask yourself then: does genuine humor exist? Is laughter a natural state of happiness or is it merely a nervous reaction, like a cough or sneeze to a permanent flu or psychologically programmed unnatural state that requires so many comedians and clowns to balance it out into the road of ‘common signs’ and sense.


    Well, humor exists when absurdity is revealed in a clever and ‘dancing’ way, when your common-sense dances over the absurdity expertly and lays it bare in such a way that it is physically impossible not to react in the recognition and outburst of laughter, when the common sense of the audience member finds itself in lock-step, dancing along with the lead of the comedian or comedic expression in a sketch.



    All these different and newly postulated ‘grand PsyOps’ in all these different fields are good to understand but understanding none of them will change the enslavement of white societies or their planned destruction.

    In order to do that you have to understand the basic foundational PsyOp of pushing-false-equalities-as-real and what role the Jews, who own the media which pushes only it and nothing else in opposition, play in it as distinctly unequal and ‘chosen’ people cracking the PsyOp whip. No “Off Chessboard Entities” needed, just plain facts and plain laws being pushed that you have to actively spend energy avoiding or be completely enslaved by and you had no choice about it at birth (or really 9 months before birth, see the latest crrow777 episode) and neither did most of your more recent enslaved-by-false-inequality-mind-viruses ancestors. Here’s the best explanation of the false-equalities PsyOp yet:



    What’s important is that you have true and tested ideas, t-rooted ideas that give rise to healthy be-leafs and forms, regardless of which particular form. A true idea can be just as well expressed in architecture as it can be in music and movies. But that’s not what we have. Instead we have the deliberate pushing through all media channels and now most of the thoroughly Jewed and censored internet of maybe the most untruthful idea of all, that of “equality,” something completely non-existent in nature.

    ‚ÄúEvery idea that is a true idea has a form, and is capable of many forms. The variety of forms of which it is capable determines the value of the idea. So by way of ideas, and your mastery of them in relation to what you are doing, will come your value as an architect to your society and future.” – “Idea and Essence” September 7, 1958 ‚Äē Frank Lloyd Wright

    “If all individuals are made ‘equal before the law’ to pursue the happiness of their inevitably unequal results, then there will always be a ‘power imbalance’ even in the fairest, most libertarian society of win-win contracts and general goodwill, simply because no two human beings are equal and hence no two groups comprised of unequal individuals, no two results of any group endeavors and ultimately no two cultures. When a group or collective of unequal individuals achieve a consistency of behavior that tends towards the more or less homogeneous because they all adhere to certain basic principles, then these wealth-creating good-for-me compendium of moral choices results in what is called their cultural achievement.

    When a person also observes that groups of unequal individuals whose behavior tends to be far more consistent than those of other groups are of similar genetic background and decides to become a ‘racist’ by considering the preservation of these genes an important factor, he or she is just making a free choice for better or worse and is not engaged in any coercive activity. If a large portion of an entire society makes similar free choices and decides to become ‘racist,’ then that’s still not institutionalized ‘violence’ but simply an aggregate of free choices. It is only when initiation of force against individuals is ‘institutionalized’ that injustice or a violation of the inalienable natural right to free choice occurs and to initiate it in ‘collective retaliation and collective punishment’ is, in principle, as wrong as shooting the residents of an entire neighborhood for the crimes of a handful. It is coercion that is always the problem and not the free choice whether to factor in genetics into your thinking or not. ūüėČ — teriyaki taryaki, Clues Forum, Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:07 am (some of my last posts before being banned by the ‘communitarian activist’ Hoi Polloi)

    My views haven’t changed all that much since 2013. The full posts of the odd lad known as teriyaki taryaki for just under a year at Clues (((Major Lefty-Brainwash))) Forum can be read here: https://cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=1636&p=2386279

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    kudos on nailing this one-taker! the move turning back to camera @ 2:42 had me cracking up and rewinding XD

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    We know that some force called ‘nature’ or the will-to-power in nature seeks to express itself in forms, lines, dots, circles, trees, branches, paintings, sculpture, clangings of sounds and whatever and we are able to comprehend ever more complex aggregations of these forms and derive instant meaning, often instant multiple complex meanings out of them in a split second and even later reflect upon it.

    When these meanings grasped through forms and combinations of forms are beneficial, when they get us ‘thru’ our difficulties, they are said to be ‘true’ or having the quality of the t-root by being at the root of things, approved by nature, testable in nature (na-true? or yes-true? nay-chur-ch, the church of saying no to k-now things thinked). We can then put things in categories and reduce many categories and subsume them under principles.

    But some force came out here and farced us to write these letters in these ways and made us or at least our language specialists put them together in such ingenious ways out of studying the phonetic residue of, I would guess, many thousands of years worth of generations of people coming and going and making more and more complicated strings of mouth noises and other expressions to each other during all the different tasks they attempted throughout their lives which required social co-operation and mutual understanding. Mutual understanding and communication then made for communities.

    You are kind to your kindred because they are of your kind and you can be kind to them without having to worry about them not understanding or appreciating the gesture. If they take it as a weakness to be taken advantage of, you do not repeat the gesture and start putting them more in the ‘asshole’ or ‘jerk’ category to be aware of. Jerks that you clash with repeatedly become adversaries and then when blood or honor is drawn, finally sometimes enemies too, freshly given with the aid of coffee to rid yourself of excess waste.

    What is this force and why does it want to expand itself through us and give us some pleasures and lots of pain in the process?

    The situation is absurd but we are, at a certain level of enlightenment, able to be aware of its absurdity and acknowledge it and laugh at it and seek something better in becoming centered in ourselves, the impulses in ourselves that when balanced seem to inform us naturally of what we are doing wrong, what to slow down, what not to do, to regain the inner-balance the inner-chi and energy.

    We slowly realize that every time we experience pain, it’s a signal to us to correct something necessary and fundamental we haven’t done in the past we are always seeking to avoid because we cannot do it skillfully and pleasurably. We did not stick to what is rite and correct and true to nature. We were most probably trying to do something faster than was good for its proper learning and ended up being injury-prone in its execution both physically and psychically. We did not meet the challenge on its own terms, we were too spastik in our movements, too disjointed by false ideas in our thoughts, etc. Tried to lift too much weight than you were ready for and ended up judged by your inner-jury: “not too fast there boy, here’s an injury to slow you down and get you meditating more on your actions.” The lesson is: do not want too much, do not expect much but the joy of accomplishing a task well, respect the ritual of nature at its own pace and you will get more than enough. You did the duty and what is due-to-thee as proper to the ritual, the rite, must be paid, through new established codes of more-all-ity.

    But ignorance induced on us from outside through 24 hour a day media propaganda from the time we are born, whose fault is that? And if both our imprisonment to false ideas and the possibility of some of us escaping from the falls of these false ideas by finding the t-root of the matter in them now obscured and occulted, thus becoming enlightened, if the motivations for both our degeneracy and regeneracy were all put out there by the same force, then this force obviously has to be some superhuman power that when latched onto downloads that higher level of awareness and intellect and game which makes the troubles of the world we’re trapped in seem petty and for little children who do not know how to ‘no’ and arrive at yes-es and invent languages themselves to overthrow those they were herded into.

    Maybe we are experiencing minor levels of higher-power download. Get ready to ascend to realms beyond antarctica where androids are programmed to dream of electric sheep in life-spans of 500 years, those sheep being us whose energies they consume through some mysterious process unknown to us Philip K. Dicks.

  • 01-November-2019 at 9:24 pm

    Well, that had an unexpectedly positive twist at the end! Downloads, Antarctica, ascension… I’ve never read any Philip k Dick but I have seen a couple of interviews with him. He’s definitely on to something.

    On the downloads thing, it’s an intriguing concept. Do you think you have experienced anything like it? I certainly don’t wake up knowing kung fu, but there are times when things seem to change, and I think I see a correlation with the stage of the moon and vivid dreams and maybe some other stuff…

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