MDC S2 E11 (Twelve Monkeys) + Conspiracy Ego Trip Framework

MDC Season 2 Ep 11

Twelve Monkeys

Who gets to decide what passes for ‘sane’ vs ‘insane’ — and who put them in charge?

Have you ever looked around at the modern world and hoped that you were indeed the ‘crazy’ one?

If we awoke one day to find ourselves in a madhouse, where might we find the (moon)key to escape?


FlyFisher from NW US (second appearance)

fuhng from Chicago / California (thirtieth appearance)

Release notes

This is the ninth MDC released for Season Two, and was the tenth MDC recorded for the season.

Part 1 released 14-Oct-2019, Part 2 released 16-Oct-2019.


Part 1

Part 2

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Gary Greenburg clip – here.

True Romance scene – here.

Production notes MSC S2 E11. Recorded 13-Oct-2019. Part 1 released 14-Oct, Part 2 released 16-Oct. Exported at 96 kbps. Both parts exclusive to Full-access Members. Part 1 released for free to Mailing List on 20-Oct-2019.

Alt Vid #33

Conspiracy Ego Trip Framework

This presentation is the video / audio followup to Article #52: The Conspiracy Ego Trip Framework (Total Recall).

Part 1 of this presentation was recorded as a single 90-minute piece, but produced as two files, because Camtasia Studio (my editing software) can’t handle anything over one hour.

The audio files are identical to the audio track of the video i.e. they are the same thing, except one is in audio/video format, and the other is audio-only.

I recorded this with the intention of releasing it as a podcast, so there is nothing in the video version which is not explained in the audio.

In other words, you will not be ‘missing out’ on anything if you go listen to the mp3 rather than watch the video.

This is effectively an introductory piece to the overall presentation. Part 2 is due to follow soon so stay tuned!

Sections covered in Part 1

1) Why Now?

2) The Conspiracy Ego Trip

3) Total Recall (1990)

-I Don’t Want to Spoil it For You, Doug

Video format

Part 1a

Part 1b

Audio format

Part 1a

Part 1b

The rest of the presentation

Part 2 – here.

Part 3 – here.

JLBA 33-1. Recorded and produced 7-Jun-2019. Audio recorded in Audacity, compressed at 18db, minor eq’d, amped, transferred to Camtasia at 320kbps. Final audio ripped from video, then re-comped and re-amped in audacity, exported at 96kbps. Released to Part Members 21-Jun-2019. Part 1 released to public 25-Oct-2019.

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