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  • Negentropic

    A ton of deleted and censored You Tube truther channels and videos archived and being continuously archived here:


    It is huge.

    Here are all of DaveJ’s old videos which he said he never backed up himself:


    Pass it on to him if you have his contact info.

    Thanks to Brian Staveley for the tip. He interviews the archivist himself Alex Goretoy over here:


    @JLB – Searching for your recently deleted (due to “hate speech” according to y-tube) “John Bonson” channel brought up zero videos, but searching for John Le Bon brought up 41 including some very old Australian Round Tables. Searching for Peekay brought up 1728 videos including his entire PeekayTruth channel plus all the recent ones on Peekay Censored which are already archived in case of future bannings.

    And to think, none of us even knew about this archive until today. If it wasn’t for this one guy most of that stuff would have been lost for good or relegated on the hard-drives of thousands of people off the internet

    I wish he had also archived all deleted and/or hacked forums such as David Icke Forum and David Icke Social. But maybe somebody else did that archiving and we just need to find him.

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