8 thoughts on “JLBE1685 | Update From Melbourne

  • supermot34

    The only reason I can stand to live amongst all these lefty hipsters down here is because I have a good squad of close friends who think like I do and share my interests.

    If I make some money in the near future I’ll be happy to “chip in”, JLB.

    • I’ll be back down there in a month or so, we might have to catch up for a coffee, brah. I do actually like Melbourne, my problem with the city isn’t the city itself but the life I left behind there (family, friends, sport, etc). A man who is growing will outgrow any city, knowatimean? The cold weather is a pain in the ass, and once you have moved away from Melbourne to a sunny place like Brisbane, the constant cloud cover is genuinely dreary and mood-affecting. That said, the city itself is pretty cool, there is heaps to do, and the people – although brainwashed SJWs – are at least generally interested in intellectual conversation.

      I appreciate your offer to chip in a few bob. As I said in Patreon Video #01 I have been pleasantly surprised by how many people have signed up. The best way to support this kind of work is and always will be (in my opinion) to do it yourself (i.e. research and present information, build your own audience, collaborate with others, etc) but for their own reasons, a lot of people can’t or won’t do that. The next best thing is to send a few dollars the way of those who are able/willing to do it themselves. I’ll eventually have to go and get another slave job but perhaps in a few years I may be able to get by on audience support and if that ever happens, who knows how far I might be able to take this thing.

  • local_chump

    Well, the interesting thing about Melbourne is that there are no trees here.

      • Campbell

        It was a gag on the latest meme going around on YouTube that there are no trees on ‘The Flat Earth’.

        • I thought that might be the case. You have to hand it to whoever is behind this Flat Earth distraction: they know far better than we do just how stupid the average person really is. In just 18 months they have taken people from genuine skepticism about heliocentrism, to actual belief that the earth is flat and Antarctica is a wall, to ‘space is water’, to ‘mountains are ancient giant trees’. I can barely imagine what might come next, but I am confident that most of the people who still believe the Potatoheads/LobeBusters in August 2016 will swallow whatever is put in front of them from this point forth. Now we wait to see how long it will take them to come ‘full circle’ and claim the earth is a flat ball, and/or that aliens put us here, and/or that Jesus is back. They might go for all three.

  • Maxwell Smart

    If you can cope with the cold weather for 3/4 months of the year, it’s still a good ‘gig.’ But people are so fickle; as soon as temperatures get too hot, they all crave cooler weather – AGAIN! You just can’t please some people.

    The only drawback is that practically every man and his dog wants to live there, especially these interloping foreigners. Melbourne and Sydney are beginning to resemble Londonistan.

    All courtesy of your infamous rat-faced, hook-nosed, hand-rubbing kike.

    • Sometimes I think the best solution would be living in Melbourne from about September to March, and Brisbane for the rest of the year. Melbourne’s warmer months are beautiful, Brisbane’s winters are almost as good.

      I have lived in Melbourne and Brisbane, and visited Sydney, and all three have been completely overrun by Asians – and it is still getting worse, quickly. While in Melbourne I caught the train down to Pakenham from Flinders St, and by my count, the (packed) carriage I was on comprised perhaps 20% white people – at best. The majority of the passengers were Asian of one type or another, with Indians (or similar) making up the largest single group so far as I could tell.

      I don’t begrudge any of these people for coming here (or for being the children of immigrants, which many no doubt were). In fact I feel sorry for them, because they have been stripped of their own heritage. There are many victims of the ethnic genocide being carried out right now, and if enough of them ever woke up to the scam, there would be hell to pay. Will this ever happen? Only time will tell.

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