The Vaccine Roller Coaster

Do you remember hearing anecdotal reports of changes to menstrual cycles following the jibby jabs?

Why are we now seeing mainstream media stories indicating these ‘side effects’ were ‘expected’?

Is it merely ‘coincidence’ that The Science is claiming 42% of women have experienced these effects?

The Vaccine Roller Coaster

Produced and uploaded: 18-Jul-2022



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4 thoughts on “The Vaccine Roller Coaster

  • 19-July-2022 at 3:22 pm

    You see 42.

    I see a 1942.

    The time and date

    of the post:

    ‚Äú7:24am July 16 2022‚ÄĚ

    I look at the date

    and see

    July 16.

    The date the Rocket

    ‚ÄúSaturn V SA-506‚ÄĚ

    (For the Apollo 11 Spacecraft)

    Staged Left Earth in 1969.

    The time of this post: 7:24

    Could be a reference

    To when the 3 spacemen

    Returned to Earth

    On the July (7), 24

    Or possibly

    24/7, huh.

    The author:

    Serena Seyfort.

    “Serena … is derived from

    the Latin word serńďnus,

    meaning “clear, tranquil, serene”

    The 3 astro-aunts

    In their Eagle

    Landed in the Sea of Tranquility

    on July 20.

    Could the surname Seyfort

    Be a hint to the:

    “Seyfert galaxies…

    named after Carl Seyfert,

    who first described

    this class in 1943‚ÄĚ

    (Class of Wiki)

    Werner von Braun’s

    V-2 A4 rocket

    Became the first known man-made

    Object to reach space,

    on October 3, 1942.

    (Class of alphabet).

  • 20-July-2022 at 11:34 am

    Another great piece JLB.

    I personally know two women affected by the stabs, one is a healthy lady in her thirties that experienced myocarditis and menstrual issues afterwards. The other is about 60 years old and told me she started bleeding again and that her breasts grew larger after the injections… insane stuff.

    Was going to mention the 7:42am publication time on the article but Aengus already pointed it out, along with some brilliant connections I must say. Something I did notice was on the right side of the article there are top news pieces and one of them was about images of Jupiter? Now think of the Jupiter astrological symbol (24).

    Keep up the fantastic work mate!

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