The Grand Chessboard: Final Moves?

I experienced something today which I want to share with you. To me, this is an example of what I think is really going on in this world. To some people, this is an example of how people like me are ‘crazy’ or ‘distracted’ or ‘seeing what we want to see’ or whatever. Listen to this story and make up your own mind. I apologise that the clip is so shaky, my anti-shake software couldn’t fix it. That is why I have also uploaded an mp3 version of this video (it is the exact same audio as in the video).



Time is running out (thank heavens ūüôŹ) – info here.


2 thoughts on “The Grand Chessboard: Final Moves?

  • 08-September-2022 at 11:22 pm

    Haha. I had forgot about Beevie chalking up those crazy syncs to “coincidence”! He said a lot of dumb stuff in that chat but it appears I forgot some of the most ridiculous.

    “Any day of the year you’re going to find stories about chess matches in the twin towers with the towers/rooks being an integral part off the story.” WTF?

    Is getting drunk and talking shit on Fakeo a way for these guys to cope with the fact that nobody knows how this place works? I think so.

  • 09-September-2022 at 12:46 am

    Mighty sync walking by the chessboard. I feel like the Kasparov / 9/11 / 2001 a space odyssey / sync chain is central to everything. The most important clues as to what is really going on over the rainbow.

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