6 thoughts on “The ‘Evil’ Elite vs The Angry ‘Awake’?

  • Negentropic

    Just because the “ee-lites” (no one mysterious on the regular, ten-fingered/ten-toed “human” level, just a bunch of Jew bankers and their freemasonic lackeys, although a level above the human, such as Annunaki or Reptilian Shape Shifter or Off Chessboard Entities controlling all humans as farm animals, including the Judeo-Masonic farmers themselves, can be imagined without proof) take their filthy legally counterfeited and forced-to-be-accepted “legal tender” (tenderizing the suckers for a good gourmet screwing), add some zero’s on a ledger (now virtual) and finance some of the “good stuff” from people left free enough to be creative, doesn’t mean that they do it because they want to do “good” for the masses.

    What they do want and need at all times is BAIT for their hooks and true bait can only come from creative minds; what they don’t possess in any significantly positive sense. A certain level of free-speech and free choice is absolutely required for any technologically significant (directly standard-of-living improving) level of creativity to even exist.

    Have you ever seen complete slaves and prisoners come up with genius ideas that turn into technologies that benefit (bend to fit in the ink-leash language) multitudes? No. They have to be propagandized into falsely believing they are free, they have to be led by the carrot before the stick makes its damage felt. The Pavlovian game has to be in full effect. The bait that has been w-rung by the bell of symbols and concepts has to be valid for a while, sometimes for many years like the much free-er internet of just a couple of years ago which is now history, keeping the collective doggies’ mouths watering with “good stuff” until it is automatic. Then, just when they’re convinced “it’s all good,” the plate is emptied bit by bit, until it is nearly empty and/or loaded only with rotten food and yet the same conceptual bells w-rung (empty ideas of “freedom” and “responsibility” and “work ethic” and other nonsense), trigger mass salivation. Entire societies salivate at empty cultural plates, just because the bait of a “computer” was thrown in front of gullible dipshits.

    Is John Le Bon a gullible dipshit that doesn’t understand this process, one of the most basic and useful tools of the trade of professional con-artists? lol

    No, but if he can get freshly minted (and/or old and unreformed due to bad ego investments) gullibles stuck and spinning in that mental detour which can only exist if they’re not familiar with the concept of extended-bait-and-hook and how it works with Pavlovian conditioning to spread and erect emotional triggers in the mass subconscious, he will. Frank the Salt guy was one of his recent victims, which made me laugh, since, aside from that Jesus/Abrahamic dramatic-tramautic nuttery (a limited hangout PsyOp giving you baited and corrupted Satan-Claus allegories to live your life by, within the walls of its conceptual, verbal, linguistic, fairy tale prison, so that you don’t look for free allegorical connections to free up your imagination) Frank is usually very intelligent and able to recognize “the wonder of computers” as being nothing but bait for all the hooks coming at the same time (terrible educational system, criminal medical establishment, taxes higher than serfs used to pay, disgusting degenerate TV shows, toxic foods, endless pornographic perversions and mindless distractions, just to name a few). Frank is usually able to distinguish between bait-and-hook with the camouflage of having the baits come years before the hooks arrive in a slowly roasted, orchestrated, Pavlovian mass-subconscious brainwash.

    Also, there is the little problem of the very process of creativity (a high level human-only activity) being impossible in tribal and fully conformist societies, which John deliberately ignores, since he knows few of the people he argues with will be sharp enough to bring this up. This is fully known to the controlling parasites, who have overloads of cunning and subtlety but no real ability to create, only the ability to recognize what is required for creation to happen and for them to be the co-opters and main beneficiaries of that creativity; financing this or that “Steve Jobs” and his crew of creatives with funny money and EVERY OTHER business enterprise in that field of competition requiring bank financing from the counterfeiter’s special “fractional reserve” gives them not just “some” control, but FULL control, since no financing = no big business expansion. Hence why they can just tell Apple and Amazon and You Tube to ban all holohox-revisionist and Nobody-died-at-Sandy-Hook books and even David Icke books and Alex Jones from i-tunes completely, etc.

    But “it’s all good” as far as JLB is concerned since he never met a bait with a “time-release” hook attached. He’s never even been fishing you see! lol










    • Negentropic, don’t take this the wrong way, but are you okay?

  • Samurai Blue

    Interesting slant on things JLB, but I don’t think I can get on board with it.

    I don’t know who TPWRTS are, and don’t pretend to. Heck, I don’t even know if there is a ubiquitous, cohesive, unified operation pulling our strings. It sure feels like it, and it feels to me like they have nefarious intentions to control how we live, to in turn benefit them. Keeping themselves in the upper power/financial echelons necessitates that we be trodden on. That there’s any hierarchy at all, anywhere, feels unjust. In my view, no-one should have dominion over anyone.

    Of course, we have levels of freedom within the parameters of the system we live in, but in my opinion we’re not free. I’m coming at this from an anti-civ angle, and I understand that many aren’t on board with that. That’s fine.

    But I can’t, for example, see agriculture as anything but the domestication of nature. I can’t see the introduction of finance, materialism, property and even the basic concept of ‘ownership‘ as being a remotely positive thing for humanity.

    Technology gets a free pass from so many people in the name of progress, but I don’t think it helps us progress at all. It’s dumbing us down, driving us apart (instead of actually interacting with people, we’re interfacing with computers and pretending this is the same thing), and giving us more work to do, not less.

    Thanks to civilization, we’ve become domesticated; our relationships with nature and with each other are far from what they should be.

    What I’m getting at, is that it’s the ruling elite maintaining this status quo and keeping us in our chains, and that’s why I find it hard to have any empathy with the ‘evil elite’.

    • in my opinion we‚Äôre not free

      What are you not free to do?

      Put another way, what is it that you want to do, that you feel TPWRTS are stopping you from doing?

      • Samurai Blue

        I’d hoped that was implied in my comment, so I apologize for not explaining it well.

        We’re not free to roam where we want, because of borders, ‘owned’ lands and so forth. This world shouldn’t have any off limit places IMO. I don’t think we should live in a land where passports, documentation or some kind of permission is needed to go from one part of the earth to another.

        We’re not free to live from the land’s resources. Nature has been paved over, with roads, buildings and other concrete monstrosities. Were this place we all live left as it once was, we would all surely thrive on the plentiful supplies naturally provided without the need for some ridiculous system of labour>money>purchase.

        In most countries state education for children is compulsory. That’s not freedom.

        Hey, look. I get it. We’re free to do a lot of things, and personally speaking I’m in a great place in my life at the moment. My job doesn’t suck. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and pretty darn content. I’m lucky compared to most. But I’m kind of astonished that you would think we’re truly free.

        • If I have read your comment correctly, it sounds like your answer to my question, ‘what are you not free to do’, boils down to:

          a) Move about the earth unimpeded by border controls
          b) Move about the earth unimpeded by private property

          And in Australia it is not ‘compulsory’ to send children to school, so I cannot speak to that claim. What country are you in? How do they force parents to send children to school? Can the parents not simply instruct their children to cause a ruckus and get expelled?

          Getting back to (a) and (b), when did you first decide that you should be free from border controls and private property? When was the last time you revisited this idea? Are you willing to challenge your current beliefs on these matters?

          If they could somehow force me to be in charge of the world, I would definitely keep border controls and private property in place. I see no reasons why either should not exist. I know that many people FEEL like things would be better with no border controls or private property, but have they really thought things through logically? What would happen if there were no border controls or private property? Do you believe humans are inherently good and benevolent, that they could actually be trusted to roam free and do each other no harm? Do you really not want to be able to control your own home? Would you trust anybody to come into your house at any time without your express permission?

          There is utopianism, and then there is blatant disregard for how things really are in this world. Even at my most utopian I never would have thought that the world would be better off without private property or border controls. If the existence if these things makes somebody ‘not free’ then what kind of person wants to live in a ‘free world’? Certainly not me!

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