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Skepticism Makes Simon Shack Sad :(

I never meant to make anybody sad. I just don’t necessarily believe in ‘history’, that’s all. As the world’s leading skeptic, it is my job to ask questions. After all, somebody has to do it. If it were up to me, we would all be friends ūüôā


JLB1850 – Skepticism Makes Simon Shack Sad ūüôĀ (13-Jul-2018)

Video about TYCHOS model:
Fakeologist chat with Simon et al:

Post updated 27-Aug-2019 with reuploaded video.


2 thoughts on “Skepticism Makes Simon Shack Sad :(

  • While I’m not typically interested in spending much time/energy in worrying much about the implications of what other “ACT” realm are doing, I must admit that it feels like something rather… important, may be going on with Shack and his cohorts.

    Both Chris and JLB are doing an excellent job of pointing out the problems/issues with Shack and his ‘model’, over at, and it seems like Shack is reluctant (unable?) to address the criticisms directly.
    In fact, I’ve noticed that Shack seems to avoid any direct interaction with JLB. The most he has been willing (able?) to do is to come up with the nickname “John le con”, as if that would somehow shame JLB into going away.

    I suppose I’m most interested in what JLB, and the other members here, think are the implications of all this. Not the “battle” that’s currently going on… or even the details of the ridiculous “Tychos” model. But here we have two of the most revered ACT realm members (Shack and Hoi), who’s fame rests upon September Clues, and the VicSim report, potentially destroying their collective reputation, with a series of absurd/unbelievable actions.

    And a book tour? Seriously?

    Something feels very strange about this whole situation, and I’d love to hear what other people think about it.

    • watermanchris

      Hi Brandon,

      Thank you for the kind words. I agree that what is going on with the Clues Forum crew is quite strange. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around. How is it possible that Simon Shack and Hoi Palloi, two guys who made their names being skeptical of the official story of 9/11, can just take “all this data” (with NO primary sources) at face value?

      Is it really possible that people who can see through SOME ridiculous stories would be so blind to something EVEN MORE ridiculous? I mean maybe it’s possible that they only disbelieve stories with phony video evidence because they can see those things. To me, if we can see that pretty much all the major stories in the news today are fake, it stands to reason that all the major stories of the past are probably even more fake.

      With regards to Tycho Brahe or the ancient mayans or Aztecs, there are just stories and as JLB says, when you going looking for the evidence it’s a joke. It seems to me that Simon Shack never even bothered looking for primary sources. Perhaps he knew what he would find if he took a trip out to Touson.

      Simon, Hoi, and Kham are playing it very smart as they will get destroyed if they try to engage either one of us. They definitely know better than to tangle with JLB but I was hoping they might underestimate me like Faye did.

      I’m hoping that people will see through this nonsense but I don’t really know why I care. Most people believe they live on a giant spinning ball anyway, what the hell’s the difference if it is moving 1 MPH or 1,000s of MPH? I guess I don’t like the way those clowns ban everybody that disagrees with them. It’s obvious to me that with regards to this Tychos nonsense, they want to drive everybody to their website so they can manage the conversation like they do at

      I have some posts in the tank that I haven’t had time to post over at Fakeologist as I prefer to converse with the members here. I’m kind of hoping one of the clues forum crew will engage as Faye is a lightweight.

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