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JLBE1698 | Trumpy Boy: ‘I’ve Never Even Heard of Pepe’

Donald Jr made an appearance on Good Morning America, Friday 16-Sep-2016. He claimed to have never heard of Pepe. Many people in the media have recently accused Pepe of hatred, specifically hatred of Jews. The truth is that Pepe hates no man or woman, not even those born into the synagogue of Satan. Pepe only wants to help you be the best version of yourself. Will you let Pepe help you?

14 thoughts on “JLBE1698 | Trumpy Boy: ‘I’ve Never Even Heard of Pepe’

  • Hi John,

    You didn’t ask for comments, but I thought I would still chime in a bit.

    The Pepe the Frog thing means what exactly, to the Alt Right? Obviously, the cartoon image is the savior of the world to them, since so many people seem to worship the character, but I don’t really get it.

    Its not funny (maybe 2% of the images bring a smile and none a lol).

    What is the point?

    If this is a White Nationalist meme, why is Pepe green? Are we to put our faith into a green frog and pretend Trump is some amphibian, David Icke-like reptilian Savior?

    Really, other than total stupidity and meaninglessness, what the fuck is this supposed to be?


    • I’m no expert on the ‘Alt Right’ or their associated forums/messageboards such as 8chan, but I’ll try to give my take on the matter. Before I do, here are two posts I saw on 8ch recently which I thought worthy of capturing for future reference:

      Basically, the /pol/ sections of 4ch and 8ch are hubs for discussion on topics related to the JQ, race realism, white nationalism and, more recently, the ‘alt right’ and pro-Trumpism. Memes are the mainstay of messageboards. The ‘Pepe’ meme has existed for many years and was for a long time just a regular meme with no specific relevance to ‘white nationalism’. Over the past few months, more users of 4/8ch have been using Pepe in memes related to the US election. As soon as Trump-Pepe memes were retweeted by prominent characters it became a staple meme which would pop up in many(/most?) threads on these messageboard, and when the mainstream media and Clinton campaigns began to denounce the memes, it went to another level again.

      Some of the interest in the current proliferation of the meme seems to be due to genuine belief that those who propagate it are affecting the narrative of the election discourse; some of the interest seems to be motivated purely by lulz, and whatever is the trending meme will always get more attention than the others. Is this merely Pepe’s latest fifteen minutes of meme-fame, or will Pepe grow in stature to become a long-term icon of the ‘Alt Right’? Time will tell.

      From my own point of view, I appreciate and admire the power of memes (and the broader topic of what some call ‘memetics’). For the time being, Pepe can be seen as a signal to others that one is aware of, sympathetic to, or even supportive of the general sentiments found at places like 8ch. I first incorporated Pepe into my own operation when I used his image, with my beanie, in the thumbnail for my blog post on tattoos. My current plan is to utilise the meme more regularly going forward – although these sorts of plans ought always to be subject to change, as the meanings/signals of memes can themselves change suddenly. My hope is that more of my viewers/listeners will familiarise themselves with places like 8ch if for no other reason than to learn how this subsection of the contemporary ‘alternative’ culture currently thinks and operates.

      As for the video in question, I have to say I am rather proud of how it turned out, even though I am fully aware that most of what is taking place in the video will go over the majority of viewers’ heads. In short, this video short-circuits one very important false narrative: That trump is Jew-wise or anti-Jew. It does so in a non-confrontational way, as the video may seem to be defending Trump Jr, when in fact his own words convict him. The video also exposes those who are awake to media fakery (‘beached boy’, ‘ISIS beheadings’) to 8ch humour; and vice versa. Right now it seems to me that there simply is not enough crossover between those who are wise to media fakery, and those who are wise to race realism/cultural marxism/JQ etc. Whenever I make a video like this it is my hope that it may, may go semiviral, and although that almost never happens, it is a motivation which spurs me on to release as much content as I do. At worst, I am left with what amounts to the closest I can come to art.

      Speaking of which, I should add that I am currently spending some time seriously investigating and contemplating the notion of ‘meme magic’, and the idea that the prevailing reality in the minds of the people is the reality which we experience as a collective. I don’t want to go into too much detail just now in this comment reply but suffice to say that the timing of the recent explosion in Pepe coverage, and the ‘finding’ of the P.E.P.E. music track (with its own ‘magic’ connotations, in terms of lyrics and cover-art), has led me to further reevaluate the notion of coincidence and alternative hypotheses to coincidence. How or why is Pepe seeping into the public consciousness? And why now? I’ve also lately been spending more time than usual reflecting on existential and moral concepts related to right/wrong and what we can expect of ourselves and others in this realm. My presentation of Pepe as a christ-like figure sent here to assist those who want to help themselves, a being who knows the truth and will support those who seek/spread it, was inspired by some of my current views on those existential/moral matters. The bible verses were all chosen for their own reasons as well, some of which may not be obvious even to those with keen eyes and minds.

      I can’t do the video justice with a short reply like this, but I hope I’ve conveyed to you some of my motivations for producing it. If each person who watches the video is encouraged to reconsider even one belief or thinking pattern, or ask themselves one question they hadn’t previously asked, then their seven minutes will have been worth it (as will my several hours). I like to think that my efforts in producing such videos will make a positive impact on the world around me, even when the material seems abstract or absurd. I don’t consider myself an artist but I like to imagine that some of my content is artistic; I’m always happy to listen to contrary or crtical opinions on it, so by all means share your own thoughts.

      • local_chump

        Hey John,

        Funny vid.

        How familiar are you with the work of Carl G Jung? If you’re into ‘alternative theories of coincidence’ I suggest you look into his writings. He put together an amazing body of work about the human mind that have been ‘meme-d’ – in their own way – into the personality types he supposedly espoused. The crux of his work was about the unconscious mind, and the reason he fell-out with Freud because he viewed the sub-conscious as something more sacred than what Freud describes as the ‘id’, that is, the human’s most base desires: shitting, fucking, eating, etc.. Jung wrote there was a larger ‘plot’ at play within the mind of humans that we, ultimately, should seek to integrate the unconscious psyche into the conscious mind. He went as far as claiming that Adolf Hitler was a modern (of the time) embodiment of the Germanic Wotan archetype. These mythologies, whatever you think of their legitimacy, are still obviously manifest in certain ways today. I don’t necessarily buy this idea that Hitler was somehow opposed to our ‘Masters’, people have claimed that he was funded by the Bushes and so on. But the point, I think, remains; that Jung was investigating very relevant aspects of the human psyche – that his views on the unconscious psyche, the idea of archetypes, and his general wish to connect humans to their inner-most being are relevant ideals and certainly more relevant to your typical 20-year old than Freud’s position that deep down we all just want to fuck each-other.

        I’d love to hear your thoughts on these more speculative, existential matters. And, I hope you share them at some stage in the future.

        • local_chump

          I’d suggest checking out ‘Man and His Symbols’ of which there’s a terrific audio translation on youtube to begin, if you’re not familiar with his work.

    • “Shitting” is not a “desire,” it is a necessity that people would avoid if they could. What is desired is the feeling of relief and relaxation after you force or coax the colony of prisoner-turds to make their escape, if you’ll pardon the graphic imagery. What is also desired is for the smell to be not so offensive as to peel plaster off the walls by itself, which can be accomplished about 70% simply by refusing to drink the disgusting poison of alcohol or eat the poison of refined sugars. Of course, most people have been programmed even in the way they take a dump by being forced into the usually 90 degree back-to-hips angle of the modern toilet, leaving half the prisoners in the dungeon because the colon does not fully open at that angle. I recommend getting a Squatty Potty or equivalent contraption to give other angles of release, more savagely natural to history-as-written-by-the-winners before the Romans invented modern plumbing and running water, a chance to free almost as many inmates as an enema would. lol

  • One thing that i want to know is that someone like myself, who is a third generation Australian (My grandparents immigrated in the 50’s from Greece).

    Do the followers of the alt-right believe that I should also be deported?

    One of their ideologies is:

    “We believe in mass deportations of all non-White immigrants, regardless of whether or not they were born here. This would include, in America, a repatriation to Africa of the descendants of slaves (or an allocation of autonomous territory for them within our current borders).”

    Cheers for the video, John.

    • Maxwell Smart

      Short answer is no.

      It’s inclusive of all White Europeans – and no, Jews are NOT WHITE. Jews are only WHITE when it suits them. They have long histories of converting to Christianity (converso/crypto-Jews) yet practicing Judaism in secret, and changing their names to blend into, while deceiving, ordinary Christians.

      Whites simply do not want to be minorities in their own countries, and why should they be? Just because some rat-faced, hook-nosed Jews demand it? No one voted for this shit, and no sane White person ever would.

      Many Americans see themselves as Europeans, so you have nothing to fear. Except, of course, rat-faced fucking Jews. Just observe what they’ve done to Greece. Fucked it royally.

      And who the hell NEEDS low IQ African beast running riot and creating havoc among White communities? Who needs that shit, except for the devil’s own children?

      It’s the same serpent DNA that despises Christendom. They hate it and the White race with a consuming passion. Because you cannot take one down with taking out the other one.

      Jews are the problem, and will remain so until they are cleansed from the Earth.

      • Yes, Greece has been fucked to the point of no return.

        I was there 2 years ago and Athens is basically a ghetto. In fact, the people of Greece have less “financial support and privileges” than the Syrian refugees who have been their for 2 days do, no word of a lie.

        • Maxwell Smart


          Is it any wonder that a recent poll showed that Greece is the most ‘anti-Semitic’ country in Europe?

          And by quite a margin.

          This is the future of all white countries. Where there’s a Jew there is either outright Bolshevism or Cultural Bolshevism, and therefore death, misery, poverty, debauchery and despair.

          Christ called them the children of the devil. God promised enmity between the woman’s seed and the devil’s seed and God also hated Esau (Edomite Jews) and promised them a holocaust.

          You cannot defeat the enemy if you do not name the enemy. Ursula Haverbeck risks going to jail again for naming the enemy, the eternal Jew. If 10 percent or less of Germans were as brave as Ursula, Germany wouldn’t have a lingering Jewish – and now Muslim – problem.

          • I saw that video a couple of weeks ago actually, I find it disgusting that they put an 87 year old woman in jail, unbelievable.

      • I despise Christianity and all forms of religious theocracy, Jew, white, brown, black, yellow or purple, and who are you to call non-Christians “serpent DNA”? lol

        And why would you, as an obvious Daily Stormer/Christian-Identity devotee, try to argue your case as if you give one hoot about IQ? How about High-IQ Chinese and Indian people? There is at least a billion of each of those ethnicities, you know, for all you CI old-testament-worshippers to really, really NEED with a capital “N” to invade all of Europe and teach you how to be smarter. lol Then you and your Chinese and Indian neighbors, a triumvirate of high-IQ multiculturalism, can kick out the Jews and the blacks together and live happily ever after, huh? lol

        Just like I predicted, this comment section is now turning into a facsimile of the Daily-Crap-Stirrer using “free speech” as an excuse to have no etiquette or class whatsoever and certainly no logic, just emotional outbursts and claims of “literal” this and “literal” that directly quoted from ridiculous fairy-tales aka (supposedly) 2000 year-old psychological operations.

    • You Greeks are in the clear in the “Turner Diaries” wet-dream scenarios of some of these geniuses because someone much smarter than the average WN explained to the rest of the rabble on Stormfront and the Daily-Pass-Storm why and how modern European society is based on the philosophical foundations laid in ancient Greece and therefore it is expedient for them to turn a blind-eye to any Greeks that may have swarthy features or look physically indistinguishable from other, even Moslem, middle-easterners they routinely call “mud savages,” “shitskins” and “subhuman.” lol

      Us Armenians, on the other hand, despite being (supposedly) the first nation-state officially forced into the absurd wussery and idiocy of Christianity, and regardless of “high IQ” and having the 3rd most chess grandmasters per-capita of any nation, famous composers, inventors, MIG aircraft designers, supercomputer experts, filmmakers etc., and despite surviving without a nation for 2000 years and keeping our culture and language intact through it while the Irish, for example, lost their language to museums and speak that of their conquerors, the English, are constantly called “muds” by 99.9% of WNs, despite the fact that both Iranians (Iran means land of the Aryans) and Armenians were totally immune to their own idol and icon Adolf’s Nuremberg racial laws in Germany.

      Also, CI’s like this Maxwell guy believe that the original Buy-Bull was written in Greek and that the sadistic and genocidal fairy tales of the Old Testament are actually a history of the White Race (don’t laugh, but that is exactly what they believe, also “dual seedline” hence “serpent DNA”).

  • Maxwell Smart

    But then Harry, they’ve put away thousands upon thousands that we don’t even know about. And they rejoice every time they bring a 95 year old former ‘Nazi gas chamber operator’ (the one’s with the creaky, wooden doors that never locked shut) to Jewish ‘justice.’

    If people still don’t see, or can’t see, that Jews are LITERALLY the children of the devil, as per the Bible and as per what we see with our own EYES, then people are simply NOT paying attention. And when they do, THE JEWS KNOW THEY ARE FUCKED!!!

    Hence all the blatant gun grabs (not that it’s going to matter when the day comes) and bans on certain types of weapons. Not that most White countries allow gun ownership any longer.

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