JLB1697 | Transgender Social Justice in 2016 Australia

2016 Australia is one hell of a place to live. Fortunately we have media talking heads who love us and will guide the lemming masses through these troubled times. For those of you still possess enough of a mind to think for yourself, remember that silence is compliance, and if you won’t speak up for the innocent children being brainwashed with this marxist nonsense, you will pay. I promise you, you will pay.


JLBE1695 | Transgender Man Gives Birth – Promoted By Time Magazine
JLBE1693 | Four-Year-Old ‘Transgender’ to ‘Transition’ in Australia
JLBE1690 | Are You a Hate-Filled Homophobic Extremist?

Article with The Project clip: Link
Original Jo Hirst (Gender Fairy) video: Link

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