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JLBE1688 | Australian Schools Teach Children Transgender is Normal

There are some very sick people in Australia who have direct access to innocent children. Their motives and plans are out in the open. This video (and accompanying links) will help you to understand what is happening, who is involved, and what you can do about it.

The Australian:
[Behind paywall; google ‘kids 5 in sex change uni trial’]
Lilly Mossiano:
Lilly Mossiano (Geek Anamoly):
Flinders ‘Inclusive Language’:
Clare Bartholomaeus:
Clare’s article:
Damien Riggs 1:
Damien Riggs 2:
Damien Riggs 3:

17 thoughts on “JLBE1688 | Australian Schools Teach Children Transgender is Normal

  • Nick Cornish

    I used to think this kind of thing was just political correctness.Having been woken up to what Christians call ‘the enemy’ and his children,the synagogue of Satan,all the systems being used to destroy western culture,homogeny and most importantly to destroy their biggest enemy-Western Christianity,this fits in well with that.
    I’m sure,as with mass immigration,porn,violent,anti Christian movies,Socialism/communism/wars/slavery etc you will find the same (((group))) behind it.
    You see,the devil knows his time is short so he is going on one last push to destroy the world and some deluded Christians appear to rejoice in the destruction of their countries thinking it will bring the Lord Jesus back sooner(which of course it will) the fact that once beautiful,safe,Godly European (and US) countries are being systematically destroyed from the inside out seems to them to be a price worth paying.
    I suppose this post is more of a complaint against the church and liberal Christians than the enemy as I’m sure that if this was happening 100 years ago there would be a strong Christian moral
    backlash…Without strong Christian values this will get worse and the rest is written in the Bible..Sadly it is written.

    • Broadly speaking I agree with your sentiments about the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ and their uncanny involvement in degeneracy-promoting fields such as porn, Marxism, Hollywood, ‘feminism’, transgenderism, etc etc – not to mention their role in banking and finance.

      What I want to know is why you think their time is short? Who exactly is coming to stop them? I know many people have bought into a kind of, ‘no need to worry, no need to do anything, god’s son is returning soon to save us’ line of thinking. If I were one of the Tribe, this is exactly how I would want the cattle to think: let somebody else save you (because somebody else ain’t coming, and in the meantime: cha-ching!).

  • Anyone one with kids will understand how ridiculous this is. If the context is to really teach children about “inclusiveness”, the target age is way too young. Maybe high school could be called “appropriate”. My 4yo is asking questions like “what is courage” or “why was he scared”

    • … He doesn’t have the maturity to understand gender or sexuality yet, as you would expect most pre-puberty children.

    • Would you really want any of the characters featured in this video to visit your children’s high school to give lessons on anything? Hypothetically, if I had children and for some reason they attended high school, the only reason I would want them to be anywhere near these people is to witness the tar-and-feathering they so richly deserve (following a fair, innocent-until-proven-guilty trial in a court of law with a jury made up of regular people from society).

    • Thanks, Judy. I hope you take the time to share the link with family and friends.

  • This is utter insanity, and a threat to all humanity. Unbelievable! smh

    • Do you have any family or friends studying Arts/Social Science at university? If so, I recommend you ask them about the term ‘cisgender’. Things are worse than most people can imagine.

  • That was a really great video. It is has given me some clarity about how to go about researching.

    I’ll try and keep this concise. What is your belief on how our global society has arrived at the apparently shrinking opinion (according the msm) of the importance of allowing children to remain innocent (particularly before they even start puberty), enjoying and learning about themselves through experience in their developing years?

    Do you think something along the lines of that we have over time, through community and family nurturing and guidance (AKA. evolution) come to this conclusion or do you think that this information can only have come about with some sort of greater being/creator?

    If i have gone too far off topic or have not been clear enough then i don’t worry i understand.

    • And related to that i was thinking about the possible motives for these people who support this filth and i agree with you they have to be all mentally unstable, psychopathic and or gullible. I need to do more to oppose it too. I’ll be showing the video it to my family. Also there is no way to edit is there? I can understand why you prefer not to have one. Just curious.

  • local_chump

    Great vid. A certain YT’er has spent a lot of time addressing the ‘trans agenda’, but with never even close to the level of coherency and research in this. Thanks.

    • Very nice of you to say so, thanks. as for old mate Jeffrey, he appeals to the newbies and the nuffies. If after a few months of watching his videos, somebody still thinks Jeffrey is going to help them become wise, then they are on a long and lonely road to nowhere.

  • Mezzie

    Dear JLB, how are you applying formatting as i have done so in a Word doument but it doesnt copy over like i the original? Ive been sitting on some information for awhile, its so hard to find much information here in Australia for some reason so i had to go overseas.

    • To apply italics, you just need to use a little bit of code. On your keyboard you will see a (left pointer) and a (right pointer) to the side of the (m) key. If you type (left pointer)(e)(m)(right pointer) before the block of text you want to be italicised, and then (left pointer)(/)(e)(m)(right pointer) then the website will automatically make that block of text italicised.

      I know the sounds tricky but once you have used it a few times it will be a piece of cake. Just reiterating, that is (left pointer)em(right pointer) [block of text to be italicised] (left pointer)/em(right pointer)

      Give it a go!

  • Mezzie

    Sorry JLB, i gave it a go, it just does not compute. I hope you don’t mind fixing this for me please. Delete pls if not appropriate….cheers mate!

    The subjects you are bringing into the discussion are so huge and people are afraid to tackle them because of the stigma attached.

    The subject itself spins out of everthing else that divides humans from one another and destroys the family.

    I believe that this all comes out of the “Tavistock institute for Human behavior” is connected to “McGill University – Divison of Social Transcultural psyciatry of Mc Gill University.” (Sage Publications) This is only one of the books that is coming in 2017..

    They are rolling this out in Australia with such speed, like its urgent! Like this comment: ” the Facebook page of Andrew Barr, Chief Minister of the ACT.”

    Going back to the UK, Ireland and Scotland
    If you take a look at where the money comes from for this insanity you can trace back to Government funded and Amnesty international funded.
    In Scotland the UNISON co-organised the first conference in June 1997 for the LGBT which stands for ”The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender”…. So its been coming for a long time.
    I have so many notes, it would take a book to cover it. I’m finding it difficult to find the qualifications of certain people, like Patrick Corrigan (below).

    Patrick Corrigan, Amnestry international, Northern Ireland Programme Director and Head of Nations & Regions at Amnesty International UK, writes;

    “The opinion polls are showing strong support for Yes. An Irish Times survey, taken last week, shows that, excluding undecided voters, 70% of people intend to vote Yes, while 30% say they will vote No.”
    Sounds familiar??

    Then you have Ruth Davidson who delivered an “Amnesty International” Belfst Pride Lecture 2nd August 2016 on “Same Sex Marriage.” that was written by Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty International.
    This is the lovely Ruth Davidson: Ruth davidson/ kickboxing lesbian…scottish politician….. You Can’t make this shit up

    “Ruth Elizabeth Davidson (born 10 November 1978) is a Scottish politician who is currently the leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, the Leader of the Opposition in the Scottish Parliament, and the Member of the Scottish Parliament for Edinburgh Central.”

    “After graduating from Edinburgh University, she worked as a BBC journalist and signaller in the Territorial Army. After leaving the BBC in 2009 to study at Glasgow University, Davidson joined the Conservative Party, and was the party’s candidate in the Glasgow North East constituency at a 2009 by-election and at the 2010 general election, finishing in respectively 3rd and 4th place, with approximately 5% of the vote.”

    Ruth has been a Reporter on Radio and on BBC TV…………………..


    Lifetime actor for sure

    Member of the Privy council july 2016!
    I got to stop here, there is so much garbage here i couldnt possible link it all but I hope you find the connections with money and power here, which in my opinion clearly show that this is proaganda.

    One last thing, Lilly Mossiano……. have you noticed who publishes her work?
    “Spun Silver Productions” kinda like spinning a web!! The following quotations are on the facebook page.. “Spinning silver dreams into patinum realities – giving a voice to those overlooked in media today.”
    I thinks its everything else bar overlooked in media today.

    The last link didn’t copy through completely, no matter how many times i’ve copied it,all you have to do is a quick search and the page comes up.

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