One thought on “JLBE1638 | The Next ‘Scully B. Kracken’?

  • I have now went from not believing the moon landings to believing we have, the hoax I think is that the moon is a lot closer and space is not what they say it is. Now to point, your remarks towards the flat earth `Movement` are justified, I believe. They are a little clique and spread √†ssumptions as fact, fx space is a hoax or satellites are fake and will not even entertain a conversation on those subjects along with the rest of their `followers`. I have documented proof that 7kms from earths surface there are satellites traveling at 7.91km/per second. So the “New World Order” are quite happy to have these blinkered fools running about de-bunking shit they know fuck all about. Space Station, I believe it does exist and they are not swimming about a pool know for a fact there is no proof we spin, is it flat or round who knows and who cares we are still getting to shafted. A Psyop? Maybe, but as I said it does not help to say space is fake, satellites and ISS etc. I have theories about what space is and what it is not. Keep on doing what you are doing much appreciated.
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