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  • David Sawyer

    Hey JLB I followed your link provided by you to your life changing video or stream. Renegaderadio.com. I say. Have you became a white nationalist? Pretty divisive group of neo-nazis those folks. Man.. . I have to admit their all smart people and make good points but I didn’t think you were into color wars?

    • Did you listen to all of what Barcelo had to say in that podcast? If so, what did you make of it?

      As for ‘white nationalism’, no, I do not identify as a white nationalist. I do however hope that in 100 years, all of the races will remain in tact, and all will have their own homeland. I also believe that anybody who intentionally teaches children to be ashamed of their skin is a criminal who ought to be tried for their crimes. I know from my own experience that this happens to white children at schools as a matter of course.

      As for Renegade, you may disagree with some of their views or methods of delivery, and I certainly do. But I also respect that they are speaking up for a race of people who, for the most part, are apathetic and cowardly and never speak up for themselves. If white people don’t overcome their original sin white guilt (programmed into them by school and tv) soon, the future will be very bleak indeed. Just look at how quickly Europe is being decimated by forced mass migration. It is sickening to any good, moral person.

  • Minion 1

    Hilarious JLB and quite right, this time I agree with you.

    • Thanks, mate. I hope you enjoy the site. What do you think of the banner? Took me hours.

  • matthew brust

    JLB, you’re worse than a goof. You’re a charlatan

    • Sounds like my video triggered you, brah. Did it hurt your feelings when you realised that you and your online friends (and foes) sit around arguing about movie goofs? Yeah, these YouTubers who talk about movie goofs are going to change the world! Look, that actor’s shoe fell off! And that actor has no blood after being hit by a bomb! We’re going to wake up the world to these movies and storm the White House!

      • matthew brust

        lol no brah, I just think you’re a charlatan. I don’t sit around arguing about movie goofs but you seem to make a shitload of videos about them. The government doesn’t hoax these things, they facilitate them.

  • Haunted House

    G, Day mate…Here’s one even better: the guy who relies on other people’s goofiness brought on by other people’s deceptiveness for content material so he can make a video about it. Here in Brisbane I make videos exposing the futility of the people who make videos exposing other peoples futility and how none of that should be taken seriously because of its futility.time for a fosters! Oy!

    • Thanks for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment. Did my video upset you, or have I misunderstood your comment?

  • carlotta

    I don’t get your logic on this one. I may be missing something but the analogy NASA to startrek is not valid because one is presented as real (and really f​unded by tax dollars) and the other is presented as a movie and privately f​unded.

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