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JLBE1575 | Evidence That ‘Cointelpro Paid Shills’ Exist?

In this brief video I ask you, the listener, a few simple questions. My hope is that you will think about these questions, now and into the future, and that some of you might even share your thoughts in the comments section below. Included is a clip from a recent audiochat (link below).

a) Do you seriously believe there are ‘paid shills’ creating videos/vodcasts/podcasts on places like youtube?
b) If so, what evidence do you have that such activity is taking place?
c) Which agency or agencies do you think are responsible? Why?
d) What do you think these agencies main motivations/strategies/tactics are? Why?
e) Is it possible that your evidence is less conclusive than you had previously thought or taken for granted?
f) Is it possible that the fear and distraction generated by the ‘paid shill’ meme does more damage to the so-called ‘truth movement’ than any paid shill could ever achieve in the first place?


Fakeologist Audiochat 9-Dec-2015:
Delcroix’s blog:
Uninstall Media’s tumblr:

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