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JLBE1569 | JLB Wins Golden Jeffrey at 2015 Sleeple’s Choice Awards

At the recent ‘2015 Sleeple’s Choice Awards’, JLB took home the greatest honour of the night, edging out Jeffrey C to win the Golden Jeffrey. This means that the the disillusioned former members of the so-called ‘hoaxbusting community’ (and their lonely hangers-on) deemed JLB the youtuber ‘most likely to be a shill’. This is no small feat, given that JLB is one of the very few youtubers to openly talk about no planes on 9/11, NASA fakery, and the holohoax – topics the REAL shills never go near!

To watch the full four-hour google hangout of the 2015 SCA, see the link listed below. Be advised that you are probably better off simply visiting the ‘Ninja Sage’ channel, where you will find some of the nomination videos uploaded individually. Most of these videos are VERY funny, and whoever made them is both humorous and talented at video editing. The problem is that the actual live hangout was poorly-moderated and the panel members offered little humour or chemistry, which didn’t do the concept or the nomination videos justice.

Hopefully they improve from this and do a better job next year. The concept is solid, all it needs is satisfactory execution.


As at 12-Jun-2016 it appears as though the original hangout, and Ninja Sage’s entire channel, have been deleted.

Live hangout:
Ninja Sage channel:

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