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  • Hi John,

    I kept listening, waiting for anything that I might disagree with. I never heard a single point that I could find disagreement with.

    Max is an interesting character, especially relating to the esoteric stuff he addressed years ago.

    Now, he is speaking of truths that must be illuminated to the world, if we stand a chance at eliminating the jewish power structure.

  • Freedom Patriot

    It is a topic that held little interest to me until a few weeks ago. I watched a video titled 6 million lies recently and it blew my mind. There is no doubt in my mind that the story that we have been told in the media and educational system is a fairytale.

  • There are several central aspects about the history of World War II which should be completely reconsidered. I have not gone yet much into the question of the Holocaust but into the question of how Hitler and the Nazis have assumed power.

    1) There is a great summary of this genesis by Yuri Rubtsov (Dr. of historical sciences, academician of the Academy of military sciences, and member of the International Association of historians of world war II). It has been republished in “Veterans Today” under this link:


    2) I have commented on this summary on my Facebook timeline (which is mirrored on my blog, too). The German original of this comment has been strongly reposted on Facebook (135 times) – out of different groups mainly related to Russia where I have shared it.

    Here is the English translation of that comment which appears also on my timeline:

    The “official” history of the events leading to World War II is a colossal deliberate lie:

    A) For it has been the clear intent of the financial so-called “elites” of the US and Britain to bring the Nazis to power – as the tool to unleash another world war, especially between Germany and Russia. For an alliance between them has been regarded as the main threat to the US-British Empire.

    Today this fact is openly admitted – here e. g. by George Friedman, the head of the very influential US ThinkTank “Stratfor”: https://youtu.be/gcj8xN2UDKc

    In view of that US and GB support it becomes very clear why Hitler has attacked the Sowjet Union – instead of completing his sweeping and swift gains all over Europe by also overcoming Britain.

    B) Currently the same “procedure” is being tried again – with a huge provocation of Russia by Washington´s Nato (and this time between the whole of Europe and Russia); as well as with a large-scale propaganda of the Western controlled mainstream media against Russia.

    C) The “official” history of the emergence of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and finally World War II is a deliberately placed lie – among other things to instill a bad conscience into the Germans and undermine the love for their nation.

    Johannes Rau: „A patriot is somebody who loves his native country; and a nationalist is somebody who hates the native countries of others.”

    Frauke Petry (as a left I agree with her): “Nationalism refers to patriotism as arrogance refers to self confidence.”

    D) Idiotic German, rather “Anti-German”, vassal politicians – i. e. the Christian Democrats, the hypocritical pseudoleft current Social Democrats or the current Greens – let themselves be harnessed by that agenda. Even more idiotic are the vassal politicians and majorities in the Eastern European States Poland, the Baltics and Romania who “heartfeltly” invite Nato to threaten Russia.

    Idiocy also applies to France, Britain and the – newly brainwashed – Scandinavian states. The Norwegian “Secretary General” of Nato, Jens Stoltenberg, is an especially bad example – a complete puppet of Washington.

    Unfortunately for the Scandinavians, the proud times of their independent Viking-ancestors seem too long gone. The lulled sheeple everywhere are going passively along (but fortunately increasingly less).

    E) The leading work on that key topic of the emergence of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis has been written by the American professor Anthony Sutton – “Wallstreet and the Rise of Hitler” (a link to the American Amazon, because of the many feedbacks there):


    This works is also available via the German Amazon.

    F) The above-mentioned link leads to a highly interesting short summary by Dr. Yuri Rubtsov.

    The introduction on “Veterans Today” by Ian Greenhalgh to that well written or understandable study:

    “Slowly the myths of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler and World War Two are being broken down and the real history of the 20th century is gradually being established:

    This article by Yuri Rubtsov was originally published in 2009 at ru-polit.livejournal. It was translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ on 14th May, 2016.

    It is a truly excellent piece of writing and does a great job of drawing back the curtain to expose the truth behind Hitler’s rise to power and the creation of Nazi Germany.

    They were both the result of financing from Wall Street and the assistance of US big business. The history books printed in the West are all deeply wrong, and deliberately so I might add, about the rise of Hitler and the Nazis; there are great secrets to be kept hidden and many of them would have deep repercussions in the modern world, should they become widely known.

    Furthermore, if people were to learn how the tricks of the past had been pulled off, then they would be much harder to fool today; therefore this article is imbued with much relevance to today’s world where the same old trick of creating a dictator in order to profit from later crushing them has been repeated many times – Saddam, Gadaffi, they were all called ‘the new Hitler’ at some point, marking them out for death; same old tricks, just different names and faces.”

    G) One central quote from that summary:

    “The key structures that defined the post-war development strategy of the West were the Central financial institutions of Great Britain and the United States — the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve System (FRS) — and the associated financial and industrial organizations set out a target to establish absolute control over the financial system of Germany to control political processes in Central Europe. To implement this strategy it is possible to allocate the following stages:

    1st: from 1919 to 1924 — to prepare the ground for massive American financial investment in the German economy;

    2nd: from 1924 to 1929 — the establishment of control over the financial system of Germany and financial support for national socialism;

    3rd: from 1929 to 1933 — provoking and unleashing a deep financial and economic crisis and ensuring the Nazis come to power;

    4th: from 1933 to 1939 — financial cooperation with the Nazi government and support for its expansionist foreign policy, aimed at preparing and unleashing a new World War.”

  • Scott Mccallum

    This is the best compilation of evidence refuting the holocaust story that i have seen. I have not really gone looking for evidence so it is not surprising that i found little. I have not researched dino, nor nukeo either, but i have done a fair amount of research regarding FE . I find that in my own life the more i discover false flags and hoaxes, two things happen. I get depressed knowing just how insane this world has become. Transferring the knowledge of this discovery to others does not bring overwhelming joy to them either.
    I will not live life blindly following a theme (true or false), that does not bring happiness. If i had to decide between a miserable cynic and a happy fool, i would take the fool. Life is too short.

  • Scott – Your comment interests me.. in relation to your disposition, once becoming aware of, and knowing, that we are undoubtedly experiencing a ‘deceptive’ reality. The way I see it, this plot, has traps laid out at each stage of its unveiling, prepared for the ‘smarter ones’ to slip right in.. for me, this elucidates the underlying and central function of this evilness, and that is what I refer to as “..a break in logic..” – and your comment, confirms this.

    Consider this – How can the human, with all his intellectual faculties, and what must be, altruistic motivations.. penetrate the layers of this fake-reality.. and arrive at the point where he ‘knows’ what is true and false, yet.. concedes that as this insight, does not bring a ‘perceived’ feeling of happiness, for him and those around him, and leaves a taste of confusion, then he will edit much of this ‘knowledge’ and continue to live, his ‘temporary’ life in an artificial state of ‘happiness’? Think about it?

    • It may be too late for comments but will post anyway..

      Missy…your post is excellent! I figured out the idea of ‘gate keeping’ at different intellectual levels which makes it harder to find the truth but drives me to want it more! Unfortunately, most people stop at the ‘break in logic’ phase as you put it, and won’t seek truth on their own.

      Hart’s first statement about getting Truth bombed daily was almost more interesting than the question posed. If he doesn’t get his ‘daily dose’ of truth, it drives him crazy. This is the same factor for runner’s who get the ‘runner’s high’. I found myself doing this exact same thing until I thought about it and realized this is also part of the problem. Hence, many sites offer a good percentage of truth and the rest is garbage. The trick is recognizing which is which. These Tavistock professionals know this very well and keep the control going with this in mind.

      When I first viewed The Greatest Story Never Told video, I thought there were great points in it but after a few hours felt ‘manipulated’. The music played in this feature is integral to the emotions they want you to feel. The hype and glamorizing of Hitler was despicable! There may be (and is) many problems with the history (his story) of World War 1 and 2, but Hitler was not a person to be respected. Without hearing all the points Max stated, I did agree with a few. There are a lot of good authors out there writing the truth but it generally means opening a book instead of clicking on a video.

  • I had been resistant to entertaining ideas of a holocaust li mosl due to the intended stigma that only “skinhead neo-nazis” questioned such “atrocities”. However, as I by an realizing tha everything we were told was a lie, th holocaust lost its power over me and I exercised discernment free of fear.

    After a good deal of research, I have com to the conclusion that it was the biggest hoax of the 20th century. The actual holocaust annihilated millions of real Germans, not jews, mostly toward the end of the war and after. To top it off, Germans have been paying reparations which continue to this day.

    That being said, Hitler was most certainly a puppet whether he was conscious of the agenda or not. His hand gestures hinted to his free Masonic ties too.

  • stephenphillips

    On target. Having become aware of this deception in recent months, I have pursued a variety of resources in attempting to get abreast of the truth of this matter. A great ‘stumble’ has been to discover the Canadian trials involving Ernst Zündel (who, very practically, elicited the expert testimony of English historian David Irving, in prosecuting his cause against the obnoxious censorship of the Jewish lobby) which, in their transcripts, completely dismantle the basis for the received legend of (in particular) the Auschwitz phenomenon.

    As Irving (with whom I have engaged in ongoing correspondence) makes clear, there were many Jewish deaths, but not in the places, manner, and number cited by ‘reputable’ authorities. The claims regarding Auschwitz, in particular, are simply laughable (which is actually good, since the legend is so very bleak).

    In any case, as Ben Weintraub makes clear (whatever one makes of his overall case), the Jews have themselves reserved the Holocaust into the special classification of a religious dogma – and, therefore, not legitimately a focal point for the reception of government monies. Of course, that obstacle, has been circumvented at every turn…


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