8 thoughts on “Bastille Day Terror in France – Real or Hoax? [LIVE COVERAGE] (15-Jul-2016)

  • Great little show today. Loved the “name the banner game”, every time you get a guest on it could be like the “lap in the reasonably priced car”.

    I always see Marla Singer, that fucking tourist, and think of Truth tourists.

    • Thanks mate, and the ‘truth tourist’ description is apt. Most of them are only here for something to do.

    • Why did you post that? Are you leaving that link for us to laugh at, or are you using it as ‘evidence’ that this event was real?

      • sean roche

        I had watched your 4 hr show at the weekend, then I found that video which appears to show what happened from the crowd. Just thought you might appreciate it if you hadn’t seen it.

  • Thought provoking work as always JLB… and in ‘my’ opinion, this episode of “media-fakery” in France, is a hugely significant one, in the plot line of this cult.

    “Bastille Day”? – So for all seasoned fakeologists here, we should be examining how this TV media event, fits in to the ‘bigger picture’… and the one that extends outside of the screen, and brought to us from ‘history’, in books and indoctrination, facilitated through the establishment.

    ‘Bastille Day’ – 14 July 1789 and a symbol of ‘freedom’ (?) when a group of revolutionaries in France, from the ‘common people’ (yep, that’s right..) arrived with their ‘cannons’ (refer to my comment here on the Terran Downvale Busts The Lie-System video) and brought victory and liberation to the masses, from the evil tyranny of the Monarchy… storming the Prison of the King, the Bastille, a symbol of ultimate power.

    This is the story, we know to be called “The French Revolution” – and, I must point out, is symbolised by some very intriguing iconography… the ‘guillotine’ being one (?) This civil upheaval brought about a new government, the first secular society… coordinated in partnership with the usual suspects, a one ‘masonic’ (?) Thomas Jefferson, who seemed to be moonlighting between his role as the ‘Minister of France’ and managing his own “Revolution” in America… liberating the masses there, from the control of the Royal elite. Are we getting the picture here?

    Critical documents came about from the creation of this ‘new society’ for the ‘Rights of the Citizen’ that still form the basis of civil rights today! Interestingly, this new ‘modern culture’ also thought it beneficial, to decriminalize ‘sodomy’, legalize divorce, AND support the emancipation of the Jews!

    I suggest anyone, serious about unravelling this ‘lie-system’ – also known as Satan-Lite – and who prides themselves on being a fakeologist… to look away from the screen NOW and consider ‘what’ exactly, these people, that we all know are running the show, are literally telling us, disguised as the history of our existence, and what they want us to believe about our ‘reality’!

    Significant things were discussed in this entire video, and especially around 2 hours 27 minutes, when JLB asked his guests, if they believed Bashir Al-Assad “..is in lockstep with the people that run all the other countries.. or, if he is genuinely outside the control structure..” and then follows it up with.. “..these countries, when where they ever, not controlled by the ‘establishment’?” And it’s as simple as that… and the fact that Sam’s response, that him ‘knowing’ if this is true, is “..above his pay grade..” emphasises the deception that is taking place. I have elaborated on this in my comments on JLB’s ‘Do You Think Evil Exists’ video, where he simply asks this question…

    This Satanic Cult, that manifests right down to the mundane level of what we see as our reality, relies upon the human having what I refer to as “..a break in logic..” in order for its plot to be effective. Once you start deciphering what is going and recognize the depth of deception, and ‘fakery’ around us, how can you NOT understand, that all these leaders, are part of the show? It can’t be any other way… and to think, that working out the mechanics of these fake conflicts, must require a leap of the mind, proves how this works… if you are not dumbed down, as long as you are confused and give credence to the complexities of their design, then hey, we are still under the influence and vulnerable to the mind manipulation.

    This Bastille Day Event venerating their ‘fake’ French Revolution? For anyone paying serious attention, there it is right there… an overt glimpse in to the dark, devious and deceptive confessions of these people… who are telling you, in their ‘own story’ that they inflicted a “Reign of Terror” (?) in France in 1793, to liberate people from the existing social structure and carried out ‘public beheadings’ killing ‘thousands’ with their guillotine, eventually slaying leaders and monarchs, until this new secular society, where the human is free, was in place! Can people not SEE this dark duplicity?

    This is the ‘war’ for our minds, manipulated on such a scale that most, can not and never will, comprehend. This ‘freedom’ we are choosing… is actually our enslavement. Enslaved by our own souls, our impulsive lower base desires and illogical minds.

    Peekay’s comments confirm this entirely. There is no ‘civil war’ coming, or fema-camp incarceration. This is all to trick the human, in to not recognizing his self-imposed demise, and this ‘fake media event’ in France… believe it or not, is crucial to their Satanic Agenda, reinforcing once again, the illusion of their 18th Century Kabbalistic Project masked as modern culture, where in the human chooses to be free.

    • What a terrific post. Thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts.

      The ‘Bastille Day’ link seems at first glance to be a simple means by which to scare the masses on a day of celebration, and this is the line most ‘researchers’ seem to have gone with. Your own analysis shows that there may be a deeper, darker motivation for the selection of this date for the latest hoax. Of course, most ‘truthers’ seem oblivious to lack of evidence that history as they know it even ‘exists’ (let alone played out as they have been taught) so your analysis will go over their heads – perhaps this is the only website on the net where some people are likely to grasp the points you are making.

      Listening back to the show, I was surprised that Sam did not seem au fait with the fakery of the Assad/Syria narrative. He is a smart guy so I’d imagine it is simply a matter of reconsidering his beliefs before he sees through the official and ‘alternative’ narratives (which both hinge on Assad being a genuine rebel). I personally found a show by Max Ratt very useful in this regard; I will see if I can find that episode and perhaps post a promo for it.

      As for Peekay’s claims about ‘FEMA camps’, I am still trying to wrap my head around that. I had no idea he believed in that Alex Jones type of nonsense. Fortunately when called out about it, Peekay agreed that people should not be worried about the near future.

      • JLB – “..deeper, darker motivations..”? Where do we start, and I literally mean ‘where’?

        “History as we know it..” – A simple statement, but in the world of the ‘fakeologist’, what should be, an extremely profound one. I find it interesting how this event ‘transmitted’ to the masses, on Bastille Day, and more deeply, the backstory as you point out (which I only allude to here) has not provoked much thought, let alone aroused suspicion, from the ‘truthers’ of this scene.

        So we believe (some of us) that the heliocentric model of our physical world, within this cosmic realm, is truly fake… and has been manufactured by an elite group (?) calling themselves ‘scientists’. It seems, according to ‘history’ that this French Revolution was a major pivot in the cultivation of a new society, or rather, as I see it, a ‘reality’. This new ‘French’ government, is recognized as progressing the development of humanity, to where we see it ‘now.. and where that may be heading..

        In 1795 the ‘Institute de France’ was established, still in place today and a prestigious academy of ‘sciences’. This set-up, manages and funds, thousands of foundations and ‘museums’! “Scientism Apostates” you say? An interesting ‘character’ in this Revolution story, is Jean Sylvain-Bailly, a political leader AND a mathematician, astronomer and of course a freemason.. working from the French Academy of Sciences, on his theories and apparent writings (more digging to do here) on the ‘satellites of Jupiter’ and somehow, right after Bastille Day, secured the position of the first Mayor of Paris? Some serious multi-tasking going on there, mind you.. it was in the days before TV and internet, so I guess they had more time. Such was his acclaim (despite being publicly beheaded a few years later) that the cult of ‘scientism’ named a ‘Moon Crater’ after him! Dots.. ?

        And here’s where it gets even more interesting, well maybe just for me.. To celebrate the one-hundred year anniversary of Bastille Day, 1889 was an event at the ‘World Fair’ in Paris, the Exposition Universelle, which was symbolized for the achievements of this revolutionary time and ‘fake war’.. by the launching of the recently and specially designed ‘Eiffel Tower’, which loomed large, at the main entrance.

        So, what is really going on here? Available information clearly tells us, it was used as an ariel-antenna for radio and only a few years after this anniversary event, was propagating wireless signals. Apparently, the term ‘television’ (a French word, taken from ancient Greek (?) meaning ‘distance-seeing’) was first coined by a physicist, Constantin Perskyi at the Paris World Fair, only eleven years after the Eiffel Tower launch, at the International Electricity Congress in 1900, and in 1935, low resolution ‘television’ signals were transmitted from the Eiffel Tower, and from what I have read, still to this day.

        If you read about this Revolution story alone, one of its significant elements was the introduction of the public-sphere in to society, and the idea of ‘mass media’.. and so if we look at the characters, we are given, as part of this historical narrative, we can see a bigger picture, and start connecting some dots, and they do connect, and as I have merely touched the surface of, in my comment, we can see how, and, I am still working on, ‘why’?

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