4 thoughts on “Is Wisdom Teeth Removal a SCAM?

  • I have thought about this to. Why are they called wisdom teeth?

    • I will have to set aside some time to look into the Official Story as to how, why, when and where they became known as ‘wisdom teeth’. I have heard the lemming story: ‘it is because they grow when people are adults when they are wise, deeerrr’. I wonder where that story actually came from…

  • local_chump

    Another thing is braces. My younger sister had baby teeth forcibly removed at just 13 years of age as dentists claimed there was no adult teeth growing behind. Lo and behold 12 months later when the adult teeth shockingly emerged. They attach these things to kids for years of their adolescence before the jaw is even fully grown and charge the parents thousands of dollars. Yes, the teeth may be crooked now but how could anyone know what the finished product will resemble.

    I think there’s a bit of a scam going on aimed at the vanity of young people.

    • No doubt in my mind, braces are (at least to some extent) a major scam. I can often tell when somebody has had braces, even when the braces are gone and the person in question is an adult, simply by looking at the shape of the face. In my opinion, braces can actually change the shape of the face permanently. I will add this to a long and growing list of things to look into properly, to see if there is any ‘scientific’ evidence which either support or challenges my existing belief. I think you are 100% correct about the scam targeting the vanity of youth. I was a teenager only ten years ago and I remember it well. People at that age are such easy prey for clever marketers.

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