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I’m Glad It Turned Out This Way (War Is A Hoax)

Such a feelin’s comin’ over me…


JLB1870 – I’m Glad It Turned Out This Way (War Is A Hoax) (17-Sep-2018)

Dave J interview (three hours):
9/11 Special (one hour):

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4 thoughts on “I’m Glad It Turned Out This Way (War Is A Hoax)

  • Negentropic

    Ignorance is bliss even ignorance of your former fear-induced trauma which you thought you were over-and-above and deconditioned from.

    The “War Hoax” and the “History Hoax” are nothing new. None other than Nico Haupt brought the History Hoax to Clues Forum over 5 years ago and was dismissed as a loon on his latest loon journey. Nico was the original No-Planer (from day one), not that gatekeeping Australian Jew Gerald “blues guitarist” Holmgren (only the “planes” were faked, he would insist like an earlier version of Ace Baker, and would viciously cuss out Simon Shack in e-mails for suggesting otherwise) who then conveniently, in only a couple of years, “died from cancer” (read: was probably a Mossad agent or Sayanim written out of his gatekepping script because it was not working or he wanted more shekels to continue and Ace Baker volunteered to take his spot and make a big fancy 10 part movie about the same ridiculous nonsense gatekeeping angle! lol).

    Where the hell is Ace baker now? One of his compilation videos is still popular on you tube but he completely refused to answer any questions about faked victims and faked collapse videos, wrong shadows on buildings and other footage, and why? Because he was a straight up shill, that’s why! lol That clown even claimed at one time that the “real planes,” although not used in the “terror event” itself were flown somewhere else and “the people on them” gassed to death and/or murdered in some quick and “not too messy” way! lol I mean, come on! And I used to follow this clown and think he was on the level for a couple of years there when I first started getting into media-fakery research.

    Where is Nico Haupt now? I consider Nico the least suspicious of the older No-Planers. Besides who the hell could even understand his thick German accent? lol He had interesting things to say including the “history hoax” many years ago but an English speaker had to listen very hard to understand. This may or may not have been deliberate when you think about it. The real “troof” obscured by accent static! lol

    Where is even Judy Wood (Judy Garland, Wizard of Oz + Holly-Wood) or Andrew Johnson her #1 British groupie? All of these people have moved in the background because if they were in the foreground and challenged openly and forced to acknowledge the other truths that their “limited hangouts” point to, they’d be in trouble. Their false dialectics erected on disinformation and falsified foundations will easily collapse. They have taken a low profile, so other more “currently relevant” shills can continue the disinformation and confusion campaigns.

    Of course, the likely handler of them all, that fat old loudmouth Fetzer, the one who had all of them on his show at one time or another, remains just as active today as he was in 2007! lol

    The “war hoax” position that all sides and all politicians are controlled at all times by the same people and always have been is nothing new (I don’t agree; Almost all leaders are compromised but not all. I don’t agree with any absolutist position whatsoever, nothing that claims “black & white” finality, since nothing in reality is “final,” even former things that used to kill people and no longer do because the proper rituals, the rite ways of dealing with them have been dis-covered. Why were they under cover?). However, some of you guys have gone to the other extreme with DaveJ and now claim that “nobody” dies or gets hurt in any collective conflict which. This is a ridiculously extreme position to hold, and although appeal to ridicule is not an argument, laughing at extreme bee-hive-ior like this, dancing your common-sense on top of it, IS a proper “balance-restoring” response when first confronted by it, just like when you see someone doing anything else “extreme” such as putting a bone through their nose or tattooing their neck or face, in other words: “cutting edge” addiction. This is the dis-ease, the lack of ease desired by adventurous types, of always needing to be so “cutting edge” that they end up cutting themselves on that “edginess.”

    John, of course, is well aware of this (although he likes to pretend not to be for effect), although I’m not sure if all members of his site are, hence why I wrote this comment. John will never take the more “extreme” examples of what he claims on his own site or what DaveJ claims to the Higher Side Chats or any outlet having the audience base to give him 10K downloads in a week. It would be stupid for John and/or DaveJ to walk into a bar full of soldiers and claim “nobody died, nobody got hurt” (lol) in any war. They would just be giving all of them the proper excuse, within their programmed narratives based on “worry” and “war,” to beat the crap out of them! lol

    Like I said, John understands this and acts accordingly. DaveJ understands it too but he doesn’t care! That’s what makes his confrontations with other truthers so hilarious to watch and hear. It’s like watching a brave soldier in war, in intellectual war of ideas, ironically.

    Be careful with “extreme” bee-hive-ior my friends. Take baby steps forward and solidify your positions, hit your balances at each plateau, before trying for the mountaintop.

    • dante

      Nico! i remember seeing that dude down at ground zero with No Planes signs. that was when it was mob deep! ‘truthers’ from everywhere. lots of energy…at the time i’d have said momentum!

      the ‘false flag’ was such a startling revelation, seemingly wild claims never bothered me as much as it did others who thought NPT was “harming the movement.” that everyone seemed to agree there were no planes in PA or D.C – yet couldn’t get their minds open to the notion there were no planes in NYC – never made sense to me. even while knowing people personally who claim they saw them.

      —That clown even claimed at one time that the “real planes,” although not used in the “terror event” itself were flown somewhere else and “the people on them” gassed to death and/or murdered in some quick and “not too messy” way! lol I mean, come on! —-

      i once thought something like this. there are two members of this website including myself who are extremely confident that two people – purportedly on Flight 93 – were real people in real life and are no longer around post 911. if that flight ever existed or if they were really on any plane that morning…idk. but that they have assumed new identities somewhere else is speculative, just as the scenario above.

      there are obviously gradations of speculation…one side of the spectrum morbid, the other leaning toward ndngh. but speculation nonetheless.

      *this dude was a real person and is no longer around. i didn’t know him. younger than me, but another one who plenty of people in the small community i grew up in (former teachers, local pizza parlor, etc..) knew…plenty of photos to verify and could get plenty of people to vouch. big memorial service dedicating a bridge to his memory. when i looked back into local articles recently, i was def suspicious of the story given the 33, but from all accounts he’s gone. if there was no direct warfare against Iraqi soldiers is an important detail, but most enlist partially due to some duty to defend the country and fight the bad guys. if TPTB are falsely advertising we are at war, and people sign up to die under false pretenses, and then die… both parties are at fault but that doesn’t absolve the show runners. it’s not all construction / vehicular accidents. if it’s all just a big construction project, and they have all the power so as not to need any pretense or combat betwixt ‘nations’ – then there’s no need for guns and grenades.

      a lot of the links are now broken but i could ‘prove’ beyond a reasonable doubt he was real.

  • Negentropic

    P.S. None of the quotes/images that I formatted, and which showed in the preview, posted. Does the formatting for images even work? Here they are anyway, people can waste energy and click on them if they want instead of seeing them with the comment itself instantly.

  • If you’ve never heard of it the Order of the Golden Fleece was a touchstone for me in realizing that whatever War is it was not what I’d thought. The Order of the Golden Fleece is about as exclusive as it gets, populated exclusively by the blue-blood ‘high nobility’ of the developed countries. What I’d found so surprising was that none of the nations of any of the Orders members were permitted to prosecute War against each other unless it was decided by unanimous vote by the Order that they were allowed to do so… Being that the Orders members represent all the major countries which were supposedly at War with each other at least at some point in the last 125 years the narrative of hostile belligerents engaging in existential conflicts seemed a whole lot less likely than before.

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