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‘Illuminati Card Game’ Analysis – What Do You Think?

Please share any useful links or information you might have about the games — in particular, the history of the company which produced the games, and the philosophies of those involved. My own research has led me to a few remarkable discoveries and it would be interesting to see if anybody else has arrived at similar conclusions.


JLB17101 – ‘Illuminati Card Game’ Analysis – What Do You Think? (21-Nov-2017)

Website Update: : ‘Illuminati Card Game’ Analysis (21-Nov-2017)

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3 thoughts on “‘Illuminati Card Game’ Analysis – What Do You Think?

  • TheProphet49

    Excellent! The last time I saw anything close to a real study done on the Illuminati card games was Freeman Fly, back in the 2006-2012 years. It also was accompanied by a trek into the world of synchronicity. If I remember right, he actually put together a sync book made up of articles from other contributors along with his own thoughts.
    I don’t have a copy anymore, but it was an important step for me back then, along with reading the works of Manly P. Hall (also suggested by Freeman Fly).
    I devoured what you’ve put up so far and am looming forward to the rest.

    On a side note, is there any chance of getting recordings of sunday calls in the future? It’s unfortunately not a great time for me since it happens during ny weekend hours when I try and spend time with my kids.

    Thanks again, JLB.

    • What is your general opinion of Freeman?

      My only exposure to him has been by way of the Sync Book platform. I listened to an interview of his which impressed me: he came across as knowledgeable, relatable, positive, calm and likeable.

      The I read his chapter in The Sync Book 2*. It was among the worst from the two books combined.

      In fact, of 45 chapters which could be assessed, only three received the worst possible ‘1 star’ rating. His was one of them.

      Full of the most ridiculous conspiratard nonsense, to the point where it read like a parody of conspiracy theory (in a book which is not really about conspiracy theory, I might add).

      Chemtrails, ‘secret space programs’, 2012 doomporn, it was all in there. To be fair, mixed with some good stuff, but not nearly enough to outweigh the crap. A real let down.

      Still, I was too impressed by his interview to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I will have to check out his more recent work when I get the chance.

      I’m working on the Sunday calls; stay tuned!

      *I think this may the book you are referring to. Freeman was a contributor to it, but not the one who put it together. More info here.

      • TheProphet49

        You are correct, he was a contributor and not the organizer, and that is the work I was referring to. He is truly a mixed bag. Back in the late 2000s he spent so much time writing out long, detailed articles about the topics that he was covering at that time. If I remember correctly, he spent a lot of time looking into The Bavarian Illuminati, Free Masons and specifically the Ordo Templi Orientis, which led to connections with Aleister Crowley, and theosophy. He was a huge proponent of the works of Madame Helena Blavatsky and is the reason why I have read and own books such as “Isis Unveiled”, “The Secret Doctrine” and “The Voice of Silence.” I believe I mentioned this previously but he is also the reason I own many of Manly P. Hall’s works.

        Freeman was also heavily involved in the scene for 2012, though not quite like many of the other “researchers” who talked about it starting in 2010. He spoke a lot about the “Secret Space Program”, “Predictive Programming”, “Astro-theology” and MK Ultra. The fact that he promoted “Jordan Maxwell” (Russell Joseph Pine) and either could not or did not see through his con speaks poorly of him as a researcher but admittedly there was also a time when I was new and listened to Maxwell spin his tales.

        Overall, Freeman was a good introductory character for me to indulge and spot some BS for myself but a lot of people in the ACT scene probably drowned in the BS and never made it out.

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