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  • I am wondering if there is any way of digging into records of registrations etc as to whether we can verify the number plate IS the original plate issued for the vehicle and in what year was it issued etc

    The Smithsonian may well be playing a little game of its own, easy to set up especially considering wiki is edited by people in an ongoing manner.

    Also the Smithsonian is fairly well reported for removing artifacts are they also responsible for creating “artifacts” and substantiating the historical line…

    It would be nice to be able to cross reference the evidence from a few other sources. And by the way either way if it turned out to be not the original number plate that in itself would be more damming fakery wise when you think about it.

    Do we have anyone in Europe that could read local records from the era etc? Other than a display at the Smithsonian who could well be up to some stirring ..

    Just saying

    • Have been digging into this myself and have come across several forums who where discussing this issue in 2005 , quite interesting reading. eg:
      Quote”- With regards to the number plate, the coincidence certainly is remarkable. Don’t forget, though, that it’s much more remarkable to a Brit than it would be to an Austrian, because the number plate’s “A for Armistice” is meaningless to a German speaker (the German for ‘armistice’ is ‘waffenstillstand’), and the date 11-11-18 occurred a week after the Austro-Hungarian army was knocked out of the war (armistice signed on 3 November, coming to effect on 4-11-18).”


      It seems the number plate was there at the beginning so my doubts have been cooled re: museums trustworthiness.

      It does seem odd that this has been looked into in depth yet is cycling into the now again… his_story repeating itself .. odd

  • Negentropic

    Well, my mom told me years ago that her best friend’s sister was killed in one of the bombings of Lebanon by the Israelis back when they were regularly bombing the crap out of the place. I have an entire book that has before and after “bombing” pictures of Beirut.

    Seriously, I’m not “taking the piss” as JLB would say, not us Americans.

    Are you saying that they had a “controlled demolition” and she was involved in an “accident”? Come on dude, what are you guys even talking about? Are you saying she shouldn’t have stayed in the building and it’s her own fault? Are you saying the Palestinians deserve their massive suffering and mistreatment or even worse, that they are liars just as bad as the Israelis who murder them in cold blood?

    Simon Shack did a post once that claimed Rachel Corrie (the American girl peace-activist that was run over and killed by an Israeli bulldozer) was not killed but “fake killed,” (though he didn’t give his reasons why the Israelis would inflict this bad publicity on themselves deliberately, since being “set-up” to play the bad-guys everyone hates and despises for the ten thousandth time by unnamable “off chessboard entities,” is so absurd only Abirato and the rest of the social club at Fakeologist would claim it) to PsyOp fear into peace-activists and supporters of Palestinian rights.


    I sure as shit don’t agree with him and in fact, when I first saw this post and especially Hoi’s reaction to it, knowing he is, in real life, a “communitarian activist,” it made me want to vomit. I really hated both those guys at that moment.

    Communitarianism is basically false-equality pushing and cultural Marxism under a new window dressing with some modifications to please dumbass libertarian types that do not know the value of collective cultural synergy through the same process that a functional family of similar genetics, when extended, produces more of the same kinds of fruits and all those fruits (and flaws) put together make up the uniquenes and irreplaceability of that culture. You can’t compare it to an extended small bees-nest in libertarian terms because cultural activity includes everything a group of people value and do and don’t do in all the minutes and hours of their lives, and these valuations then, over even just a few generations and not necessarily “thousands of years” are then imprinted on their genetic makeups to be transferred to the next generation as genetic predispositions which other cultures of other genetics don’t have and will take time, sometimes a long period of time, to develop into and imprint their own genetics with. Guys like Hoi think, falsely, or pretend to believe, that a person of any genetic background, if taught this or that way of life from birth will be able to overcome previous, sometimes thousands-of-years-old-in-the-making genetic predispositions in just one or two generations and this is simply not true.

    Why is Hoi Polloi following indirectly (or maybe even directly, I haven’t checked his bookshelf, lol) the teachings of some Israeli named Amitai Et-Zioini who founded communitarianism? A dude as super-sharp and smart as Hoi certainly must know that this guy started the movement and that it is the synthesis of the Hegelian thesis-antithes of communism and capitalism, meaning stealthily implemented “laws” which initiate force against individuals, such as myself, who does not subscribe to these false false-equality mandates.

    Yeah so, that Rachel Corrie supposed “debunk” made me want to vomit like no other I’ve ever seen and then I realized a lot of what all media-fakery-wise people do when they mention fake victims has the same deliberately installed psychological triggers to act as barriers, make people nauseated and want to kill the messenger rather than the message. But consider this:

    Even if it can somehow be proven, without a shadow of a doubt, that it was a staged PsyOp done through media-fakery which I do not think Simon managed to do, how does this cancel out the deliberately induced misery and suffering and oppression of millions of others FORCED to live there and kept out and away from visiting their families ever again if they leave the occupied zones?


    See where all this leads? To more “drama and trauma” and emotional conflict and Hollywood crap.

    To say that “nobody dies, nobody gets hurt” in collective human conflicts with live ammo is ten times more absurd than saying nobody gets hurt on a football field and they’re all faking their injuries for show. Massive exaggeration of numbers, YES. “Nobody Died, Nobody Got Hurt” in massively funded “war and worry” camaigns? Heck the fuck no! Lol And don’t be surprised if you get physically attacked if you take the kind of arrogant attitudes you display safely from behind a keyboard to any place where programmed attack dogs called “tough guys” and soldiers (soul-jewers) hang out.

    Don’t steal that “heck the fuck no!,” that’s my new slang curse term invention. I will trademark it faster than (((Gene Simmons))) trademarks urinal pucks with an image of his face on it for people to pee on! I jest not lads.


    Nobody I know of anyhwere has ever said “heck-the-fuck-no” in a forum or in any of the thousands of podcasts I have infected my mind with to counter the previous infection! Not that I know of. They usually signal one or the other and not both states of attitude or vibe at once, since “heck” is for those who don’t want to say “hell” because that would be “cursing” while f-u-c-k is the main curse word used as a crutch for all inarticulate mother-effers who want to sound like they know “what the fuck” is going on! They want to keep it “real,” real stupid.

    The license plate?

    Back then, except masons and the elite Jew bankers above them who gave them all their rituals and the motto “let those who want to be fooled be fooled” (as if “wanting to be fooled” is not a child-like, submissive state of fantasy and nonreality-craving that can be programmed in all children since day one through corrupted mediums of message and massage and endless repetition of a few symbolic Pavlovian bells to w-rungly trigger the salivation of “fear” despite the plate being mostly empty of food or substance, such as in all hoaxes), no one even knew about the number-codes used to signal messages back and forth among themselves and their “in-crowd,” giving clues on how to invest their time and money and energy and whatnot so that it was made double and triple sure “those who want to be fooled” stayed foolishly blissful and “wanting to be fooled some more.”

    Hey! It’s “fun” for dumb people to be fooled in the same way that Santa Claus and the Bogieman is fun for children. Hope and fear go together and the triggers must be installed early. It’s even “fun” later, like drinking the disgusting poison of alcohol, pissing and puking yourself out of millions of dead brain cells, enduring complete body breakdown in “hangover” retardation and headaches and and then having the temerity to compare it favorably to the most magnificently harmless essential nutrient for the human imagination, not to mention body, the holy herb of Cannabis! How dare you. John “Simon” Le Bon or whatever your “real name” is, blaspheme the temple of herb by bringing Joe “shill” Rogan and his brain-dead audience into it? lol As TM (Terrence McKenna, the “CIA agent” according to that Trivium-birthed bozo Jan Irvin) used to say: it’s a consciousness expanding “drug,” if you’re not “conscious,” there is nothing to expand! And how come you don’t know how to sing “Girls on Film” and “Rio”?




    Not that I belive WWI was “real” in the first place, since real “reality” begins only when financial control of all sides through usury and counterfeiting by central banking ends, but to tell the truth, it’s not really that difficult to fake a license plate with a bit of editing or even straight up chemistry on celluloid and backdate it for those who will never check it anyway, don’t you think? Aren’t you yourself just taking other people’s word for it or have you analyzed the frames of the actual archival films and photos in detail yourself yet?

    Without doing this, people might still be-leaf you, but only in the same way that they be-leaf the photos in Judy Wood’s book represent “real photos” and therefore “scientifically prove” (lol) directed energy weapons from Tesla’s legacy of mystery science theatre and the never-to-be-heard-from-again John Hutchison! lol

    Can you believe she even pulled that clown out? And then Ace Baker attacked him as “phony” as if what his own bozo-shill-ass was claiming in “9-11 Psy Opera” about 3000 dead victims and no non-plane fakery had any validity whatsoever that couldn’t be debunked instantly by just these two by-now truly virtuosic displays of conspiracy-facting of previous mere “theories” by the legend himself, Simon Shack:



    Where’s your proof that the film you’re watching from the so-called beginning of the war and worry is authentic, whatever authenticity even means anymore?

    Where’s your proof that the license plate itself is authentic in the same way that the car can be proven to be authentic as far as that manufacturer and model goes because it was manufactured with technology available at the time.

    In other words, where’s your proof that this not another Anne Frank Diary of hoaxed bullshit written after the event? To make themselves seem even more powerful and “all-knowing” and omniscent and omnipresent than they are and give rise to even wilder conspiracy theories?

    Not that most conspiracy theorists like myself even care about WWI, since all sides had usurious central banks run by the same Judeo-Masonic/Globalist elite who have run that kind of “bunking” (hoaxing, applying the “bunk” others will have to de-bunk) forever.

    As at least even most Alex-Jones-level “woke” conspiracy-wise people know from reading G. Edward Griffin and not the person he plagiarized, Eustace Mullins, the protege of Ezra Pound, usury and legalized counterfeiting are the main levers of multigenerational financial slavery. G is the sign of freemasonry said G. Gordon Liddy and G. Edward, both con-serve-at-thieves.

    Gee dad where did that come from? Wally from the old “Leave It to Beaver” sitcom? I don’t know if JLB knows that show but I’m sure DaveJ remembers. Where did that come from? His Gee dad? Some people say it’s shortened for Jesus dad. I say go ride the baloney pony.

    OG? Original gangster or Ocean Grown? A lot of medical marijuana strains are called OG Kush and “OG” this and that and no one even explains why? They were never called this shit before in the old hippie days; why is everything “OG” all of a sudden like in gangter rap circles? And wouldn’t you know it, all these rapper idiots are flashing the goddamn “G” sign also standing for the “third eye on the pyramid on the dollar”?

    As all the regular-level “woke” AJ followers even know from G. Edward, fractional reserve system legalized counterfeiting gives one group, the bankers who put the rule in and their collaborators, full economic freedom to do whatever the hell they want, as long as the cattle do not wake up to the roundabout ways of their own enslavement. They use funny-money to monetize their emotional, ego-invested, soul-less armies of normies. The side able to get the counterfeit and FORCED-TO-BE-USED legal tender first, while prices of commodities are still low and unaffected by the economically proven process of inflation, a form of grand larceny in much roundabout ways. It is the Fascist side, the side most lied about in all of so-called “history,” the side that needs laws in 20-plus countries that jail people for 5 years for questioning its narrative in public forums, that needs Sherlock-Hoaxing detective work from a couple of “no shit Sherlock” aspirants like Johnny Le Bon and DaveJ.


    To adjust a bit more to “the cutting edge” without making my own self bleed hard-earned serenity: the goal is to have this idiocy and foolery happen in large enough numbers at all times so that their successful human farming projects and re-settings of history with bullcrap narratives based on dramatic/traumatic nonsense can continue to feed their luxurious and extravagant lifestyles.

    They own it all, you’re just the help serving dinner, no matter what your purported job or “salary” (sell-ery: the better you sell yourself out like a whore, the better your “salary” will be; of course the Sellery is determined by the Saul-ery or the International Jew bankers and their freemasonic douchy boys).

    They also recruit any geniuses that may happen to turn up on the farm ocassionally, which they have anticipated, since you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, technically speaking, and some people will manage to rise above their programming and write their own code, and those they can’t recruit, they either blackout and marginalize as much as possible in media or if there’s no other way to silence them, then they whack their asses. They don’t necessarily send Joe Pesci after them or the mob or any silly Hollywood bullcrap like that, they have many other, much more sanitary ways. But if they have to, they will send Jack Ruby to do it on National TV. Lee Harvey Ozz-world was a genius from the Wizard of Ozzie and Harriet and Ozzy Osbourne gone on tour in your home country Oz-trail-ia, wasn’t he? lol

    Their attitude goes something like this: the genie that gives is us, Who but a dufus would think that was a co-incidence? Us, the geniuses, and only us, the lightgivers who generously give to the fools who want to be fooled, the light of our merely subconsiously suggested “reasons” to STAY fooled and fearful, programmed into their subconscious unsuspectingly through endless repetition.

    So while they prosper and thrive on the blood of their legions of manufactured sucker-cattle, not necessarily “shed-blood” all the time as in direct physical injuries, or not as much shed blood as might be assumed, but shed intangibles such as enthusiasm, spirit and soul and creativity, the things that let you float above daily war-ries (little wars; things appearing “so-far” for the reaching and effort make you suffer, as in you have “so far” to reach those goals” which could end the so-far-ing or unrealistic dreaming in your mind; your spirit is bleeding and you have experienced spiritual murder even if you be a millionaire in shekel measure, the Dave-J kind ) and miseries.

    As Dennis Fetcho would say often in his esoteric work at the “Illuminatus Observor” (sic) blog, to destroy something is to de-story it, and it is no accident that the same letters spell “stroy” and “story,” just with the letters “r” and “o” switching sequence and everything else staying the same.


    Des-Troy, of course, also refers to Helen of Troy and that bullshit myth of the “Trojan Horse” which is nevertheless a totally valid psychological way to operate, poison disguised as a gift! To really destroy something without much resistance, you have to use the Trojan Horse method, which involves what? Bringing destruction and toxicity disguised as construction, health and “gifts” such as vaccines, cheap fast-foods, deliberately retarded ideas like veganism etc.


    and in the political realm the “good feelings” of false and forced “equality” being de-storied and destroyed soon enough by the realities of life and the fact that outside of “basic humanity,” such as the equality of all healthy humans being able to walk on two legs for long periods and form “concepts” and remember things for much longer periods than non-human animals, no two individuals, not even identical twins or the same human at different times in his life are ever “equal” in their abilities and capacities, since they all have different experiences and different levels of motivation to learn and willingness to use their freewill to take risks which might expose them to pain they don’t need.

    Depending on his values and what narratives he’s trying to adjust himself to, each human being, considers himself “worse or better off and less or more successful” at the dramatically and traumatically created bullshit game we all call “life” and “reality” at various times in his conscious existence and so will all the people he meets because they follow the same values and scripts, the same programming more-or-less and wouldn’t know how to write their own script outside that dramatic/traumatic paradigm to “save their lives.” Whatever they write for themselves will be within that useless dramatic form.

    “De-storying” something brings with it the elimination of the “stories” of the structure of the “building,” the narratives keeping it up despite the fact that it is crooked and deliberately unstable and hence why when the falsifications of the foundational cracks in the narratives are identified, and the more basic concepts or principles core-rupted at the root discovered from their occulted or hidden-by-PsyOpery space by going directly to-the-root with the t-root, the structure can be restored to integrity and organic wholness just like a healthy tree or well built building that lasts hundreds of years, etc.

    When you de-story the structure, you take out the levels and stories that keep it up and therefore destroy the structure down to its falls-ified foundation, the true being what gets you “thru” and the falls-e being what makes you take falls (and eventually deteriorate, degenerate and dye) and vice versa. When you physically destroy something, its stories and levels of informational structure and the paths they lead you on, good or bad, disappear.

    Very few conspiracy-wise right-wingers or nationalists consider the leading of wars to be anything but fake, EXCEPT if they are led by people who directly “Name the Jew” like Hitler, Mussolini (not in the beginning, at first he was only against freemasons and the mafia, but later on), Andrew Jackson They all consider soldier casualty figures to be maybe exaggerated but more-or-less in the same ballpark as propagandized.

    “Mandela effect” (gradually obfuscate, change and lose aspects of what everyone supposedly “knows” through collective consciousness and consensus) its narrative through deliberately inserted doubt and confusion (disinformation = deliberately making all things believable and nothing clearly knowable, NO-able, able to say “No” and thus know-able and NOBLE and NOW-able, able to be used in the now, in the present tense, the only thing that really ex-see-ists, can bee seen exteriorly) like super-hard, dude!

    Don’t you know that from the very birth of photography there was fakery and hoaxery when you’re already talking about nearly everything being a hoax and hucks and hoax-terish hocus pocus? That kind of free-association was taken to its extreme by James Joyce by the way in Finnegans Wake, Terence McKenna’s favorite book, which most people consider gibberish (new language), few read, fewer understand, even fewer (what is fewer arouses furor, arouses envy and malice) than that over-stand and even fewer than that over-stone-d, since being able to stand erect is to be like bone and stone, weathered and hardened but not hurted and herded into a hard mind that hardens and hurts others (utters, the utterings of udder minds, those children, chilled-in-the-rain, still on the udder of cattle).

    To say that you have to stay in this tense or that tension in order to keep people’s at-tense-shine within a hackneyed dramatic/traumatic form of beginning, middle and end, past (passed, gone, no longer here to hear and w-hoar), present and fewed-chewer (brain food fewed, chewed and digested by few) mold or filter of reality (re-all-lit-e, all lit by “e” again), tensed shine or blocked light and induced heaviness, and then spell it “attention,” is not just silly but deliberately done or interest (inner-rest, you are interested only in your inner rest, your inner peace and that’s the way it should be).

    Who would have the balls to fake a license plate on an old “news-reel,” which probably was already bullshit in the first place, in order to give rise to endless conspiracy theories? The same people (pupils with dilated pupils and poppy flower control grid) who will change the 9-11 story in seemingly minor but important-in-herd-management-terms or ways in the future and may have already done it without our notice (note-these, now-this, go note-these and now-these and notice only what you’re told and pay-tolled by, goyim, and if you’re a-goy, don’t forget to rely on yoga and new-age gaga in the branches of the tree of be-leaf instead of reaching and always going to-the-root for the t-root, that which will get you thru what you need or are needled to need to get through (what the fuck kind of symbolic spelling is that for a relatively simple mouth noise anyway and why the fug, or fac-k-t, does everything have to have that G-od-damned “G” in it?) the lie of your lie-off to simply lay-off of your life and let others lead it.

    All of those terms (lie-off, lay-off, life, leaf, loaf, etc., I’m sure there are many more I haven’t thought of, there goes that “G” again) when said a bit more quicker carry the same sound and therefore neurolinguistic metaphor-formation power for automatic subconcious construction projects that go on constantly whether you like it or approve-of-it-or not outside of the realm of “good and evil” and more-all-ity, faulty foundationed to a self-fullfilling prophecy self-destruct program, as always. After all, which human being who had found the key to living 500 years or even relative immortality would narrate this “science fiction” to farm animals expecting them to have the stoning to under-stand and be unmoved by envy and malice like stone and rooted trees in the face of winds and their winding ups?


    This all leads to what I will now in cutting-edge fashion coin THE FEAR HOAX (trademarked and patented for future shackels and shekels by yours truly, my lier or low-yer, shlomo shekelsteen, will send a cease-and-desist order to all you clowns if you steal that to steel your own chinked armors, lol) which ties-in to my previous linking of the “traumatic” to the “dramatic” form in aesthetics which not a single person I know of, on this entire internet of presumably billions of connected dumbfucks, including the know-it-alls of the conspiritard movement, has done, although the two words are clearly the same phonetics spelled differently for your hypnotic delight.

    I empathize (empty their path size, measure the size of their psychological path and/or path-ology) to an extent but only with those genuinely struggling to set themselves free and not those ignorantly blissful and stewing in the stew-paid pit, being stupid, since I was one of those dumbfuggs a few long, very goddamn long, years (y-ears, your ears are your years, so be careful what you let into your ears and hears or you might have tears (rhyming with ears) and tears (rhyming with errs, errors and terr-ors, teers and tairs being a more proper spelling to distingish the two states more subtly for the reader of the English code not fully familiar withe spoken noises that almost certainly arose before the code was formed and were later “re-set” for your amusement and somebody else’s benefit) ago, longer than many lifetimes in learning although feeling “just like yesterday” to myself (this ties in to the History Hoax and the Time Span Hoax and Human Life Span Hoax and all the other possible permuations arising out of dime and spice) only able to do so by standing on the shoulders of a man (Gene Youngblood) who wrote a book when I was 2 years old, just to beat Johnno anti-U2-but-no-longer-pro-Bono to the punch, lol.

    Does fear exist? And if it does, why? What is it really and why can’t so many people face their “fears” or what I will now coin “Alfred Hitchcocked mind-fucked brain space”? What does it contain? What percentage of “fears” in human beings are real and logically bio-ed (biological), meaning “really required”(re-choired? In who’s preached-to choir? Alfred friggin’ Hitched-cock’s?) in order to survive, in the same way that fearing too much or too little hot and cold or “a wild animal” in the jungle might be appropriate if you don’t want to end up as a vehicle for ITS survival rather than have IT become a vehicle for yours?

    Why does we-are when said quickly sound like “fear”? Is the fact that “We Are” then automatically relate to fear? If “we are” then are we to fear why we are the way that we are? Why? Why fear fear itself? Why even the whole ridiculous dramatic games? Why even this language that I’m communicating to you with. Why not a far more complete language than even cinema, as in “expanded cinema” or what Gene Youngblood proposed in the year 1970 and nobody listened (until one guy, myself, who even brought that guy’s name to the attention of the conspiracy theorist cutting edge crowd) Why do you think and thing that that question is ab-surd (ab-irato, ab-surd



    There were many loads of other, smaller warried worries and collective conflicts in between and WHETHER HOAXED OR NOT ON A PHYSICAL BLOOD AND GUTS LEVEL, even admitting that hoaxing conflicts and physical injury is far easier to do than inflicting physical injury, since physical injury is directly perceivable whereas far worse cases of psychological injury and literal rapes of a person’s entire mindscape through deliberately falsified and toxic concepts giving rise to absurd fantasies all of them are important to keep the fear-based dramatic/traumatic system of worldwide mass-movement motion (do you see the stem yet or not, you utter dipshits is what the word tells you, since the base of organized mouth-noises or what is so-called verbal (warble, garble, for retards on the farm and within the walls of the linguistic prisons they can’t see basically because they are within the embrace of symbols and not outside it at all times looking, re-assessing and re-inventing them) language being connected to pre-verbal pure symbols and forms in nature) going. It’s not just a few big shots of trauma and drama that give people the dialectics of their lifetime embedded subconscious scripts to follow like lemmings

    The trans-valuation of values, dude. This is what happens when you read the number of books that I do and wake-and-bake in the mourn-ing instead of drinking that caffeine-lemming-poison because you can! I’m crying for the eevils and weevils of yesteryear can’t you see? Boo-hoo-hoo, yesterday’s and yesteryear’s future-shock script for the worldwide motion-picture stage show, lol
    This is what Nietzsche called it and this is what had to occur (occ-cure, occulted or hidden cure) for the people of his era to have rejoined real humanity outside the matrix of his day.

    And this is what this website and others will have to do if they are to invent their own serene space for pure-and-uncorrupted joy and pleasure (play-sure not plead-to-be-sure) within the force-and-farce matrix (made-tricks) being deliberately weaved every hour of every day throughout all mediums of communication in order to make it easy (e-see, electric, electrified seeing, C-ing, conceptualizing, seeing things electrically, from all angles of logic at once, before even the individual steps can be isolated and identified, rather than linearly like the Aristotelian, makes them e-see; a c-lever person also has the curve or “C” of conceptual-leverage down, he is c-leveraged against those who are stew-pit or stewing in the pit! What pit and what stew? lol) pickings for some and a hard (and hurt) road (rote, routine) for others (ah-theres, Ah there you are! How are you dumbass? lol).

    The psychological match is a check-mate against most people and has been for a long time and unlike the board game, the game of life, literally the jungle where “gamed” animals or fooled people are hunted and farmed, goes on after-check-mate.



    If this idiot and probably most of his ancestors didn’t jews to stay on the chessboard and try to live their loser lives “after check-mate, would they ever choose (Jews) artistic expression as a human condom? lol The above quote is attributed to the Jew (I’m sure like most scientists he claims atheism but being born to a tradition, one born of symbols I almost certainly wasn’t aware of in my mother’s womb and neither was he, that promotes parasitism and taking advantage of “dreamers” and the psychologically vulnerable, despite not being his own fault, carries a certain type of baggage that should always be kept in the back of the mind when dealing with characters like this) science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov.

    Eye-Sack-Ass-in-Move from the land of Ps-eye-on (Z-ion, as in the movie made by the two tranny brothers; br, br-oken others as well as br-ing the others, the utterers, the utters; isn’t is strange that the neurolinguistic programing for brother is to make your brother the “other,” as well as to bring the “others,” the non-kindred IN? And take the “r” out of brother and you get what? BOTHER that’s what! Your brother is your bother, sucker, and you had better bring-the-others in also, as in the non-brothers or the outsiders, like the Jews and their fremasonry or Judaism-for-Gentiles, laid-HEs and gentilemen, men and womb-men, who will then bother you even more than your brother.

    Think about it! The word itself already programs you for dysfunction and alienation instead of the win-win dialectic of function and consequent “fun” ), now “sisters,” (see-ease-ters; easy-seers, electric seers with neurolinguistic roadblocks of their own to hurdle) and this land in the middle east, the middle e-see-est? The eye sack or socket, the “what-you-see” that puts your ass in movement, the installed filters and inefficiencies of movement leading to dis-ease, dis-e-see-ing?


    I mean just look at these two utter (other and udder) clowns. Does anybody really be-leaf (un-rooted from the t-root in the leaves and branches) that literally the entire post-2000 “truth movement” was seeded by these two degenerates? Make me laugh some more! Even if they did, in fact, write the whole movie for moving millions of cattle around in a daze of “red pill” and “blue pill” and all this other nonsense, why would you make two weirdos like this your idols and prophets? We know why the eeee-lites do it, to make “us” look ridiculous, right? But why would you do it? Why would you use terms first put in the mass consciousness by and adopt the way-of “red pill” life introduced by a couple of obvious agents and/or lifetime actors?

    Let’s get back to the master hoaxer from the Orthodox Russian Jew family: Isaac Asimov or “I-suck-ass-and-move” (lol, that’s the more directly pornographic interpretation, or phonetic decoding but that also bizarrely works when you think of the mediocrity and subservience of the individuals-without-individuality within the herds this character is addressing, or trying to make “smarter,” at least that’s what the cattle think and thing, in his popular books).

    Even this not-as-smart-as-he-thinks guy’s name can be decoded by the wonder of the English (ing-leash, ling-leash. linguistic leash but also angle-ish, seeing from all angles at once, e-see-ing) language (ling-gauge, change the spell a bit and you get measure of the tongue (dung, bullshit) to give a clue to his possible real motives and personality, maybe even motives in his subconscious and those of his parents he was unaware of and which, despite the fact that his parents were Russian Jews and made different mouth noises and wrote Cyrillic symboled code gave rise to those particular mouth noises re-identified through different symbols evoking the same sound in a different medium of verbally constructed problematic communion.

    Deep but not so deep at the same time, a thesis-antithesis paradox and possible synthesis to newer t-roots giving rise to k-new-er branches like everything else. The movements of life, beginning in the mind and physical muscles simultaneously through the entrance of energy, the force that seeks the inner-grace or balance of the hell-thy (held-theology, held thought) Just requires a change of perspective and adjustment of the lens, a re-focusing? Well, maybe that’s sretching it a bit far, but not stretching things at all, not inventing new language and relying on the old is basically the easiest degeneration trap anyone can fall in.






    • Samurai Blue

      Well, I certainly don’t feel so bad about my own cognitive dissonance now.

      • Negentropic

        It’s alright to have cognitive dissonance, as long as you’re willing to work through it to a new synthesis. Just relax and groove with it, don’t be afraid of having a little dissonance, like a good Jazz sax player will have dissonance to add to the rawness of his sound:


        They’re the sore muscles of your brain getting a workout and if you keep at it, after a while you get less and less sore with the same weight carried and start adding more weight. Before you know it, voila! You’re the Conan the Barbarian of conspiracies, bench-pressing 400 pounds of media fakery! lol

        That’s what you do all the time anyway if you’re a thinking person at all. You think of an idea or someone gives you an idea that has already been thought about (or hoaxed thought about like the possibility of space travel and all that nonsense) that they thought up or somebody they know did, maybe even somebody famous like Neil “go eat De grass cows” Tyson, lol. Do you accept it because an authority said it? Not if you’re a thinking person. You counter with as many of your own equally valid ideas (which will not be your own most of the time, but those ideas you have come to subscribe to thought of by others before you which seem to make sense to you, at least at that point in your life and development) as you can, the strongest of which becomes your main antithesis and see if a useful synthesis can come out it, when you think about it for a while and most importantly, when you relax and let your subconscious do most of the work for you.

        You can have many of these Hegelian dialectics going on at once, each problem to be solved at various stages of completion to the synthesis stage. Each synthesis, after being functional and useful for a while, becoming a thesis again for further exploration into new possible syntheses. The synthesis that was Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, was functional and valuable for many decades and still would be in more primitive cultures, then when new things were discovered such as wireless communication technology (or were said to have been discovered at a certain time; either way, wireless communication did not get a head-of-steam until the late 1980s), the functionality of the original phone was found wanting and it became a thesis to start up all the antitheses on which all the best minds in the communications field worked for a while, until a stabilizing level of synthesis was again achieved and you had “the cellular phone.” The cell-phone soon became the thesis-antithesis dialectical movement platform for the ‘smart phone” that lets you go on the internet and do a hundred things that the regular “flip” cell phones of before couldn’t do and on and on. This is the most obvious example, but everything, every movement of change in our current reality has to go through this ritual or it doesn’t arrive at valid and reliable know-ledge and under-stand-ing.

        For each topic you’re interested in, there are an endless number of problems you can solve that will make that field of know-ledge better mapped in the brain for navigation and then physical operation if needed. Many others will work on the same problem in their own way. After a while, all you people will share your work and the strongest and best idea (hopefully) will be chosen as the new synthesis.

        Nothing is final except change and movement. Something makes all the units of the universe, all the atoms (adams) or whatever you want to call it, seek to move and keep moving until a new balance or synthesis is achieved.

        That style of writing, which I don’t always use, is called “stream of consciousness.” You try to capture the process of your own thoughts as they are occurring, and try to keep it coherent for yourself and hope that at least a few people can tune in to some of your wavelengths.

        Begin the day with a friendly voice
        A companion unobtrusive
        Plays that song that’s so elusive
        And the magic music makes your morning mood

        Off on your way, hit the open road
        There is magic at your fingers
        For the spirit ever lingers
        Undemanding contact in your happy solitude

        Invisible airwaves crackle with life
        Bright antenna bristle with the energy
        Emotional feedback on timeless wavelength
        Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free

        It was invented or at least taken to its extreme by James Joyce. In our field, it’s no-holds-barred “black belt” conspiracy theorizing, sparring with other black belts like JLB and DaveJ and hoping that we’ll all improve our games through the process. I improve my game every time I listen to DaveJ. Despite his “crazy daveJ” nickname which even JLB would use occasionally in the past, he’s way above black belt or is red-belt in certain “internal or spiritual martial arts” areas like “the mind computer,” lesser belt but still mostly very skilled in others; flawed in a few areas, but then so is everyone else and that just makes him human. Actually my flaws and his flaws might some day merge and form a synthesis that turns those flaws into advantages. And JLB, he’s only 31, but definitely black belt and maybe even a few levels above myself in knowledge already working on his red.

        Again, regardless of whether or not I agree with every new idea or thought experiment JLB puts out, just listening to and sparring with his virtuoso verbal abilities alone (he’s the Rickson Gracie of verbal Jiu Jitsu and this sometimes rubs a lot of people the wrong way, lol) is highly beneficial to my own growth, even if it’s just a sparring in my mind, my ideas and his, my concepts and his, clashing against each other and trying to find synthesis and synergy, and not in direct conversation, which we have also done before and will do again in the future.



        I just don’t agree with his current policy that all of the “member” content should go behind the pay wall. I think half should be free to everyone and half pay just like Higher Side Chats and Red Ice. This is also the reason that I put most of my comments on threads available to everyone automatically without having to be a member and log in. Of course, “everyone” on a site as fringe and small as this, is maybe 10 extra people in a month reading your comment not associated directly as a member here out of hundreds who might read the article itself? lol

        This putting of the longer pods behind the paywall makes most people suspicious of the site as some kind of quick money-making scam. I mean look at how much Judy Wood must have made on her ridiculous 40 dollar book, trying to prove “Directed Energy Weapons” on 9-11 based on photographs not even authenticated as real before she took them into evidence, which would be the very first step in any proper court of law, by the way, authenticating the evidence. At one time she was even outselling every David Icke book on Amazon and had over 300 friggin’ MORONIC reviews by self-style “experts” who were her fans.

        Actually, it’s still doing very well and WHAT A SURPRISE! — that out of all the books they banned outright during last year’s Amazon book-burning purge, her piece-of-crap book was not!


        Because it promotes fear of invincible elites, just as Fetzer’s “NYC was nuked on 9-11” piece of garbage book was kept on because it promotes fear,


        while his more-or-less valid Sandy Hoax book, which provided the proof for “no victims” was banned! And his other conspiracy-crowd baits of recent years which were more-or-less valid, including the Boston Legless Marathon Hoax book, are still there. Go figure.


        Fetzer is not there to gatekeep “the masses” on the “how” of 9-11 but those who already know Sandy Hook was a hoax 100% but are still not sure about 9-11. His bait-and-hook game makes sure that they state confused and unsure and therefore unable to integrate all their thoughts to become leaders of larger movements of “woke” people.


        P.S. My handle on DIF is synergetic67


        and the only reason I’m there is because it’s a very popular site with over 300,000 members of the forum (though only a hundred or so are active at any one time and being on that large a forum means your threads and posts get far fewer views than on smaller more specifically focused sites) and because, since they can be so easily discredited through Icke’s infamous “the elites are interdimensional Reptilian Shapeshifters theory in the eyes of more “sane people,” they are more-or-less left alone as far as free-speech on the forum is concerned. You can basically talk about anything there as long as you do it without outright rudeness, even “No Victims” and “No Planes” on 9-11, which is (or at least used to be when I tired it a few years ago) an INSTANT BAN on many sites, including Infowars, What Really Happend, Rense, and Loose Change forums:


        CNN seeding the false controlled opposition “limited hangout” narrative of 9-11 starring “The Three Stooges,” Avery, Bermass and Rowe (Avery and Bermass are “tribe members” or Jews by the way, isn’t that a surprise? Not! Rowe was busted for trying to sell heroin, lol, or at least that’s how the story goes. Hey! Maybe he was so depressed that he had made nothing but a shill whore out of himself that he had to shoot up smack and or sell it? lol Don’t worry, agents like him never do any real time, he got off with a misdemeanor and is now promoting Cannabis for his supposed PTSD from the “horrors” of the Iraq war! lol :






  • It really seems like 3000 people did not die on 911, most of us can agree on that, right? But some folks are convinced there was at least a little bit of murdering, as evidenced by the apparent disappearence of a third hand acquaintance. Thats fine, maybe there really was some murdering on 911, or maybe someone stubbed their toe to death. Regardless, we can all agree that the 3000 figure is absurd, right?

    If 3000 people really died, it would not be so difficult to find greiving relatives of victims. Instead, theres a few people that might know a friend of a friend who disappeared. And of course, a missing person doesnt equate to a dead person, or a murdered person. A missing person doesnt support anything about the 911 yarn, nor does it prove that the elite are “evil doers”. Lol, boogiemen, evil doers! Do you believe? Are evil doers pulling strings in your city? When you look at your city, do you see oppression and slavery? Are the normies slaves? I dont think so.

    The reason i started this comment was because I thought about how difficult it is to find some bona fide 911 victims or relatives, even though 3000 people supposedly died. Now think about war, war is so much bigger, it should be thousands of times easier to find bona fide combat veterans. War is like a 911 attack in every city, there should be so much testimony.

    Did someone die during war time? Certainly! Was it murder? Orders from the elite? I.e. “Please murder these people over here, we need them dead. Thx! Sincerely General Teevee”.
    I doubt it. But maybe you know a guy who knows a guy who claims to have seen proof that free range murder is a state program, and maybe that is enough evidence for you to continue seeing evil as the foundation of society, but its not ebough evidence for me.

    Its so nice now that I no longer believe in the evil elite. There was no end to that, the more evil I saw, the more evil I saw.
    Looking back, it was such a waste, all of my beliefs in “evil doers” was based on the “appearance of proof”, not actual proof. 3000? 200M? Oh yeah, its gotta be true because a friend of a friend said they saw the shit? Appearance of proof, not sufficient proof.

    So often people say “i dont know what to believe”, yet they continue to believe in the evil elite. Its so gloomy, and its all based on bs. Id rather believe in mud flood theory, there is more evidence to support that than there is evidence to support the belief in “evil doers”,yeah?

    Also, you are what you think about all day.

    • Its so nice now that I no longer believe in the evil elite. There was no end to that, the more evil I saw, the more evil I saw.
      Looking back, it was such a waste, all of my beliefs in “evil doers” was based on the “appearance of proof”, not actual proof. 3000? 200M? Oh yeah, its gotta be true because a friend of a friend said they saw the shit? Appearance of proof, not sufficient proof.

      Excellent comment. I know them feels. Seeing evil due to believing in evil, rather than the other way around. The ACT realm really can do a number on the unsuspecting, well-meaning truthseeker.

  • The article linked has some interesting background on early faked war footage. It’s written from the perspective that, war is real, so we better fake it unless we want to get ourselves killed, but it’s still worth a read.

    ‘The lesson here, surely, is not that the camera can, and often does, lie, but that it has lied ever since it was invented.’


    • Excellent contribution, thank you.

      It says it all in the byline of the article:

      ‘Early filmmakers faced a dilemma: how to capture the drama of war without getting themselves killed in the process. Their solution: fake the footage.’

      Consider the word ‘filmmaker’ here. Is the filmmaker merely the man behind the camera, or is the filmmaker the man/men at the top of the production chain?

      In other words, if you want ‘war’ on the screen, you can either have a war, or you can fake one. Which one involves less death?

      Wag The Dog (1997) truly is essential viewing. An all-star cast of Hollywood actors tell the lemming masses exactly how it is.

      To this day there are supposedly ‘awake’ people who still can’t wrap their heads around the War Hoax, despite the fact that it stares them in the face every single day.

      I like this part from later in the same article you linked to:

      ‘Certainly, what impresses the viewer of the first war films today is how ludicrously unreal, and how contrived, they are.’

      Yeah, not like the modern footage of so-called ‘War’:


      What A Time To Be Alive.

      • What A Time To Be Alive indeed!

        Thanks for the reply

        Yes, you’re absolutely right, ‘Wag The Dog’ is essential viewing, I must have watched it a dozen times over the past few years.

        There’s another film that’s in the same vein and that’s ‘Wrong is Right’ (1982) starring Sean
        Connery. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084920/?ref_=nv_sr_1

        I was just looking for a version on YouTube and came across this piece drawing connections with 9/11 (it might be worth watching the film first though)

        I first saw the film a few years ago and what I’d only half remembered was, suitcase nukes, Islamic extremism, suicide bombers and an attempt to destroy one of the Twin Towers, and this was released in 1982!

  • Adam

    If you’re not already familiar with this book, it’s worth a read. Just the introduction is enough.

    by Arthur Ponsonby MP


    Some choice quotes, mainly from the introduction

    “Lying, as we all know, does not take place only in war-time. Man, it has been said, is
    not “a veridical animal,” but his habit of lying is not nearly so extraordinary as his
    amazing readiness to believe. It is, indeed, because of human credulity that lies
    flourish. But in war-time the authoritative organization of lying is not sufficiently
    recognized. The deception of whole peoples is not a matter which can be lightly

    “A good deal depends on the quality of the lie. You must have intellectual lies for
    intellectual people and crude lies for popular consumption, but if your popular lies are
    too blatant and your more intellectual section are shocked and see through them, they
    may (and indeed they did) begin to be suspicious as to whether they were not being
    hoodwinked too. Nevertheless, the inmates of colleges are just as credulous as the
    inmates of the slums.”

    “In calm retrospect we can appreciate better the disastrous effects of the poison of
    falsehood, whether officially, semiofficially, or privately manufactured. It has been
    rightly said that the injection of the poison of hatred into men’s minds by means of
    falsehood is a greater evil in wartime than the actual loss of life. The defilement of the
    human soul is worse than the destruction of the human body. A fuller realization of
    this is essential.”

    “With a warning before them, the common people may be more on their guard when
    the war cloud next appears on the horizon and less disposed to accept as truth the
    rumours, explanations, and pronouncements issued for their consumption. They
    should realize that a Government which has decided on embarking on the hazardous
    and terrible enterprise of war must at the outset present a one-sided case in
    justification of its action, and cannot afford to admit in any particular whatever the
    smallest degree of right or reason on the part of the people it has made up its mind to
    fight. Facts must be distorted, relevant circumstances concealed and a picture
    presented which by its crude colouring will persuade the ignorant people that their
    Government is blameless, their cause is righteous, and that the indisputable
    wickedness of the enemy has been proved beyond question. A moment’s reflection
    would tell any reasonable person that such obvious bias cannot possibly represent the
    truth. But the moment’s. reflection is not allowed; lies are circulated with great
    rapidity. The unthinking mass accept them and by their excitement sway the rest. The
    amount of rubbish and humbug that pass under the name of patriotism in war-time in
    all countries is sufficient to make decent people blush when they are subsequently

    “There is the faked photograph (“the camera cannot lie “). These were more popular in
    France than here. In Vienna an enterprising firm supplied atrocity photographs with
    blanks for the headings so that they might be used for propaganda purposes by either

    “Perhaps nothing did more to impress the public mind — and this is true in all
    countries —- than the assistance given in propaganda by intellectuals and literary
    notables. They were able to clothe the tough tissue of falsehood with phrases of
    literary merit and passages of eloquence better than the statesmen. Sometimes by
    expressions of spurious impartiality, at other times by rhetorical indignation, they
    could by their literary skill give this or that lie the stamp of indubitable authenticity,
    even without the shadow of a proof, or incidentally refer to it as an accepted fact. The
    narrowest patriotism could be made to appear noble, the foulest accusations could be
    represented as an indignant outburst of humanitarianism, and the meanest and most
    vindictive aims falsely disguised as idealism. Everything was legitimate which could
    make the soldiers go on fighting.”

    End of Corpse Factory chapter

    “Not the least of the horrors of modern warfare is the propaganda
    bureau, which is an important item in the military establishment of
    every nation. Neither is it the least of the many encouraging signs
    which each year add to the probability of eventual peace on earth. The
    famous Kadaver story, which aroused hatred against the German to the
    boiling point in this and other Allied nations during the war, has been
    denounced as a lie in the British House of Common . Months ago the
    world learned the details of how this lie was planned and broadcasted
    by the efficient officer in the British Intelligence Service. Now we are
    told that, imbued with the spirit of the Locarno pact, Sir Austen
    Chamberlain rose in the House, said that the German Chancellor had
    denied the truth of the story, and that the denial had been accepted by
    the British Government.”

    “A few years ago the story of how the Kaiser was reducing human
    corpses to fat aroused the citizens of this and other enlightened nations
    to a fury of hatred. Normally sane men doubled their fists and rushed
    off to the nearest recruiting sergeant. Now they are being told, in
    effect, that they were dupes and fools; that their own. officers
    deliberately goaded them to the desired boiling-point, using an
    infamous lie to arouse them, just as a grown bully whispers to one little
    boy that another little boy said he could lick him.

    “The encouraging sign found in this revolting admission of how,
    modern war is waged is the natural inference that the modern man is
    not overeager to throw himself at his brother’s throat at the simple
    word of command. His passions must be played upon, so the
    propaganda bureau has taken its place as one of the chief weapons.
    “In the next war, the propaganda must be more subtle and clever than
    the best the World War produced. These frank admissions of wholesale
    lying on the part of trusted Governments in the last war will not soon
    be forgotten.”

  • Baltimore

    Is that podcast still available. ? Link wasn’t operating

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