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Part Membership is free but limited to email-verified accounts.

It is intended for people who are new to the research and content production of JLB.

Before you jump into the deep end of the pool, it makes sense to dip you toe in the water

NOTE: Part Members also have access to everything on the Free Member page.

The following material is available to Part Members (but not to Free Members or visitors):


Kiddy Hoaxes


The History Hoax – A Primer
*Released to Part Members on 3-Aug-2017

The History of ‘History’
*Released to Part Members on 3-Aug-2017


FMVU Clips

FMVU Clip #03 | Is ‘Ancient Greece’ Make-Beleive? (15-Nov-2017) | 57 minutes
*Released to Part Members 15-Nov-2016

Full Member Videos

JLBMember Video #02 | Lucas and JLB in Melbourne (25-Nov-2016) | 21 minutes
*Released to Part Members 21-Dec-2016

JLBMember Video #03 | Blue Pill – Red Pill – Black Pill? (13-Dec-2016) | 62 minutes
*Released to Part Members 31-Mar-2017

JLBMember Video #16 | Neil deGrasse Tyson in Brisbane (24-Jul-2017) | 13 minutes
*Released to Part Members 28-Jul-2017

Meta Fe Series

Episode #0 | Sociology and Psychology of Flat Earth (25-Oct-2016) | 3 hours

Episode #00 | Are Flat Earth Leaders Psychopaths? (7-Nov-2016) | 3 hours

Episode #000 | Why Do FE Leaders Censor Skepticism? (14-Nov-2016) | 4 hours (audio split into two files)

Episode #1 | ‘As The Potato Turns’ (12-Dec-2016) | 2.5 hours