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Part Membership is free but limited to successful applicants.

It is intended for people who are new to the research and content production of JLB.

Before you jump into the deep end of the pool, it makes sense to dip you toe in the water

How to become a Part Member

Step #1: Sign up for a Freeloader Membership

Step #2: Send JLB an application email

Step #3: Profit

What to include in the application email

Whatever you deem appropriate.

Ideally it will include an explanation as to why you want access to this material, and why you believe that this access will be beneficial to you.

Please be aware that applications may be rejected if they are adjudged to be unsatisfactory. Do not complain or feel victimised if your application is rejected.

Question: Why should I have to apply for access to this material?

You don’t have to. You can simply go without.

Chances are your life will be no different with or without access to this material ūüôā

Question: Why have you implemented this application process?

Because I only want this material to be seen by people who are likely to understand the significance of it.

The application process works as a filter: those who are too lazy/cynical to apply for access are (almost certainly) also too lazy/cynical to benefit from the material in the first place.

Material available to Part Members
Hoax Hierarchy

Kiddy Hoaxes

‘Illuminati Card Game’ Analysis

Part IIntroduction and Overview (21-Nov-2017) | 1,000 words
*Released to Part Members on 8-Dec-2017

Part IISome Well-Known ‘Coincidences’ (21-Nov-2017) | 2,000 words
*Released to Part Members on 8-Dec-2017


#20 | The History of ‘History’ (6-Jul-2017) | 3,000 words
*Released to Part Members on 3-Aug-2017

#32 | Bitcoin Crash Imminent (27-Nov-2017) | 2,000 words
*Restricted to Part Members on 6-Dec-2017

#32A | Bitcoin Crash Imminent – Addendum (2-Dec-2017) | 3,000 words
*Released to Part Members on 6-Dec-2017

#40 | ‘Outer Space’ vs Unicorns (26-Feb-2018) | 5,000 words
*Released to Part Members 26-Feb-2018


#01 | War Hoax Pt 1: Introduction (12-May-2017) | 51 minutes
*Limited to Part Members 17-Feb-2018

#02 | Grande Terror Hoax: Conspiratards vs Normies (25-May-2017) | 16 minutes
*Limited to Part Member 17-Feb-2018

#03 | Is ‘Ancient Greece’ Make-Believe? (15-Nov-2017) | 57 minutes
*Released to Part Members 15-Nov-2017

Full Member Videos

#02 | Lucas and JLB in Melbourne (25-Nov-2016) | 21 minutes
*Released to Part Members 21-Dec-2016

#03 | Blue Pill – Red Pill – Black Pill? (13-Dec-2016) | 62 minutes
*Released to Part Members 31-Mar-2017

#09 | 37 Things Normies Believe – Review (Part #1) (14-Jun-2017) | 82 minutes
*Released to Part Members 18-Sep-2018

#20 | Comfortably Numbered (6-Aug-2017) | 6 minutes
*Released to Part Members 17-Feb-2018

#21 | Charlottesville’s Web (15-Aug-2017) | 6 minutes
*Released to Part Members 17-Feb-2018

Other Videos

JLBA#04 | Simulacra and the Silverfox [Pt 1] (8-Feb-2018) | 100 minutes
*Released to Part Members on 17-Feb-2018

JLB1724 | What Does ‘Coincidence’ Mean to You? (9-Mar-2017) | 15 minutes
*Re-released to Part Members on 16-Dec-2017

JLB1733 | ‘9/11 in Sync’: Coincidence and Meaning in Art (4-Apr-2017) | 10 minutes
*Re-released to Part Members on 16-Dec-2017

JLB Member Skypes

JLB Member Skpe #06Higher Intelligence (4-Feb-2018) | 116 minutes
*Released to Part Members 20-Mar-2018

Meta Fe Series

Episode #0 | Sociology and Psychology of Flat Earth (25-Oct-2016) | 3 hours

Episode #00 | Are Flat Earth Leaders Psychopaths? (7-Nov-2016) | 3 hours

Episode #000 | Why Do FE Leaders Censor Skepticism? (14-Nov-2016) | 4 hours (audio split into two files)

Episode #1 | ‘As The Potato Turns’ (12-Dec-2016) | 2.5 hours

Part Members have access to everything which Freeloader Members do, as well as:


10 pieces | ~28,000 words

1 Hoax Hierarchy page (5,000 words)
2 Illuminati Card Game Analysis pages (3,000 words)
4 articles (13,000 words)
3 posts (7,000 words)


10 videos | ~6 hours

2 FMVU Clips (73 minutes)
5 Member Videos (177 minutes)
3 other videos (125 minutes)


5 podcasts | ~14 hours

1 Member Skype Call (116 minutes)
4 Meta Fe episodes (12 hours)

That’s about 20 hours’ worth of viewing/listening, and a short book’s worth of reading, available to all Part Members right now.

Remember that Part Membership is available for free: simply sign up as a Freeloader member and email JLB to apply for Part Membership.

Alternatively, you can access all of this and so much more by signing up as a Full Member, which grants immediate access to the entire archive of JLB material.