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Gamestop Media Coverage: Something Fishy Going On…

Is it just me, or does this have astro-turf written all over it?


JLB 21005 – Gamestop Media Coverage: Something Fishy Going On… (28-Jan-2021)

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One thought on “Gamestop Media Coverage: Something Fishy Going On…

  • Negentropic

    All government institutions are protection rackets for the elite class. Protection from what? The created perception of non-existent problems, the endless “hobgoblins” as Mencken called them. Once the masses of people react with fear, the solution is brought forward: yet another newly created “brave government super-hero” agency to fight it, which is then turned against the people themselves, of course. It’s all done this way. If their main weapon, the mainstream media, is even reporting on something, you’d better believe there is a good reason for it or they’ll just ignore it and the story will die on the fringes of the alt-media “exposed” to no more than minorities of a few thousand people at a time who will then never be able to convince the majority, since they can’t even reach the majority. Rinse and repeat. Since no government official, never mind any media figurehead, is sworn in and required to tell the truth and then allowed to be cross-examined at every new statement to make sure it’s consistent with the original statement or have to face perjury charges and go to prison, it’s laughable to think there will be any “accountability” at all (as Legalman has stated a hundred times since March 2020 on his great podcast “The Quash,” see the link below).

    You can take over entire countries this way, then allow as much “limited hangout” hopium as you need to get people working in this or that direction, then at the last minute pull the rug out from under their feet again. People will forget the betrayal soon enough as they always do with their media-assisted-and-induced short memories. Once one source of fear is exhausted, another different flavor is brought out, from Islamic tewowwists to invisible killer flues and sexually transmitted diseases to supposedly harmful foods such as Raw Milk and Red Meat. Just rotate the 6 or 7 flavors of fear-mongering every few years and you can keep the racket going for centuries.

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