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Does it Even MATTER if Dinosaurs Are Fake?

A lot of people are happy to spend time arguing about whether or not dinosaurs are fake – even people who claim not to care!

The question is, does it even matter if these gigantic lizard-bird things actually roamed the earth (and were wiped out by asteroids and turned into petrol)?

JLB17104 – Does it Even MATTER if Dinosaurs Are Fake? (1-Dec-2017)

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Podcast: JLB Chats w/ Gaia (30-Nov-2017)

One thought on “Does it Even MATTER if Dinosaurs Are Fake?

  • What should really matter to honest, sane people is that IF dinosaurs never existed, it means it is not only possible but also very easy to make people believe literally ANYTHING.
    Whether or not dinos roamed the earth 65 M years ago doesn’t change our everyday life a bit for sure. On the other hand it should make a friggin lot of difference to know there are sick people that have the will, the knowledge, the interest and the MEANS to design and carry out hoaxes/frauds on a worldwide scale.
    The question anyone with half a brain should be interested in is: “assuming they were able to fool the whole world with this dino scam, how many other “truths” I take for granted I should instead be seriously questioning?”.

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