One thought on “Do We Take Ourselves Too Seriously?

  • Negentropic

    @JLB – It’s too bad you never got all that big on you tube before they shut you down. Instead of hanging out in an empty pool in the orients you could have been in Romania now like Sv3rige where all the beautiful, more traditional white womens are.

    Romania is the best country to escape to according to Sv3rige because if they try to force you to get a vaccine ID, you can just go live the village lifestyle old school with goats and chickens in the giant forest across the border, as long as you bring plenty of bear spray. lol

    The power of having a big you tube channel is the equivalent of having plenty of friends who will help you almost everywhere you go. Just a week after Sv3rige/Goatis announced on his channel that he had decided to move, with his wife and newborn son (plus a few German friends of his from the last raw carnivore meet-up he had recently), from Germany to Romania, so as to be away from the BS-19 lockdowns in Europe and close to the biggest forest in the world right across the border in Ukraine, it was done. All he had to do was get the plane tickets and pretend to face-diaper his mouth (no nose) on the stupid ass flight so the zombies would let him on their slave vessel. His fans over there picked him up from the airport, drove him for 3 hours into the countryside (away from Bucharest and the main cities, and set him up with a nice big place to live where he can split the rent with many others and pay only around 100 euros a month. They also got him a fresh live chicken to eat free from their neighbors.

    In just 10 days he was able to do all this by reaching out to his fans, other raw carnivores.

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