Corona Clues in the Big Bang Theory

Trying to Circumvent Big Tech Censorship

Last year I published over 180 videos to youtube.

Youtube deleted over a dozen of them.

This is free entertainment for hundreds, sometimes thousands of people around the world.

This year I will be publishing only snippets of new videos to youtube, and hosting the full version myself here at

These videos will be available to all, just like youtube videos, no Membership necessary.

(I will of course continue to produce Member-only videos as well, of which I’ve made over 100 since this site began)

It’s only a matter of time before youtube kybosh me again, so it is prudent to slowly but surely adjust to life without youtube.

This new hosting arrangement also allows me to use as much ‘copyright’ material as I like without fear of teh banhammerz.

I pay a video host money to host my videos, and they leave me alone.

It’s a good deal. Money talks, bullshit walks. Pay the cash, the video hosts don’t bother you.

Youtube is free which is why they can and will delete whatever they want, whenever they want, without care or concern.

Make sure you’re on the free JLB Mailing List so I can let you know when new videos are available for you here at

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John le Bon YouTube Review

Corona Clues in Big Bang Theory

JLB 21001 – Corona Clues in Big Bang Theory (9-Jan-2021)

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JLB 21001. Produced and uploaded 8-Jan-2021

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