‘Illuminati Card Game’ – Preface and Contents

‘Illuminati Card Game’ Analysis

Preface and Contents


Most of my written work lately has been text-heavy and, if we are being honest, a little ‘dry’.

Articles about things like research methodology and skeptical inquiry into ‘history’ are naturally going to be information-dense.

Or, more accurately, they ought to be information-dense.

Such topics deserve to be treated with something akin to academic rigour: serious prose with minimal fluffy writing or subjective interludes.

For a change of pace, I thought it might be worth taking a look at the ‘Illuminati: New World Order’ Card Game released by Steve Jackson Games in 1994.

This was originally supposed to be a short (~2,000 word) article.

Then I discovered things which changed my own opinion on certain key topics at hand.

One thing led to another and, before long, I had a fifteen-part series on my hands.

Now this piece now sits up there with the likes of the Epsilon Agenda and Monkey Myth pieces in terms of material of which I am rather proud.

I expect to use it as a basis for promoting the site over the next few weeks (and possibly beyond).

I ought to have expected no better from the ACT realm, but even I was surprised at how little serious attention had been given to this game by ‘independent researchers’.

As always, I hope I am wrong, but I believe that this two-part series constitutes the only rigorous, skeptical analysis of the game available on the internet. Anywhere.

The idea that a card game could ‘predict’ the future, and explain the how the world really works, may seem comical and/or absurd.

If this is your first reaction to such notions, then you are in good company. At first, my own sentiments were similar.

Now I am completely serious when I say that there is more truth to be found in this card game than 99% of ‘truth’ content online.

The utility of this analysis goes further.

Consider how many people ‘know about’ the game, but how few have any idea about the history behind the game.

Until two weeks ago, I too was oblivious to much of what you are about to read.

My findings have caused me to, once again, reflect on what I thought I knew about the ACT realm and this thing we call ‘reality’ more broadly.

If you get even 10% as much out of reading this series as I did in putting it together, it will be well worth your time.


Available to the public.

Part IIntroduction and Overview | 1,000 words

1 – ‘Illuminati card game’ – introduction
2 – Confusion about the two versions
3 – Mainstream coverage of the games
4 – Relevance to the alternative/conspiracy/truth scene

Part IISome Well-Known ‘Coincidences’ | 2,000 words, 6 cards analysed

A) 9/11
B) Princess Diana’s death
C) Deepwater Horizon disaster (a.k.a. ‘BP Oil Spill’)
D) Boston Bombings

Part IIIExisting Coverage and Analysis | 1,000 words

5 – Previous coverage by ACT bloggers/YouTubers
6 – Why are the existing analyses so poor?
7 – The importance of context

Part IVSome Recent ‘Coincidences’ | 2,000 words, 3 cards analysed

E) Las Vegas ‘Route 91’ event
F) Ongoing ‘Pizzagate’ story
G) Charlottesville ‘car plough’ event

Part VA ‘Sync’ Test Case | 1,000 words

8 – My previous coverage of the games
9 – No official numbering system?
10 – Charlottesville sync a test case

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Part VI – Mocking ‘Conspiracy Theory’? | 2,500 words, 5 cards analysed

H) Goofy beliefs
I) ‘Movements’ and ‘spirituality’

Part VIIThe Games in Focus | 1,500 words

11 – ‘Illuminati’ (1982)
12 – Collectible card games
13 – ‘Illuminati: New World Order’ (1994)
14 – See the cards for yourself
15 – The INWO Book (1995)

Part VIIIPromoting Conspiracy Fact? | 2,000 words, 8 cards analysed

J) Finance and money
K) Democracy and protest

Part IXSteve Jackson Games | 2,000 words

16 – Steve Jackson Games
17 – Steve Jackson
18 – Steve Jackson Games and conspiracy theory
19 – Steve Jackson Games raided by the Secret Service

So far: ~15,000 words, 22 cards analysed.

Coming soon

Part X – Mocking the Masses?

L) Fools and their money
M) People today

Part XI – Another Dimension

20 – GURPS
21 – GURPS: Cyberpunk
22 – GURPS: Illuminati
23 – GURPS: Warehouse 23

Part XII – Epic Truth Bombs

N) The power of TV
O) Experts and science
P) The medical industry

Part XIII – More Than a Game

24 – Relevant literature
25 – Discordianism
26 – Illuminatus

Part XIV – Truth in Plain Sight?

Q) Science Fictions and Space
R) Zionism
S) History Hoax

Part XV – The Big Picture


This page made public 16-Aug-2019 with minor revisions. Updated Membership levels 4-Jun-2020. Parts 4 and 5 made available to public 26-Aug-2022 due to interest on reddit.