2 thoughts on “Are The People Who Run The Show ‘Evil’?

  • I have a gut feeling that showing that poster was one of the main point in making the film.

    From WP:
    “There were some background concerns at NASA about using the Parkes antenna, mainly technical, as the signals had to go via point to point microwave links to get re-transmitted globally.”

    Basically they’re openly telling us we don’t need no stinking satellites in order to send signals all over the world.
    If that was true in 1969 just think about today, gazillions of cell towers later.

    • Excellent point re the satellites vs microwave technology. As I said to Velocet in our recent call, I have no idea how my voice is transmitted to somebody on the phone in, say, America. From my phone to the tower, okay. From the tower to America? Beats me.

      By the way, terrific to see WATTBA being used by somebody other than myself. WATTBA indeed.

  • He who gazes into the void should be careful, imagining monsters forces thee to become a monster fighter. An eye for an “eye”.

  • JLB, how do you define “evil”? “Evil” is a loaded term.

    If this mysterious elite exists, the people who supposedly run the show, and are different to us in any way, it can be the case that there is a conflict of interest between them and us. I think that can be safely said without using loaded terms. At least it’s problematic to think, that a mysterious elite makes decisions for everyone, and most people are oblivious to this fact. Most people don’t want to be ruled by a faceless cabal, because there is little accountability in that. A revolt against that situation would be totally justified.

  • cognitiveconsonance

    I’d say they’re humorous and evil.
    Whilst I understand your perspective on the matter and though it helped bring you out of a depressed state of mind I do think that “the system” is indeed evil.
    There are funny elements in many of the hoax stories, but the consequenses for those who question the structure of lies are real and often grave. Having humour doesn’t make up evil deads.
    The lies serves a purpouse and causes harm.

    Let me give some examples:

    The “race-doesn’t-exist-and-diversity-is-good” makes my childrens schools violent places. They increase crime and increase the amount of money that the state will take from me via taxes. Speaking the truth concerning this will lead to “hatecrime prosecution” in my country. It will also seriously damage many careers and thus the possibility to feed your family.

    The “six-million-jews-were-gassed-by-evil-germans” goes hand in hand with previous point but also to an even higher degree causes strife in family relations, can land you many years in jail in several countries and once again; extract tax money from the slandered part to give to the those who keep up the lies.

    The multiple hoaxterror events creates real life animosity, fear and trauma. Someone close to me was actually at the scene/vicinity of one the latter years “islamic truck attacs”. She didn’t get hurt but was herded, by armed police, in to a house, forbidden to leave along with hundered of others who feared for their lives. The terror was a hoax (not lacking humour when you look at the clues/easter eggs) but it traumatized her, gave her nightmares for weeks. Made me drive 1600km by car to pick her up to comfort to let her stay at my place. Cost me a pretty penny and I havent deared saying what I believe the “terror event” to be cause she is, for a lack of a better term, a normie. The terror lies drives wedges between people and through families. In this case my own family is amongst them.

    Dinohoax, moonlanding hoax etc. extract tax money from us to fraudsters and add to the lie matrix.
    Questioning these types of thing can lead to psychiatric diagnoses and shut of several lines of work for people. Whilst you will not get thrown in jail for questioning those kind of topics they are lies force fed to us and they can have dire consequences indeed:
    Say you’re in a divorce and your ex spouse is trying to get custody of your children. Having doubts about moon landings, dinosaurs, heliocentricity, some celebrity deaths etc can be used against you in a court of law who will take your kids away from you since you’re clearly a delusional, paranoid conspiracy theorist – not suited for parenting.

    Gender fluidity, LGBTQ-propaganda, etc lead to degenerate life choices and even genital mutilation of children who are, via mandatory schooling and subverted mass media, encouraged to question whether they should identify with their own sex and ponder the question of cutting of their reproductive organs and go on “hormone therapy” (sic!). Look at the suicide statistics for the LGBT-group. Look at their disease rates. Pure evil.

    “Women-are-oppressed-by-evil-patriarchy”lie. Causes strife in families. Encourages break ups and divorce. That causes suffering for men, women and children. Makes women go into the work force (make them super happy emancipated strong gals…) and kids to be raised by the state to be even more subjected to all lies above on the list. Has tax consequences and thus reduces soverignity for families, including my own.

    I could make a longer list but I think this will suffice to make my point. The lies causes real life harm to us. No knack for witty humour on behalf of the perpetrators can change this.

    To conclude:
    Most people have told lies in their lives, me included. Those who read this probably has as well. Most of us are probably rightfully ashamed of it as well. Some of you have maybe cheated on your partner. Would making witty jokes about your affair make it more excusable? Would it be more justifiable to cheat on your spouse just because your partner isn’t clever enough to pick up on your …sense of humour?

    • Interesting comment, thank you for taking the time to type it up and share it.

      Seems to me that your position could be boiled down to, ‘bad things happen, so the people at the top are bad’.

      Which is fair enough. If somebody wants to see the world that way, nothing I say or do will change their mind. And I don’t really care anymore, anyway.

      My own life has improved since I let go of my resentment towards whoever or whatever is at the top of this system.

      If others want to maintain the rage, then I say ‘all power to them’.

      What is written in Brave New World is happening, as we speak, whether people like it or not.

      Unless and until a thinking person understands and makes peace with this fact, their life will be an unending series of complaints and worry.

  • “Made me drive 1600km by car to pick her up to comfort to let her stay at my place.” ūüėŹ

    • Yeah, that is a head-scratcher.

      If the girl involved was a daughter (i.e. dependent), then okay, I can see the potential nobility in driving such a distance to assist.

      If the girl involved was merely a ‘friend’ then this dude got played bigtime — even if he got sex out of it (which he almost certainly did not).

      I can’t help but suspect it was the second of these potential scenarios.

      Hope I’m wrong.

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