JLB Chats w/ Velocet + KHam (12-Jan-2018)

How would we know if ‘god’ were present in our day-to-day lives? Why do so few of us take the time to look into the history of where our technology comes from? Do people really want the truth, or is it possible that some people are better off in blissful ignorance? And why can’t the average person cite a single study to support their belief that cigarettes are as harmful as we are told?

On Thursday, 4-Jan-2018 I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audiochat Discord server. I was joined by Velocet from Sydney, Australia, and towards the end of the call by KHam from the west coast of the United States.

This podcast features that discussion (mostly unedited) along with introductory and closing thoughts recorded 12-Jan-2018.

Music: ‘Too Cool’ by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com

15 thoughts on “JLB Chats w/ Velocet + KHam (12-Jan-2018)

  • JLB it seems you are finding yourself advancing at a fast pace on the path of your selfinitiation.
    Like the intrepid leopard, you’ve already reached high on the mountain, the air is getting thinner at each step in the snow, the cold is biting, no one else is in sight, but there’s no turning back, the scenery is too grandiose and too addictive from up there.

    It’s more and more clear to me that the true essence of what has to do with initiation and mystery religions is the ultimate knowledge of the human nature. The deeper you are into this knowledge the higher you get on the Stairway to heaven, and the closer you get to a divine status.
    As Jung pointed out, alchemy has nothing to do with chemistry as well as the lead turning into gold stuff is just a metaphor, a code language that actually deals with the human psyche, the process of self awareness and eventually the advancing towards a superior mind (the Ubermensch of Nietzsche).
    Somewhere along the ascending journey you realize your knowledge, awareness and mind power are so different from the other human beings that you find yourself in a position to be able to actually “create” Man, maybe not in the biological, physical sense, but at least in shaping his whole perception of reality, mindset and behaviour. All you need now is a printing press. The rest is history.
    It turns out humanity is modeled after the beehive, divided since the beginning into Grandmasters that, by virtue of nature and of having been nurtured with the Royal jelly, are capable of thinking for themselves, and all the other who are not, whose entire worldview, goals and ideas require to be created by others. Like in many Man creation myths, these Golems are created from moulded clay, hence the Creator, who having stepped all through the Shining path has acquired magical powers, is the Potter, or the one who is in control of the Philosopher stone.
    I used to see Religion scriptures as silly tales, now I think maybe they aren’t so silly after all, maybe there’s a deep hidden meaning and the silly part is there just to be sold to the working bees, to keep them amused.
    Just replace God with the Grandmaster and Adam with the Golem and the biblical creation myth takes a whole new meaning.
    Maybe the seemingly silly story of the library of Alexandria burning down is not so silly either if we read it as a metaphor for a great ancient knowledge that wasn’t destroyed at all but simply got hidden to the non initiated.

    • I have a few issues with your post. First of all i do not believe any knowledge is hidden. I believe all knowledge is acquirable with enough effort. The idea that there are people or entities guarding hidden insites that unlock human potential just seems silly to me.

      What would this hidden knowledge even be about? I cant think of a god damn thing.

  • supermot34

    Very stimulating conversation, JLB, thanks for uploading. I agree with completely about cigarettes and the ‘nocebo’ concept. A lot of what I have been getting into is the subconscious mind, its nature, and the many effects it has on our lives. I once had “tendonosis” in my hands, as diagnosed by a doctor. My hands were in a lot of pain for about 2 years, and it prevented me from playing guitar and using computers for that time. I tried many different doctors and treatments and nothing helped. I eventually came across this book called “The Mindbody Prescription” by John Sarno. In it he explains that subconscious processes (such as repressed negative emotions) can cause chronic pain conditions and that there is no physical damage in these cases, and that it can be reversed. He says he has cured hundreds of people of pains conditions which lasted for years or decades. Within 2 weeks of reading that book, my hands were back to normal. Subconscious processes also account for the placebo effect and faith healings or shamanic or ritualistic healing. If your mind is brought to truly believe a certain effect will take place, your conviction in that belief seems to make it come true.
    The medical industry usually rejects this, and treats symptoms with drugs and surgery, rather than treating the cause, which is often mental. The subconscious mind keeps your blood pumping and food digesting and millions of other complex processes that we aren’t conscious of, so it seems logical to me that it can cause pain conditions and other things.
    I think the subconscious mind is one of the most important topics in the world to understand.

    As for what you said about weed, I use it, and I believe that it has both negative and positive effects. I can become more lazy and lethargic while high, but I can also become a lot more creative (I write music), I can see connections between ideas and concepts a lot easier. I often find that when I get high, I get lost in introspective thought, and while that could easily be a negative thing, I do have a pretty positive attitude in general these days, and I have come up with a lot of my best ideas and thoughts while under the influence of weed.
    If I watch a film while high, I find myself noticing a lot more connections between things and small details within the film. It’s easier for me to “read between the lines” of the film so to speak.
    Overall, I’m not sure I would have deprogrammed myself at all if I never smoked weed.
    I almost never drink alcohol though, I really don’t like the effects (or the price).

    On another note entirely, what you say about most of the folks in the ACT scene is clearly true, they get stuck on the baby hoaxes and can’t conceive of larger ideas like the “history hoax”.
    However, I must have been a rare case because after discovering my first baby hoax (Sandy Hook) the very first thought I had was something like “Well hang on. This shooting is a historical event. It’s going to be written into history books as a real event, yet I know it was fake. So for all I know, all of history is fake.” I immediately went and got a conspiracy book called “The Secret History of the World” (which I do NOT recommend) hoping to find out.
    And I was a complete lefty-normie before that. So I guess I have hope that anyone can progress, it just takes the right combination of circumstances to come together, and an actual desire to find out what’s true and not just feel better.

    • Negentropic

      It’s the false or misunderstood concept of “equality” that is at the base of so many imbalances and troubles within modern society, most of them deliberately manufactured to make it too annoying for the majority of humans to think, to use their most powerful weapon, without which, they might as well be domesticated farm animals.

      As Thomas Jefferson and many others have said in different words, human beings are equal in basic humanity only (what qualifies them as human beings, such as the ability to symbolically form concepts from percepts, label them and remember them and use them again with ever-expanding combinations of other concepts through metaphorical association) and unequal in everything else. Even identical twins are not equal in abilities or accomplishments, so it’s absurd to say that any group comprised of unequal human beings can be “equal” in anything, never mind entirely different cultures.

      However, at the same time, every single (non-retarded) person you meet can do something far better than you and is also willing to do something that you are not, either at that point in your life, or never. That’s where the concept of division of labor comes from and at its best it assigns to persons those labors at which they are most adept. These labors then synergize with similar work done by others within fields in which they excel and, after a while, you have a system of bee-hive-ior or more-all-ity in a society, a code of ethics that maintains, at the very least, bees-nest relationships, lubricated and relatively friction-free.

      All people have sleeping magic in them that can be awakened with imagination tempered by reason and logic, which then becomes, after habit develops, a practice of finding the balance point or the point of temperance-without-compromise-to-principle in all things, in all movements of both mind and body. This then becomes what I call “cosmic choreography,” or the doing of everything possible in your life from your center or the point of relaxation from which the most leverage for the most efficient use of energy can be obtained. This principle is active not just in the physical realm but in the intangible areas of what artists open up for navigation in our minds, what is called “the spirit.”

      C-lever-ness is not creativity or production although it could be a tool in the service of both under the right circumstances. C-lever = conceputal leverage, which can be achieved with de-ception as well as conception, either by deliberately using the w-rong (w-rung by Pavlov’s bell into salivating for something that is not there on your plate anymore such as falsely believing you are “free” within the “made-tricks”) symbols and metaphors, or by the falsifying or devaluing of formerly valid conceptions by twisting, perverting, inflating or deflating their meaning, just like with money and people’s energy and work. Your concepts now buy far less than before and no longer have the same value, just like the money in your pocket, and this “dumbing down” did not happen by accident. It happened because of the “vigilance that faltered,” to paraphrase Ezra Pound; because you were never taught, as a child, one of the most important lessons of mental hygiene: how to keep your SUB-conscious mind safe at all times, from being colonized by parasites and switched to the service of your own destruction rather than construction.












      • …deliberately manufactured to make it too annoying for the majority of humans to think, to use their most powerful weapon, without which, they might as well be domesticated farm animals.

        Indeed. Take away (or fail to nurture) the ability of a ‘human’ to think for itself, and what are you left with? You may call it a retard, you may call it an epsilon, or you may liken it to a domesticated farm animal.

        Is it any wonder that TPWRTS may see us as an entirely different ‘species’? Surely by now it has become clear to you guys that this is how I see it. What do I, a thinking man, have in common with a human parrot?

        Sure, we look the same, and we speak the same ‘language’ (i.e. English) but so what? So what?

        And it may very well be the case that, despite years of deprogramming and self-development, I may yet be closer in nature to the lemmings than I am to TPWRTS — that would be my guess, if I had to guess.

        What is it that some people think they are going to accomplish here? Turn human parrots into thinking creatures? How?

        If the answer is, ‘by showing them how to think for themselves’, then what do you think I have been doing for the past three years?

        I released the Thinking 101 videos two years ago. They got almost no traction at the time and receive almost zero attention to this day, even from regular visitors to this site.

        Look at my most recent video, which shows in clear, concise detail that school exists to dumb us down, and that this is no secret. Look at the comments. Ask yourself how many of those people you honestly believe are going to spend even ten minutes reading about logic, in silence, in their own time. Be honest with yourself: you know full well that if even one of them does so, it will be something of a miracle.

        The reality is that ‘human beings’ are quite happy being dumb as rocks. Yes, the ones we mix with today have been groomed this way, as have we, but we cannot change this, can we? So it is an element of our reality we can either ignore or accept: the humans today are dumb as rocks and quite happy to remain so, even when shown with indisputable evidence that their ‘schooling’ was designed to make them stupid. They don’t care.

        They. Do. Not. Care.

        So answer me this: why care on their behalf? What for? What does it achieve? How does it help you, or help them, or help the world?

        I am all ears. Note that these questions are not directed specifically at Neg but to anybody who reads this comment of mine.

        This is not a thought experiment, guys. I am being quite serious here: if these retards don’t care that they are retards, why would you care on their behalf?

        However, at the same time, every single (non-retarded) person you meet can do something far better than you and is also willing to do something that you are not, either at that point in your life, or never.

        I used to believe this. Now I am confident that you could give me any topic, any textbook, and within a certain amount of time, I will be better at discussing and explaining the key concepts (and especially the meta elements) than the vast majority of the lemmings combined.

        And keep in mind that I do not consider myself to be that intelligent. That is how utterly retarded I consider the average normie to be.

        Those of you who do not see it this way yet, perhaps you are better off not seeing it. Perhaps you are better off believing these creatures to be intelligent or intellectually-capable.

        For me it is too late. I know how dumb I am and yet I know how much more capable I am than the creatures around me. I do not SEE them the way I used to see them.

        All people have sleeping magic in them that can be awakened with imagination tempered by reason and logic, which then becomes, after habit develops, a practice of finding the balance point or the point of temperance-without-compromise-to-principle in all things, in all movements of both mind and body.

        All people? Really? What do you base this on?

        I do not believe that all people are capable, for example, of running <10s 100m sprints. Even if we took every human and trained them in sprinting from birth, it seems to me that the natural genetic (for want of better term) variation dictates that some will simply never be capable. Even the sexual divide alone supports my case: no woman has ever recorded a <10s 100m sprint.

        Why would we then assume that all humans are capable intellectually? Sure, they could all be smarter today if it weren’t for school. We can agree on that. But how do we know how smart/dumb people were before the advent of modern ‘education’? The reality is that we do not. If the average person ever were truly intelligent, then I do not see how things could have ever been allowed to devolve to where we are today. A nation of JLB’s, as dumb as I am, could never have been overpowered by those I now call TPWRTS. So how did it happen? Maybe people have always been stupid.

        • Negentropic

          [quote]All people have sleeping magic in them that can be awakened with imagination tempered by reason and logic, which then becomes, after habit develops, a practice of finding the balance point or the point of temperance-without-compromise-to-principle in all things, in all movements of both mind and body.

          All people? Really? What do you base this on?[/quote]

          I base it on a sample of what I’ve seen within the circles of my own family and friends and what I’ve seen in society at large from people I’ve met, either the thousands briefly for small, actual, “real-life” interactions and transactions, or the thousands whose behaviors in similar situations have only been reported to be “similar” or the same by others or themselves through media and can be more-or-less verified by comparison to the ones I personally dealt with hands-on. These phenomena are then considered valid “social phenomena” for that particular time.

          For example, you couldn’t go back in time to even the 1950’s and behave the way you do now, without repercussions. Only ten years separate the long-haired hippies of 1969 from the crew-cuts of 1959. Why was there first one social code of behavior and then this massive shift that by the 1970s completely changed the look and attitude of the entire middle-class (the largest segment) of Western societies first and then gradually and eventually most of the rest of the entire world, to whatever degrees they were able to change? Why did this shift happen? Because people’s common sense was activated through their pleasure centers by the sexually-charged medium of rock music and then transferred in very powerful form to others, soon to be tens of millions of others who wanted to experience the same “good vibes.” This message of the possibility of obtaining an entirely different perspective, with or without too much trouble, was directly in the music of the most popular groups of the period such as the post-1965 Beatles.

          This is also how John Le Bon came to consider having long hair in the 2000’s not too much of a problem, whereas in 1967 that same long hair might have got him beat up or at-the-very-least hassled with constantly and called a “homo” or “a faggot” or whatnot. I can verify this by speaking to people who lived in the 1960s and also by a passage in the biography of well-known Australian musician Bob Daisley where he mentions exactly this problem: having long hair as musicians in Australia in the late 1960s meant being in constant risk of being “jumped” by gangs of young, working-class “tough guys” who considered it their duty to beat them up every chance they got. lol I can also verify this for the USA from passages in Iggy Pop’s biographical recollections in his interview with Henry Rollins available on you tube.

          By “sleeping magic,” I mean that what people have already is quite amazing if they just take the time to notice and appreciate it and give themselves credit. Just the way that people trust thousands of others not to drive their cars into them in oncoming traffic, from only a foot away, on the opposite side of the double yellow lines, when only the slightest jerk of the steering wheel to the left (in most countries, UK to the right) could result in a head-on collision and disaster, just that alone is already an acknowledgement of a level of judgment and ability that you would never trust to a man-key or any other animal. You are willing to put your whole life and health on the line because a human being will be behind that steering wheel and not a baboon. Why is this? Because that human being has abilities and capabilities and developed skills, however that development happened and to whatever extent it may be consciously controlled or just in automatic subconscious pilot, far above that of an ape, and those proven abilities (of being able to drive a car without killing other people) are worthy of your trust.

          So sleeping magic is that which is hibernating because the primary and foundational importance of subconscious mental programming was indoctrinated to be not of much importance, on purpose, to open up the major vulnerability and conduit for outside, parasitical infiltration (through falsified opinions and ideas) and mind control. It can be awakened with the simple knowledge that without a deconditioned and reprogrammed SUB-conscious mind, peace-of-mind and a relatively neurosis-free existence, will not return. The pain of neurosis becomes the incentive to decondition and reprogram in whatever ways a person is capable of doing at that point in their lives. The important part is starting on the journey and staying on the road long enough to get to the signposts along the road.

          The background for all this is the observation made by myself and other “truthers” that In the majority of the human race SUB-conscious control of the mind has been given up or stolen and had the ideas in it, the in-form-ation it is stuffed with, counterfeited, inflated and devalued, on purpose, to produce paralyzing neuroses within a person when what is thought to be “correct” is rejected by mother nature correcting the person with symptoms of pain and discomfort instead.

          Nature constantly tries to poke even the most “average” of humans on the right path with symptoms of pain. When you co-opt and control these reactions through FALSIFIED values, implanted in their subconscious and the subconscious of their parents and the parents of their parents, when you use control-of-media to subject them to intergenerational PsyOps, then the psychologies that were operated on, are set to salivate, like Pavlov’s poodles, to bells and whistles and empty plates, a completely superficial society that displays all the symptoms and signposts of “pleasure,” without feeling any real and genuine pleasure at all but simply a temporary escape from fear and anxiety. Fear-and-anxiety driven implanted false values that then cause all the “falls” into traps necessary for social control. Unbalanced and emotional natures that can then be triggered constantly to prevent a calm state of mind conducive to proper reasoning, vision, production, creativity or even internal martial arts, i.e., mental self-defense to ever return.








          • Perhaps we are looking at the same matter from different angles. I agree with you that there is amazing ‘potential’ inherent to the creatures we ‘humans’; what I am talking about is how precious few of them will ever even try to develop this potential into something more. What is potential if untapped?

            Those of us who have swallowed our pride and admitted that we were fooled about this hoax or that hoax, that we were deceived about our own nature and the nature of this realm, it is easy for us to assume that the other creatures we deal with are only one conversation, or one good video, from beginning the journey which has become so integral to our own personal life stories.

            Of course, bitter experience teaches us that this is simply not the case. We are different. We are AB-normal. Something went wrong, as Huxley might put it, in our ‘decanting’. Or, as it was explained in Dark City, “once in a while one of us wakes up… It’s not supposed to happen, but it does”:



            The standard human condition, as it stands today, is to be generic, docile, uninspired, and vacuous. I now see this as neither good not bad. It just is.

        • theportlandthinker

          Things that went wrong that pushed me onto the thinking path:
          1. Preschool internal monologue begins, quickly becomes philosophically insistent.
          2. Early humiliations suffered in school. Led to early belief in teacher/adult fallibility.
          3. Early and persistent romantic love negative outcomes.
          4. The plunge into poetic subjectivity and resultant literary subjective outpouring.
          5. Dropping out of Law School, realizing “it’s all a game.”
          6. Getting fired from a job, resulting in thoughtful down time.
          7. Developing a rich, cosmic sense of humor.

          • If we took some of your recent comments and compiled them into a single post, we would just about have your Member Profile ready to go!


            Interesting point about the school humiliations. Seems to me that this is part of the school agenda. Kids quickly learn not to say or do anything which will lead to embarrassment and isolation.

            Congrats on dropping out of law school. Did you stay in touch with any of the people you studied with? I knew one or two law students back in the day. Law didn’t quite work out for them as they had envisioned (or been led to believe that people with vested interests).

    • Thank you very much for the kind words. According to my Podbean stats centre, this podcast has only been listened to by just over 100 people, so the positive feedback from one of you is even more pleasing than you might imagine.

      I agree with you about the power of the mind-body connection. Only a few years ago I would have found your own account hard to believe, but now it makes perfect sense to me.

      Regarding weed, I also find that I seem to ‘pick up on more things’ when watching a film while high, BUT it is rare that I will take the time to document these thoughts, because I then get lost in my own little world and/or are just too lazy. I have met too many smart, capable, well-meaning people who are achieving NOTHING with their lives, who smoke weed regularly, to not accept the obvious inference that weed has an ability to convince that our thoughts are somehow profound enough to make up for physical inaction.

      And then I consider the fact that weed is being normalised and rolled out across the western world rather rapidly, and things start to make sense…

      In saying all of that, the year I began getting into ACT material was 2013, which was the year I quit alcohol (i.e. not a drop) and to some degree w=replaced it with weed. How much of me seeing things differently was a result of simply getting off the booze (which at the time was problematic i.e. doing my mind/spirit serious damage due to regular binge drinking), how much was due to the weed, and how much was due to other factors? if you asked me two or three years ago, I would have given the weed much of the credit, but I was biased, because back then I still wanted to believe weed is/was ‘good for us’. These days I am more circumspect.

      At the end of the day, we all have so much time and energy, this thing we call ‘life’. It is all being documented. There is, in my opinion, a higher ‘intelligence’ which is tracking how we are spending our lives. I would be fascinated to know if regular weed-smokers are, on the whole, more productive with their lives than non-smokers, if they are generally happier and more at peace with life. I am open-minded, but doubtful. Entirely anecdotal, yes, but I have seen too many people fool themselves about their weed use, including my former self.

      It is interesting that you went lefty normie -> baby hoaxes -> (attempted) history hoax. Did you try to track down primary sources? If so, what happened next?

      Every day I spend at least a few moments wondering how on earth it is possible that nobody else is out there suggesting that the primary sources for ‘ancient history’ do not exist.

  • supermot34

    One last thing, aimed at both JLB and “cm” above who commented. Do you know of Jordan Peterson?
    I realize he’s very “normie” and mainstream compared to what is usually discussed on here, but I think he has valuable things to say. In particular I got a lot out of his “Psychological Significance of the Bible Stories” series of lectures.

    P.P.S. JLB, have you heard of “meme magic” and “kek” and the strange synchronicities with Trump and his election? Very much a synchromystic topic.

    • Yep, I am familiar with Jordan Peterson. In the space of a week or two earlier this year, three different sources suggested him to me. He seems to have burst onto the scene in conspicuous fashion.

      I like a lot of what he has to say, and how he says it. Shame he doesn’t discuss the JQ or what appears to me to be the obvious agenda behind ‘feminism’, but I am always willing to give people in the public eye some slack, because they may just be playing the game, and who could blame them?

      Sadly it appears JP believes that, because his marriage to his high school sweetheart has been successful, that men today ought to go down the marriage path. The world has changed, apparently more than he realises. I’ll have a lot more to say about all of that later in the year.

      Regarding Meme Magic and Kekistan, I covered this to some degree in the latter part of 2016. For one example, see this:


  • theportlandthinker

    “You’re just one good video away from being as crazy as I am,” I said to the normie, lol!

  • theportlandthinker

    While smoking a cigarette before work a well-meaning normie said, “Don’t you know those things will kill you?” I exhaled meaningfully and said, “Can you cite some research to back up your stupendous claim?” This unraveled the normie. “Why! Why! I never!” the normie said. “Never did the research? Never read the research?” I said. It’s my subjective experience that smoking cigarettes not only makes my thinking clearer, but actually boosts my IQ. When I explain this to a normie they shut down like an automaton whose plug has been pulled. #wow

    • I agree 100% about tobacco’s potential benefits. The main reason I don’t smoke these days is due to concern about potential teeth/gum damage i.e. for me the potential downsides outweigh the upside. I’m not saying that smoking necessarily does cause teeth/gum damage, but based on anecdotal observations, I do believe the potential is there. The point is, smoking tobacco can result in a genuine and significant psychological benefit. I know for a fact that a man smoke tobacco, get a mental energy boost out of it, without ever becoming ‘addicted’. And the whole ‘smoking causes cancer’ thing is as amusing to me now as the ‘bread and milk are good for you’ nonsense we are buffeted with by TV and even school.

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