One thought on “Are The ‘Evil Elite’ Really Just Epic Trolls?

  • Negentropic

    That weathered-face old dude with the wiggy hair looks like a cross between David Bowie and David Icke, John. lol

    What if David Icke was playing David Bowie as the ultimate trolling of us ‘conspiracy theorists?’ Look, a guy they actually follow, put a wig on and played another guy they think was a ‘real rebel’ against us which we gave them or promoted heavily in the 70s anyway, and all of them think it’s Bowie himself back in the flesh! Meanwhile we gave DB a new identity for his retirement on the continents we have secretly developed beyond the South Pole to make our hoaxers disappear to and live another 100 years or maybe even become sem-immortal physically through various youth-restoring technologies not available to the rabble we can troll so easily.

    That’s a science-fiction movie in the making. But nobody with balls and integrity will ever get to make it with a proper budget to hire some decent special effects.

    To have movements of any kind you need dialogue and dialectics: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. But if the limits of that dialogue are already set, then you stay herded within gates set by those whose limits you accept because they speak with the authority of power and media behind them. Here’s a famous drama coach explaining the workings of the dialectical or Hegelian method as it relates specifically to this completely cliched and unnecessary art form or rather artistic prison of ‘drama,’ (it’s not a coincidence either that the words ‘trauma’ and ‘drama’ sound almost exactly alike. One creates the other and vice versa. If you create the drama, you trauma follows and if you create the trauma you set the world stage directions for the cliches of the toxic ‘dramatic’ form to stay alive and slowly poison and kill people).

    They’re setting the limits of the dialectics of the programming that will entrap people of all levels of intelligence into the linguistic prisons which lead from those dialectical frames and keep them there “gatekept” for the rest of their pre-determined ‘average 75 years’ life-span, which is in itself part of the dialectic.

    People drop like flies on average at 75 because they programmed themselves to conk out and croak by 75. If 50 year olds can program and train themselves to feel as young, physically, as 20 year olds, through activating human-growth-hormone then they should be able to continue drinking at that fountain of youth until they reach a 200 year life-span or can replace malfunctioning body parts with grown parts from their own cells.

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