3 thoughts on “9/11 Initiation in Bloom

  • 3:11 = 33.

    A rose is a rose is a rose…

    So you must be one of them, JLB!

    my only question is… initiation to what?


    ascension where?

    was jfk an initiation? the apollo missions?

    who amongst those who caught onto those hoaxes back then – assuming still alive – are presently at an altitude – physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually et al… with tpwrts?

    and i predict it will be another 50+ years from 911 – whether solely an occult ritual or executed for myriad other reasons – before any of the act fringe, even those into the esoteric, will be any closer to seeing what the wizard(s) behind the curtain is up to.

    hopefully i’m wrong, especially for others who are climbing to new heights.

    but at least for me, i have a foreboding sense it’ll be more descension than ascension…descension down the seemingly bottomless rabbit hole ūüėõ

    • You might be surprised how many of my videos finish right on 9:11, 11:09, 7:11, 11:07, etc etc. Sometimes this is intentional, other times it just happens.

      Your questions about ‘ascension’ and ‘where to’ are fair and timely. I will be attempting to answer some of these questions with a video I will be recording tonight, on 420.

      50+ years before the rest of the ACT scene truly ‘wakes up’ to 9/11 and the man behind the curtain? My dear friend, Dante. Your innocent idealism brings a smile to my face. If people today do not see, the people in 50+ years have no hope of seeing then what isn’t seen now. There may be speckles of gold dust from time to time, epsilons who (in some ways) seem to have benefited from ‘accidents’ in the hatchery, but the masses will continue to be what the masses are (god love them).

      The internet has allowed regular folk, like you and I, a gateway to another dimension of understanding this thing we call ‘reality’. How far we decide to travel into that gateway is a decision which each of us as individuals will get to make, every moment we are here. And what a tough decision it can be.

      Dreams of a future in which more people decide to walk the intellectual (and spiritual) path less trodden are merely that: illusory dreams. This is a solitary path, which it apparently must be, although we may find great comfort and merriment in occasionally crossing paths with fellow travelers. May this site continue to be a hub for weary souls on their way up (or down) Mt Skeptic.

      On the low-down, I hear that the best parties are at the summit. Invitation-only, mind you, but I know a guy who works on the door…

  • well…i'm at basecamp apprenticing with sherpas. i've no clue if my sensory equipment is adequate to see through the inhospitable storms ahead. but there's no going back to normieville. i've long been exiled by its denizens. ill surely see lifeless bodies en route to the top…those who couldn't ascend and those who couldn't get back to the valley in time before being swallowed by its cold hard truths. no illusions of the masses attempting the climb. just equivalent skepticism of how much i'll actually see at the peak – (should i ever arrive there…should one even exist?) – or if it'll just be more mountain peaks beckoning to wet my insatiable beak. but i'll be sure to peel off a twenty for the bouncer.

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