The 3/11 Grand Spectacular Megacall

How do you honestly feel about the impact which the
‘pandemic’ has had on your life over the past two years?

Is it possible that a lot of folks are still so caught up in the metascript,
that they have not yet taken the time to fully process what has happened?

In this 3/11 Special Member Discord Call we discuss these questions
and much, much more!

3/11 Grand Spectacular Megacall

feat. hoax-aware folks from all over the world



To commemorate the second anniversary of 3/11, we scheduled a two-day megacall.

During that time we recorded four separate two-hour conversations.

All four are now edited and published, some of the finest hoax-aware audio you will hear this year.

Below is the full two-hour file of Part 1.

If you enjoy it, be sure to proceed to Parts 2 / 3 / 4.

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I will probably send out Part 2 to the Mailing List at some point.

Stream or download

Part 2

John le Bon

Full two-hour call available here.

Part 3

John le Bon 311 special

Full two-hour call available here.

Part 4

John le Bon discusses 3/11

Full two-hour call available here.

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Here’s what some of the current Members have to say…

John le Bon YouTube Review


John le Bon YouTube Review

Dante from New York

John le Bon YouTube Review



If you enjoyed this call, here are the people who deserve your thanks.

The Members of johnlebon.com as of 11-Mar-2022 (when this Call was recorded):

Without these individuals, this website would not exist.

That’s a fact.

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