911 Member Calls from the past

Here are some previous Nine Eleven special Member Discord Calls at johnlebon dot com

MDC S3 E21 (2022)

John le Bon and friends discuss 9/11 and the Queen's passing.


Were the news presenters and other media people ‘in on’ 9/11?

Did a plane (or some other large object) fly into the WTC that day?


Sirius Special (2018)


On 9/11, did anybody die or get hurt?

If nobody died, nobody got hurt, was it even a ‘bad’ thing?

If on the other hand somebody died, somebody got hurt, doesn’t that basically mean that JLB and co are effectively cray cray?

Are we willing to seriously engage with and consider evidence which goes against our current beliefs?

Can we entertain controversial or taboo topics?

‘Urine therapy’, the ‘mud flood’, the War Hoax, the History Hoax…

You name it, we discuss it in this epic JLB Member Call. One for the ages!

Three Part Series

Part 1 (recorded Sunday morning Aus time)

We say hello to Tommy from North Dakota and Phil from Sydney — the first members of the THC Cohort to make their Member Call debuts.

Part 2 (recorded Sunday afternoon Aus time i.e. same call as Part 1)

Hando lets us know how his new TV special is going (yes, Hando has made the bigtime in Estonia!)

Dante from New York explains why maybe, just maybe, it is possible that on 9/11, some people died, some people got hurt.

The panel consider which elements of the 9/11 official narrative are believable – if any.

Part 3 (recorded Sunday night Aus time i.e. completely different call from Parts 1 and 2)

An all-Aussie panel discuss many topics including:


*The ‘War Hoax’ in general and Australian war stories in particular

*Stephen Hawking as a scientism priest

*Psychological biases and ‘thinking about thinking’

Listen or download

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Next Call

Monday the 11th of September, 2023.

John le Bon 911 conspiracy call

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