Impromptu Chat

The Impromptu Chat series is composed of randomly-organised live shows broadcast via ‘google hangout’ on the JLB and JLBExtra YouTube channels. Previous guests have included well-known names of the online so-called ‘truth movement’ such as Russianvids, Cathexis, Tim Osman, David Weiss, Rollo, and Matrix Decode. The shows can go live at a moment’s notice so it is worth being subscribed to both the JLB and JLBExtra channels to ensure you receive the notifications in time.

Until IC #07, the live broadcast was left in video format on the relevant Youtube channel. Since IC #08, the live broadcast is available in video format only to the live audience and then set to ‘private’; the show is then reuploaded in mp3 format once the show is complete. This is in order to encourage more people to listen to the show as an audio file rather than watch as a video, in the hope that it will encourage more people to take up the hobby of listening to podcasts while engaging in other activities (such as going for a nice, long walk).

See the full playlist here.